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Craziness: From Maggies’ Farm

“Agricultural Disaster” – Frost Blast Decimates French Vineyards, May Slash Total Wine Output By Third.

There is still beer man.

US President Joe Biden to ‘propose hiking tax on rich’

A tax on hiking?  

John Kerry Implies Net-Zero Emissions Goal Not Good Enough, Says We Need To ‘Get Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Atmosphere’

Let’s kill two bird brains with one stone. That will surely kill us and the planet John.

Can you believe these guys?

New York City, Which Survives On Fossil Fuels, Sues Fossil Fuels Companies

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Bite the hand that feeds ya.

Why do white people hate Mother Earth? AOC, Sierra Club expose real causes of climate change. Whitey. It’s my fault. Solution? Eradicate white people and the temperature will continue to increase; seas will begin to rise; glaciers will continue to melt; and tornadoes and hurricanes will continue to target trailer parks.

Well we don’t AOC. Unlike you and your ilk we do not believe in false gods or idols like Mother Earth. We believe in only one God, through his son Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. All others are false gods including Gaia.

And only God can control the climate AOC. It is his creation after all. We praise the creator and not the creation.

The epitome of madness:

It’s in her eyes. Imagine…her world? And no religion too!



We All Live In A Bubble

This just in from Saint Fauci:

“So there are things, even if you’re vaccinated, that you’re not going to be able to do in society,” he added. “For example: indoor dining, theaters, places where people congregate, that’s because of the safety of society. You yourself, what you can do, when you are together with another person, we are looking at that and we are going to try to find very quickly what recommendations could be made about what people, like you, can do.” 

“One of the things that is universal here, that we know, that at this point in time it is unclear whether when you get vaccinated and you might be protected from clinical disease, which is the primary endpoint of the vaccine studies, that you could conceivably be infected, have virus in your nasal pharynx, and at that same time have no symptoms, which is the reason why we recommend and say you still need to wear a mask, because if you do have virus in the nasal pharynx — even though we hope that when the data comes in, it’s gonna show that the very virus level is quite low and you’re not transmitting it — we don’t know that now. And for that reason we want to make sure that people continue to wear masks despite the fact that they’re vaccinated,” concluded Fauci.

Heaven forbid I get a nasal phalanx virus. Is that like that other phalanx virus?

In other words, our new society.

News: Do poker players live in a bubble?

If you want to live your life in a bubble go right ahead but for me I only have two words for Dr Fauci:

“Go Fauci yourself”

Oops, that’s three…sorry.

And how, for fauc’s sake, will we be able to procreate if we cannot fauc, Fauci?

Why oh why are unelected officials like Dr Fauci, Dr Tam and boring Bonnie wielding so much power. They that can go home with their big fat pay cheques, while the majority of us suffer? Huh…why?

Don’t know about you but my mask comes off the minute I receive a vaccination.

After all this is the same Fauci who said:

There is nothing to be worried about;

Closing the borders is xenophobic;

Masks don’t work;

Masks work;

Wear two masks;

Wear three masks; and

Don’t have sexual relations with that woman.

Crutches? Smart. Will have to get me a pair so I don’t hurt my knees while I am walking down the street.

Insanity nurtures madness. Land of confusion.



A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Look out Florida. Progressives incoming:

Bay Area tech icon Keith Rabois announced he’s leaving San Francisco permanently — and he is criticizing the city on his way out.

Rabois, an early executive at PayPal, Square, LinkedIn and more, told Fortune he is “moving imminently” because he’s finding it “impossible to stay” in San Francisco. After living in the Bay Area for 20 years, he said he plans on moving to Florida.

Poor Florida.

“I think San Francisco is just so massively improperly run and managed that it’s impossible to stay here,” Rabois told Fortune. He told the publication other friends in his peer group have done the same, and a look at his Twitter account shows multiple tweets about the so-called San Francisco exodus.

I wonder who he will vote for?

Seattle’s new policing guidelines, as only a democratic city state could come up with:

“You see, predatory sociopaths with histories of violence and robbery will be “liberated” by “healing circles” and “narrative storytelling.” Because, we’re assured, these things, when combined with burning sage, will “increase empathy.”

Univershity taught expert there.

But I do like the sage part.

An inconvenient stat that the Dems do not want you to know, especially Gov Cuomo from New York. “But, but, but Trump is to blame.”

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut lead the way with deaths per million, mostly owing to the fatalities in long-term care facilities. These were the states that locked down the hardest and longest. Indeed they are locking down again! Deaths per million in states like South Dakota are still low on the list.

Cases in blue, deaths in red.

Lockdowns do not work!

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is calling upon Oregonians to inform on friends and neighbors who violate the state’s strict lockdown orders.

Snitch line.

Warning: more liberal-speak:

“I never said I would get rid of the GST (VAT) if elected.” Jean Chretien 1993 national election.

And this from True-dough.


At a Costco near you.


Winter coats deemed a non essential item in Canada’s coldest province.


Snitch line set up in Manitoba to allow people to rat on their non compliance neighbors.

Let me off the planet.




Something I thought I would never ever hear from a potential US Vice President:

“Impala Kamala Harris Endorses Communism Two Days Out From Election Day”

Wow. And then there is this:

“Hillary (Clinton) Promises Blitzkrieg of Radical Left Legislation, when she…er…Biden is elected.”

“Does anyone see the irony in that statement?

But who believes the science anyway? Especially if the science does not support the scary narrative:

“New CDC Data: Survival Rate For COVID Is 99.99% Unless You’re 70+ Then It’s 94%.”

Man is scolded and shamed for not wearing a mask and for not believing the science that masks are good!

It is madness out there. Really.

I think we flattened the curve. Don’t you?


No matter, continue the lock-down. Believe the science except when it tells you of a 99.9% survival rate for people under 70.

Don’t believe it. It Must be bad science. We’re all going to die!!! Yes we are.

In the UK masks are effective in preventing the spread of the virus…yet…PM of the UK imposes a month long lock-down for the UK.

Remember: “A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking…or… 827% of all statistics are made up on the spot.”

To date, 15,501 Covid cases in BC and 269 deaths, primarily in long term care facilities. That is a 269 / 15,501 x 100 = 1.7% of an age bracket over 70.

Does a 1.7% mortality rate warrant the destruction of our economy, isolation and an enormous national debt? Just askin that’s all.

And after mandatory masking, mandatory social distancing, washing our hands, picking our noses and scratching our asses, the rate of Covid cases are suddenly increasing. So what gives here? This tells me that this virus is going to get you no matter what you may do. Masks do not stop aerosols.

If you are healthy with no major underlying medical condition you will survive.

BTW, where is China in all of this? Getting a free ride no doubt.

One good outcome though is that climate change scare tactics seem to have dissipated.  We do not hear much of that anymore. Nor from that Greta All-thumbsberger girl.

I hate Danishes anyway. And Swedish meatballs for that matter.

But, but wait for it. When this virus goes away we will need something else to keep us all anxious and scared.

I am not worried. I am not anxious.

God is in control. I have a peaceful easy feeling about all of this.

Good luck to all of my US friends. And whatever the outcome, the sun will still rise come Wednesday morning:



Yah Vol Commandant!

Have we not learned our lessons from the past?

Internment camps? In Canada? in 2020?


Good work if you can get it:

During his time as a first-term MP, Justin Trudeau collected $277,000 in personal appearance fees, charging between $10,000 and $20,000 per appearance. During his first term as an unemployed substitute drama teacher Trudeau collected………………………………?

Alexandre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau are still listed as clients of Speakers’ Spotlight. The speeches offered by Alexandre include “Understanding China” and “Canadian History: An Alternative Take on the Past for New View of the Future.”

Oh we understand China alright! Just ask the two Michaels and Wuhan.

Margaret’s bio notes that she is an “active WE Charity ambassador who has presented to crowds of 20,000+ people at WE Day events across the world.”

I wonder what she would have been paid if her last name was…………….Smith?

From the who scratches my back file comes this……………..:

The WHO…..who?. The World Health Organization stupid, is on track to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for the work they did on Covid 19????????

WHO’s up first.

From the “why I would never recommend college to anyone these days” file comes this:

A Brooklyn College professor is facing criticism after he threatened to remove any student who used the wrong pronouns for him any other person in the class.

Pronouns, Gender Identity, and Racial Insensitivity: My name is B. Call me B. I am nonbinary, transfeminine. For my information concerning the use of these terms please consult I use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them). I adhere to a strict policy of respect for the gender, sexual, and racial identities of my students. Intentional misgendering, as with any attempt to slur another student’s personal integrity on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion, will result in immediate dismissal from class for that session. Continued abuses will result in disciplinary action with the appropriate administrators.

Okay Beee…itch, whatever you say.

Aultman goes by the name “B” and publicly identifies as “nonbinary, transfeminine.” He urges his students to use they/them gender pronouns when referring to him, as he does not identify as a man.

Meanwhile in the college’s English class…………………..:

See the source image

President catches Covid but cannot catch a break…now:

TDS in spades”

“Pelosi seeks to remove Trump from office using 25th Amendment.”

As being medically unfit to hold office…………………..NICE!

Only in Canada would one find this headline:

“EXCLUSIVE: Criminal history does NOT exclude illegal migrants from admittance to Canada.”

Is that like a double negative??


Covidism is the new religion. Now the world has two:

Covidism and Climatism.

Where is God in all of this? In many people’s minds…gone.

But not to me as he is in control. I have nothing to worry about. You should too.