Crazy Canadian Stuff

I cannot make this stuff up. Coming from our Canadian elites (Italics are mine):

Pass the pasta:

Taxpayers (code for Liberal government) give $1.7 million to pasta company creating ten jobs;

But then:

Government to impose fines and taxes on wood fired pizza and bagel shops;

It is climate change don’t ya know:

Turns out that last years wildfire in Nova Scotia, which was the largest in their history, was started by some delusional human – probably a disgruntled Liberal; firing up his wood burning pizza oven.

And his climate cohort started 14 wildfires in Quebec – who was heard to say – we can’t have those dastardly Anglos out do us now can we? Het Gabriella, get that wood burning bagel oven going will you? I gots work to do, tabernac.

And one individual may have started 56 wildfires across Alberta; I don’t need no wood burning oven to do this, and:

All the wildfires last year on Vancouver Island were started by humans or nature.

But…but…but oh damn… lets go after Israel to support HAMAS. Climate change is so yesterday. You bet your Ahss we will. Oh and U of T pro HMAS protesters want free tuition as part of their demands. I always knew it all comes down to money.

Speaking of things that rhyme…NOT!

The Trudeau government sent at least 193 people to the COP28 summit to stay in lavish hotels from Nov. 20 to Dec. 12 last year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Canada spent over 3 millions dollars (your money) on that junket with 1.3 million spent to set up a Canada pavilion with a Canadian rapper in its employ. He just happened to be a Liberal MP’s son.

I turned it off after listening to it for about a minute.

“Climate disinformation, get that immunization, the vaccine for bad meme infiltration,” said Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman in his opening verse. “Climate misinformation, it leads to polarization, which leads to radical conspiracy ideation,” he continued before giving Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault a shoutout.

“Y-oh man. Dig it, then swig it…you climate bigot.”

The Trudeau government is the biggest harbinger of mis and disinformation in Canada…and a bad rap to boot.

Ideation? Is that a real word.  How embarrassing but then this is Canada.

Follow da money. Good money if you can…git it bigot!

Only in Canada you say…hey!…Shity…? No, its a pity of a dity…Canadian bro.

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