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THE WORST SCANDAL OF THE PANDEMIC: Death and Lockdowns. There’s still no proof that lockdowns save lives but plenty of evidence that they end them, as I found by looking at the toll of “excess deaths” during the pandemic. Last year in the United States  there were 130,000 more deaths than normal that were not attributed to the coronavirus.

These excess deaths occurred disproportionately among the young and middle-aged, minorities and low-income workers — groups hit especially hard by the lockdowns. The toll has been especially high in locked-down California but not in unlocked Florida. The mortality rate among younger people soared in America but not in Sweden, where it has been below normal.  All of which confirms that the lockdowns are “trickle-down epidemiology” — protecting the laptop class at the expense of the working class — and constitute one of the greatest public-health mistakes in history.

Nuts? So says smug Canadians.

Biden’s Border Kids:

Where’s Trump when you need him…to blame?

What I learned at University:

Wife…..Ellen Kahn, the senior director of programs and partnerships at the Human Rights Campaign, explains why the term upsets her — and my — feminist sensibilities, noting that her ears “pricked up” when she started noticing young LGBTQ people using it. “As a woman, as a lesbian, as a gender nonconforming person, my coming of age is tied up in second wave lesbian feminism and so much of that ethos is around crushing the patriarchy or dismantling male supremacy,” she tells me. “So being a ‘wife’ was seen as this confining, limiting, almost belittling sort of term.” Oh those toxic males.

Poor you. No doubt she holds a degree in woman’s studies.

To me the term “lesbian’s wife” is an oxymoron.

It is like saying: “I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.”

Who would’ve thunk it? “People are the new dope.” Mexican cartels are seizing on Biden’s lax border policies to run multimillion-dollar human trafficking scheme and are using families as DECOYS to smuggle single adults and drugs from elsewhere.

Biden’s intent to destroy everything Trump did threatens mid east peace. Next up? US Embassy in Jerusalem set to move back to Tel Aviv.

Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit. The new administration turns its back on peace between Israel and Arab states (that Trump brokered) in order to pursue deal with Iran.

Why are the Dems so obsessed with Iran and the two state solution? Don’t know but they are playing a most dangerous game.

The video sucks but the song ain’t bad. Good Canadian 80’s tune.


Is That Zedd or Zee?

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

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Lest We Forget


Premier Wall retires from Provincial politics……Damn. Only premier left in this country with some balls to stand up to the Regressive Lefts. Premier Wynne, who has no balls…last time I checked…is jubilant.

“We can finally implement our agenda to control every aspect of Canadian lives…” someone was heard to say.


NHL threatens to cancel its 2018 draft in Dallas if city continues with its One Sex… One bathroom policy. This coming from an all male dominated oligarchical organization. No women allowed into this all boys club. They only have one bathroom in their boardrooms, for all the dicks that are part of this organization.

NHL? Stick it to sports and stay out of politics.

Why do we have to politicize everything these days?….Geesh.


NK / US Crisis

Image result for N Korean Officers military hats  This pic cracks me up.                Nah, Trump has nothing to worry about here.

Give your heads a shake, for crikey sakes. Ahhh, maybe not.


Bestiary Images:  Bestiary texts offer animal-lore as a source of allegorical lessons for moral spiritual guidance. The earliest bestiary manuscripts date to the beginning of the 12th century. Or…the everything you wanted to know about bestiary manual.

Interestingly, at the same time sheep proliferated throughout Europe, particularly in the UK. Wellies would not make their debut until centuries later. Then PETA.


Whales being threatened by shipping. In response to a whale watching collision with a humpback whale off Victoria BC recently, Ottawa has taken dramatic action to ensure the mammal rights of the right whale, or is that the left whale? Ships will now be banned from transiting the Juan de Fuca Strait. Liz May is beside herself with glee.

“Yeah, but what about banning or regulating those whale watching boats…” someone with common sense asked of the government.

“This is really an issue of the left whale not knowing what the right whale is doing.” said a government spokesperson in response. “We will immediately set up a mammal rights commission on both coasts. We’ll have a whale of a time here guys and gals.


Government leaders in BC state that if Kinder Morgan pipeline tries to go through you will see protests out here the likes you have never seen….great. Just what we need. More instability.

BC Green leader states that: “In the B.C. Green caucus’s view (3 people), the National Energy Board process that led to this project’s approval was profoundly flawed,” Weaver said in a statement. He / they should know…right? “Numerous questions remain unanswered or were simply dismissed (Victoria Times Colonist).

Of course it was flawed. It ruled against the Green Party’s wishes. No fossil fuels period. Nada, niet whatsoever. Fossils are so, so 20th Century, don’t you know? Just like you Mr Weaver.

Hear are our Provincial leaders who castigate national energy strategic initiatives to further their own ideological agendas. To hell with the rest of Canada, oh except for Canada Day that is: “Don’t we live in such a grand diversified country where compromise is our strength in depth!”

Canada Day over now? Yes…oh those federal bastards and no good idiots east of the Rockies…F$#k them.

I still cannot get over the fact that a party that won only 3 seats out of 87 wields so much power in this province.

I just hope none of these gonads comes down with a life threatening health problem. If they do they will be thankful for the petroleum industry.

Canada is becoming a third world basket case!


Canadian diplomat suffered hearing loss while in Cuba. Blames it all on Climate Change and the Salsa!


This just in: eight things your farts can reveal about your health….yeah, I know of only one and….it stinks, now get off the couch!


20M jobs on the way if Canada adopts green agenda. Of course, but the narrative left one word out of their announcement. It should have read: 20M jobs on the way…out!


From the “Who gives a Fu$k factor:” Zedd on dating Selena Gomez. Or is that Zee.


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