Handy – Capped

A federal agency proposes to build an underground Senate parkade at the cost of $1 million a spot, a committee was told yesterday. One Senator called it an outrageous expense from the same agency that built an $8 million solar-powered warehouse at Rideau Hall: “There would be inflation. That was really a rough estimate.”

Don’t you worry though, it’s a federal agency so you can expect that $1M cost per parking spot to inflate 10 fold. Hey it’s the Canadian Trudeau way. Incompetence! So says a Liberal Senator. Bring it on. Just for us senior Senators who are all intellectually handicapped. Hey, the sign says so.

Lefty definition of a peaceful protest:

“Mostly Peaceful ‘Ceasefire’ Protester Arrested for Punching Female Officer in the Face.”


Just like a news reporter in 2020 saying that the protests were not violent:

Cnn Peaceful Protest / CNN: Peaceful Protesters Lend Helping Hand To Keep Small Businesses ...


Warning: standard millennial intellectual language and grammar.


The state of our society today where right is wrong, wrong is right, left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up, good is evil, evil is good, amorality is moral, moral is amorality. “And they shall turn themselves over to a debauched mind.”

Time to do another Camino.

Trudeau finally shows his true colours. Go to minute 5:03 until 6:50:


I wonder how we can rid ourselves of government incompetence. Elections?

Provincial and federal financial support for electric vehicle battery production (in Canada) will cost $5.8 billion more than government projections due to tax treatment of subsidies.

So this:

An EV charging sign on a parking space.

Becomes this:

Let the market decide.

“He’s a real nowhere man living in his nowhere land.”

I’ll let you decide who this song may be referring to.

Have a great Navy day. Not Canadian as our Navy doesn’t exist anymore.

Life’s tough.

When you’re stupid it’s horrendous!





Ship Of Fools


Yes it will be, especially with him at the helm of his “ship of fools” that he calls government.

“It’s going to be a tough year,” Trudeau warns of gloomy economic forecast for 2023

“I always give with my left hand……

And then screw you with my right.”

Taxes are going up and up and up in 2023. “But hey I am for the middle class.”

“And hey, if you are having serious economic problems keeping your family afloat just do as my finance minister, Chrystia Freelunch, does and cancel the Disney Channel: Canada’s foremost plan to address out of control inflation.”

Cop killer in Ontario had been granted bail before his murdering rampage began yet Tamara Lynch, one of the Freedom Convoy organizers was denied bail.

Canada is broken in so many sunny ways.

Greta? A young woman who wants to conquer the world:

Reminds me of this:

Helga? A young woman out to conquer the world.

Nazi women exposed as every bit as bad as Hitler's deranged male ...

Nothing has changed.

We are being duped and deceived big time.

But, we still have the great music of the late 60s and 70s. 1971……