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Woke Canada

Canada, Trudough’s post national state with no core values is the world’s wokest country. Consider this:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be spending $110 million in taxpayer funding on anti-racism and DEI consultants to fight what the Liberals consider the endemic problem of racism at the heart of Canadian society.

The minister of diversity, inclusion and persons with disabilities, (we actually have a minister for this??)Kamal Khera, revealed details during a press conference on Saturday. Saturday? Everyone is sleeping in!

I hope they start with themselves because this government is probably the most racist in all of our history.

Whitey Anglo  need not apply. I worked in Ottawa for 12 years. Unilingual Anglos are discriminated against at every level of government. All of the important positions are held by French Canadians. Ottawa is a proxy for the Province of Quebec. They run Canada.

Why would anyone send their children to this Canadian Univershity:

The Centre for Indegogy at Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada offers a two-day module: What on earth is Indegogy? A know what Pedagogy is but Indeegogy? Turns out:

Participants will be introduced and consider how to teach decolonizing knowledge from a conscious and methodological approach.

Participants will begin to recognize how imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and racism underpin colonization.

Build an understanding of a systemic and structural approach to colonization toward facilitating decolonizing knowledge.

Participants will be engaged in circle methodology to envision decolonial practices.

Read the part above about systemic racism. De colonization is code for a racist approach to undermine White Canadians of Anglo Saxon heritage. How racist can you get? 

Canada is slipping into toxic insanity.

By the way, Sir Wilfred Laurier was one of the most racist Prime Ministers that Canada ever had. Worse than John A but he is glorified. Why? Because he was a Liberal. John A was a Conservative.

Bath Spa University Students' Union

Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, BLM, Black Panther salute.

Panther Fist | Black panther art, Black panther fist, Black panther tattoo

No difference from this:

The desired end state is the same………………HATRED.

Leadership in Canada on full display by Canada’s ex Green Party Leader Elizabeth May:

Treason anyone?

Apparently gardening is racist, so no more gardening allowed.

Would you rather see this?

Or this:

A home surrounded by a lawn made of wildflowers.

No Mow May or June, or July, August and September

That house will soon be sold as a fire sale.

Woke-ism equates to insanity. I guess Canada’s anti racism strategy will address gardens in our cities.