Canada’s Liberal-Speak

The Liberal Party of Canada just had their annual convention:

Liberals will debate proposals to create a network of high-speed rail lines across Canada, a green new deal for the country and a universal basic income at the party’s virtual convention this week.

This year’s policy resolutions run a wide spectrum, with resolutions on such issues as expanding rural rail…erm…internet access:
Canada is taking its lead on the rail line from New Zealand:See the source image
Oh Trudeau’s version of across Canada is across Quebec. or code for : this will never happen west of Cornwall under the Libs.
Raising old-age security payments: last time by $6.13 a month – not even enough to buy a 6 pack of beer in Canada. But heh, they can say they kept their promise.
A proposal to create “Canada’s green new deal” calls for a transition to a net-zero carbon economy with a plan implemented over the next decade to transform the country’s industry and infrastructure. The Libs are never creative stealing yet another concept from those dastardly Americans – particularly that US Dem rep Alexandria Occasionally Cortez but Generally Whacko: Code for: Raise taxes like crazy and never accomplish anything.
Another resolution from party members in Newfoundland and Labrador calls for the government to provide “meaningful retraining supports,” including replacing income and paying tuition, for workers from industries with high carbon emissions. Code for: let them learn code.
It also calls on the government to fund alternative energy sources like solar, wind and nuclear while also developing a hydrogen sector in Canada.See the source image

The hydrogen economy.

The Liberal caucus is sponsoring three resolutions, one that would have the government promote Canada as an “agricultural superpower” – giving the farmer what they want with their left hand then shafting them big time with their right.

And another that would bring in national standards on long-term care, something the party has pledged to do. Just like they did after SARS in 2003. How is that working for ya?

The caucus is also one of several sponsors on a resolution calling for the government to move towards setting up a basic income program. The resolution argues the move would save administration costs and help Canadians who need the support. Whoa, wait now. If you set up a basic income strategy then no one will want to work and if no one is working who is going to run that program. Just saying.
The great thing about the Liberals is that they know that over 65% of Canadians vote left, or progressive, so they can say anything that they want to entice Canadians to continue to vote for them then fall back on their promises and continue to tax, tax, tax with not a single dime going into any of the so called liberal pledges. Next big tax grab will be a “life tax” on a tax on the air that we breathe.
Next: The Conservative Party of Canada’s platform.

Covid Crap

“It is a threat of the highest order to the country, and indeed to the world.” “The undisputed existence of a threat to the future of humanity cannot be ignored.”

I thought Covid was.

Who do you think produced these lines: Did they come from Greta Thunberg’s Twitter account? Or maybe they’re excerpts of a Greenpeace Canada press release? A statement from a Green Party MP, perhaps? Nope. These words came from the Supreme Court of Canada in their 6-3 decision for the constitutionality of Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.

Since when did supreme court judges become politicized? Since when did they allow their own personal biases to dictate their decisions on matters of government policy?

This is the world we now live in. Woke up people.

We no longer have leadership in this country of ours.

So, over 85% of Covid deaths in Canada are of people over 75. Right now in BC almost 100% of people over 75 have been vaccinated. Result? More effin lockdowns. Ban everything until April 19. On the 18th of April it will be mid May, then June and on and on she goes. This is insane government policy that is not based on anything but fear. Certainly not on fact.

We no longer have leadership in this province.

Taxpayers on the hook for MPs raises of up to $6,400 on Thursday

Why are they smiling? Well, while you and I are suffering through this lockdown, and while many Canadians out there have lost their ability to earn a living, they just gave themselves a $6,400.00 raise in pay.

Ottawa is bereft of leadership.

Hey, we banned, or should I say, the government banned plastic straws.


More than 1.5 billion face masks will pollute oceans this year, report says.


Let’s ban face masks to save the planet.

Let’s see. We wear masks, we social distance ourselves, we follow the government’s regulations. Result.


Perhaps, these measures do not work. Just sayin.

Conservative MP Derik Sloan dares to criticize Dr. Tam, Canada’s chief medical officer. Result? Fired from his party, called a racist, bigot etc.

Lefty Journalist Don Martin criticizes Dr. Tam. Result? Journalistic award given.

Wokeness has killed thousands of people. Just keep scaring us, government and the press.

I have done this before but it deserves repeating. How many Canadians remember their history and the 1837 rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. These rebellions came about because of the so called Family Compact that governed this young country. The “Family”  consisted of a group of elitists for the times that controlled everything. It was a scratch my back, I’ll scratch your kind of thing. Fast forward 184 years and what do we have here in Canada? A Family Compact running this country. This time the Compact consists of the Liberal Left, as in:

Government: Left

Judiciary: Left

Press: Left

Academia: Left

Cultural: Left

Voting population: 65% Left

What’s left?

There is no opposing voices in this country and that is bad.

Oppose? You are cancelled.

Hey, if the government prints more money whenever they need it then why do we have to pay taxes? Just print more money. Just sayin.

Defending free speech is now considered racist.

I’m a racist, white priveledged dude and proud of it. So there.

I didn’t know Jeff Daniels was a singer:



Biden My Time


Warning: Award season is now upon use. Those Holly Woodies in the Morning will be holding their form to true: to lecture us and piss us off.

Typical Liberalese:

Members of Canada’s Parliament voted Monday to label China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims a genocide, and to call on the federal government to formally adopt that position, without the support of the Liberal cabinet.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not participate in the vote. Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau abstained on the record while the rest of his cabinet colleagues were absent.

“I abstain on behalf of the Government of Canada,” said Garneau when he made his position known.

Yet, just a few years ago Trudeau labelled all Canadians as being guilty of genocide against the indigenous population in this country.

Personally that statement hurt me greatly.

“I admire their basic dictatorship.” Trudeau opined about China. And this from a guy who has done nothing to get the two Michaels out of a Chinese prison. The two Michaels were arbitrarily arrested in China two years ago on some trumped up charge in response to and because of the extradition of a Hua Wei executive to the US from Vancouver. Meanwhile the two Michaels languish in a prison cell while the Turd allows the Hua Wei executive to remain under house arrest where she lives in abject luxury between two multi-million dollar homes. Trudeau has even granted VISAs for family members to come from China to Vancouver to visit her.

Without a doubt Trudeau will go down as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. Why oh why Ontario and Quebec voters love this guy is beyond reason.

On another note. Warning: Liberal-speak inbound:

Trudeau is now telling Canadians that the hope is that the majority of us
should be be vaccinated by the end of September. A few minutes later the
deputy public health officer stated that it will probably be the end of 2021
but that “September and the end of the year are in the same ballpark.”
And what does “the majority” mean? 51 percent?

As of this writing, the vaccination rate in America is 1.7 million a day, making it the world leader. This rate alone does not indicate “months and months”

Why can’t we do that in Canada. At that rate we would have everyone vaccinated in 20 days.

20 days!


Warning: More Liberalese…inbound. Love this one. On climate:

Their (Biden and Trudeau) promise to meet Paris targets and cut greenhouse-gas emissions more intentionally is captured under what’s being deemed a new “High Level Climate Ministerial.”

Is that like the Ministerial of Silly Walks?

It is 1933 all over again:

“In a shocking development in the ongoing censorship debate, two influential Democrat members of the House of Representatives have taken the first steps to challenge the continued availability of conservative channels Newsmax, OANN, and Fox News on mainstream cable, satellite, and streaming television platforms. Multichannel News reported on the story yesterday in an article titled “House Dems Pressure Distributors to Justify Carrying Fox News, Others.” California Democrats Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney have written to a dozen cable, satellite and streaming companies calling on them to better combat disinformation.”

First stop on the misinformation bandwagon should be CNN, followed by MSNBC. In Canada the CBC, UK – BBC. But you know that will never happen.

German students and S.A. members with books to be burned ...

It couldn’t happen here? Think again as the Nazis were social democrats you know. The Canadian Libs and US Democrats have embarked on a social democratic legislative slippery slope downwards.

This just in from John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Czar:

“Well, the scientists told us three years ago we had 12 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis,” he told CBS. “We are now three years gone, so we have nine years left.”

No Mr. Kerry, Alexandria but Occasionally Whacko Cortez said that. The US’ pre-eminent climate expert.

Then again every single climate catastrophe made over the last 50 years has proven to be wrong – didn’t happen – nada. Yet these peons in the US and Canada continue to believe this shyte…why?

Nine years to climate Armageddon. The count is on.

Two today:

And a favourite of mine:


The Great Regret

Watch this. More on the great reset. James Delingpole is not a conspiracy theorist. He is a well respected UK Journalist. Long but interesting. I will leave it at that:

A Flu-d’etat – love it. More here to read:

Oh, how I long for:

Kinks? one of the most underrated groups ever.


Lies and More Lies

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Lies, lies and more lies. From who? They are trying to kill us. Who? Politicians that’s who.

Oh I remember the 50s and early 60s when they told us to fall under our desks at school to protect ourselves from a nuclear blast.

Yeah, that’ll work:

See the source image

Great vid by Gerald Celente, a popular trend-ist and publisher of the Trends Journal.

Masks work now they don’t work, according to Canada’s health expert. Lockdowns don’t work, so says the WHO.

Stock market bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Real Estate bubble? Nah. It will never burst.

Tulip bulbs anybody:

Love the button:


Sweet little lies:

Don’t worry as God is in control of everything.