Crowning Achievement

Canada’s new crown:

Canada was founded on Judeo-Christian values, considered not relevant anymore.

Canada Unveils New Heraldic Crown Emblem Stripped of Religious Symbols

The Royal crown is unveiled by Samy Khalid (L), Chief Herald of Canada at the Canadian Heraldic Authority and Donald Booth, Canadian Secretary to the King, during coronation celebrations in honour of King Charles III in Ottawa on May 6, 2023. (The Canadian Press/Spencer Colby)

Reflects our new reality.

Cross at the top is replaced by a snowflake – Canada’s new reality. After all Canada’s Snowflake in Chief is the Governor General with her jester of a snowflake Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Don’t we get a say?

I guess not. I have always believed that our electoral system equates to an elected dictatorship. The PM, once elected, can do whatever he or she pleases for 4 years.

Next on the chopping block? Our coat of arms.

Arms of Canada - Wikipedia

With our coat of arms you can be damn sure that the Union Jack will disappear but not the Fleur de Lis and that the crown will be replaced with a snowflake. The rainbow flag will replace the Union Jack. The lion on the left will be replaced with a beaver and the unicorn will stay.

Our crowning achievement? Hosers with stubbies

Bob and Doug McKenzie take on a worthy cause, eh - The Globe and Mail

Poo poo our veteran legacy:

Official Art - Vimy Ridge | Canada and the First World War

I wonder how many of the Canadian Gen Zeders know or even care about the sacrifices made at Vimy Ridge – or even what war it was born out of?

And of our government’s push for a Central Bank Digital Currency equates to more control. Watch this:

Of course in the knowledge free zone of the Gen Z and Millennials, young Canadians will sign up for this enmasse.

Freelunch is disgustingly arrogant.

Our other national anthem.

Written by Alexander Muir in 1867, the year of Canada’s birth as a nation. He wrote it after his stint in the Queen’s Own Rifles (Victoria) after the Battle of Ridgeway against the Fenians.

The trashing of our traditions and national symbols by the Liberal government is what happens when uncontrolled immigration and divershity occurs. A nation loses its identity because new arrivals do not have the same shared values or experiences that their host nation celebrates, nor are they encouraged to do so. In time the national traditions, on which Canada is born, are whittled down or disappear altogether. That is what is happening in Trudeau’s vision of Canada as the worlds first post national state.

Canada is, in reality, Ontario (Upper Canada) and Quebec (Lower Canada), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (1867). The rest be damned.

Darn. I want a new country and a new Prime Minister. As long as the Liberal Family Compact continues there is no hope for the rest of us, especially out here in western Canada.

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