No Snow? Just Blow

The end of snow forever…so says Al Gore and the United Nations.

What 15 Feet Of Snow Looks Like In California:



“Man, look at all this blow…” one California dude was heard to say.

Jokes on you Al and the UN.

Oh and with sea level rising the Maldives will disappear by January 2018 (Al baby).

Maldives today:

W Maldives Luxury Resort - Fesdu Island, Maldives - ReelLuxe

Unfortunately for us, the UN, WEF and the sheeple of all western nations do not let the facts get in the way of the lies.

Snow on Mt Kilimanjaro will disappear (Al baby too).

The full moon rises over Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. February ...

Mt Kilimanjaro today.

Deception will rule the roost.

I say we should get out of the UN and ban any Canadian membership from the WEF.

Take one cliff and add sheeple and you have the mass stupidity of group think:

Climate zealots.

The loss of critical thinking. Unfortunately for the like minded people of the country “Sanity,” the war has been lost. Standby for climate totalitarianism – coming to a 15 minute city near you.

Love this. From the Producers (1968). Coming to a western country near you.

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Lies And More Lies

McKenna was Canada’s minister for climate change. She drank the Al Gore climate Kool-Aid.

Many Canadian public ministers also believe CO2 is a poison, not a life sustaining compound element of the Periodic Table – nature’s table of life on earth and earth’s reality.

Every single climate change prediction has fallen flat. Every one. Yet highly educated people of the United Nations, The World Economic Forum and other world wide defined organizations continue to believe. “Well, it is a matter of faith don’t ya know.” Yes it is. It is a matter of faith, belief and worship on the environmental altar of the creation (Gaia) and not the creator. This is what happens when God is taken out of the equation.

In 100 years this will happen. In 100 years that will occur. In 100 years I will be physically dead and my physicality returned to the earth as carbon. That is reality. Spiritually I will live on.


WHO says? Prove it. But…but…I’ll be dead. Oh lucky you. No  culpability in today’s world.

Polar Bear populations are increasing to such a degree as to make them a nuisance (Inuit).

Susan Crockford, a world expert of polar bears, was fired from the University of Victoria after finding polar bears thriving despite the climate change hysteria.

A polar bear walks over sea ice floating in the Victoria Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. (AP Photo/David Goldman, file)

Ms. Crockford accused officials at the Canadian university of bowing to “outside pressure,” the result of her research showing that polar bear populations are stable and even thriving, not plummeting as a result of shrinking Arctic sea ice, defying claims of the climate change movement.

Follow da money and not the science.

It couldn’t happen in Canada you say? Shity:

Canada’s Green Plan 153% Over Budget

A federal program to pay $5,000 rebates to electric car buyers went more than 150 percent over budget, say auditors. Rebates cost taxpayer more than three quarters of a billion and were “an ongoing concern.”

And I am still waiting for my promised grant for the home energy program. To date? Nada.

It is a sad state of affairs when it comes down to this:

Last year, Health Canada published an assessment report on the effects of climate change as it relates to health.

The report titled Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate claimed that climate change increases the risk of mental health impacts such as post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

“Studies are also showing that people can become distressed about climate change itself, resulting in increased anxiety (often termed eco- or climate anxiety), grief (often termed eco-grief or climate grief), worry, anger, hopelessness, and fear,” claimed the report.

My solution? Wake up in the morning, look outside and go from there. Stop watching or listening to the news, go outside for  a walk and let the children play…have fun…no anxiety.

Jordan Peterson revealed and the College of Ontario Psychologists acknowledged that he has been “sentenced” to mandatory retraining in order to retain his license to practice clinical psychology in Canada. Why? It is alleged that he criticized Trudeau’s government policies.

Just in case you didn’t know, Pierre Poilievre is the leader of the opposition Conservative Party in Canada, meaning that Jordan Peterson is literally being punished for criticizing the current Prime Minister and retweeting the statement of his political opponent–and a mainstream one at that.

What have we come to in Canada?

Canada has an elected dictatorship. Always has had one.

I can tell you this: given my Covid experiences and the lies of government officials, their cancel culture and faux science institutions, I have absolutely no trust that my fellow Canadians would do the right thing “if push comes to shove.”

I now understand the German problem.

You will also hear from our government officials of the need for integration, collaboration and cooperation of private businesses and government to address the world’s problems or perceived problems such as Climate Change. It is sometimes referred to as Public Private Partnership. By any other name, if that occurs, what we will have is:


It will not end well.

Forget all of this crap, turn on some tunes, get up and dance.

Will be away for a bit.

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American Pie

Doom me, doom me not, doom me, doom me not.

Doom on:

Deep low pressure system? No, no, no. It has to be called an Atmospheric River. Heat wave, high pressure area? No, no, no. It has to be called a Heat Dome. Cold snap, Alberta Clipper? No, no,  no. It has to be called the Polar Vortex. Why? They have to scare the beejeezus out of everyone to make everyone  compliant to draconian restrictions and measures to advance their goal of a One World Government. We are being deceived…BIG TIME.


Doom off.

Notre Dame? No, no, no. It has to be renamed Notre Dome:

Woke-ism is going to destroy us unless we push back….HARD.

Coming to a Canada near you.

UK Bureaucrats Abandon Term “Christmas” Over Fears It May Offend Minorities.

The leader of China, Xi Ping, endorses new gold putter. Says that “this will change everything.”

Tiger Woods couldn’t be reached for comment.

To address severe gas shortages Biden is going to release 50M barrels of strategic reserves.

“Oh yeah?” says Trudough. “we’re going to release 50M pounds of maple syrup. So there Biden. Put that in yer pie and eat it.”

Whew. Thanks Gawd we have Trudough and not Biden.




State of Canada

The state of Canada today under Trudeau:

In a recent submission to the United Nations Security Council, the Canadian government advocated for a “gendered and intersectional” approach to preventing terrorism and violent extremism.

Canada made the submission on July 28, 2021 during an informal meeting of the Council on “preventing terrorism and violent extremism through tackling gender stereotypes, masculinities, and structural gender inequality.”

“As speakers have noted, gender stereotypes, masculinities, femininities, and gendered inequalities have long been exploited by violent extremist and terrorist groups to their own ends,” claimed the submission.

“It is imperative that we continue working together to raise awareness of this phenomenon and advance comprehensive gender-responsive approaches to more effectively and sustainably counter terrorism and prevent and counter violent extremism.”

Those toxic masculinity types are responsible for all of our terrorist problems in the world. If we just give them a hug and transform them into girly boys and have them play with “Barbie” our terrorist problems would just go away.

Canada’s Climate Barbie couldn’t agree more.

Canada’s minister of foreign affairs states that we are not yet sure whether we should acknowledge the Taliban as the legitimate government in Afghanistan. It is too early to tell. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan:

See the source image

Taliban minister of foreign affairs speaks out.


His Liberal colleague Monsef says we have to talk with our Taliban brothers.

On the campaign trail Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau has once again evoked memories of former prime minister Stephen Harper while on the campaign trail.

During a Monday morning stop in Granby, Quebec, Trudeau once again referred to the former prime minister.

“Today’s economy, tomorrow’s economy needs us to fight climate change. Canada lost 10 years under the Conservative Party who wants to go back to the old Harper years objectives and goals. Some young people who are voting for the first time and who just do not remember the Harper era. Well, since 2015 we have been working hard to catch up but we cannot waste any minutes especially over the next four years,” said Trudeau.

What a waster of space this feminist PM is.

That is sweet Justin given that Liberal PM Chretien promised similar goals in his Kyoto agreement of 1997 – 24 years ago and did nada. That has always been the Liberal approach. Promise the world and deliver nothing. Oh and BTW Justin, O’Toole is your opponent not Harper.

Inflation doesn’t concern me – so says Trudeau;

The Budget will balance itself – so says Trudeau;

I have no interest in the country’s financial affairs or its financial health – so says Trudeau.

But…but…but…Diversity is our strength.

And, under a Liberal government you will have the right to party:

Am I ever glad that I am retired now.






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