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Justin trudeau makes chrystia freeland his implementer in chief and minister of everything - Artofit

Hey, we’re Liberals and you’re not. I am the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not. We’re here to screw you. Hey, this is my journalist Finance Minister and you’re not. Canadians are sooo stupid. They elected me didn’t they. “Funny that eh Christia?”

According to Liberals:

Conservatism equates to the radical far right.

There is no such thing as a radical far left.

Progressive-ism is a Liberal wet dream;

Woke-ism is a another Liberal wet dream;

Canada is the woke-ist country on the planet;

Canada’s House of Commons is, in reality, a House of Clowns;

Canada’s parliament is a Ship of Fools;

Canada is the world’s first post national state;

Only in Canada do we suffer from systemic environmental racism, whatever that means;

If you criticize a Liberal or a Liberal policy you are (insert whatever here) phobe

Liberalism means trans-parent-cy – nastiness.

Liberalism means the budget will balance itself;

Liberalism means debt, debt and more debt;

Liberalism means tax, tax and more tax;

According to Liberals, Conservatism equates to dictatorial behavior nastiness;

Liberals take the bible mantra: The Lord givith and the Lord takith away…to heart in all of their policies;

The Liberals are great at coming up with new ideas and legislation to screw us.

Sask wisdom. People are getting mad:



COP 28: Money For Nothing

As mentioned earlier:

Sultan al-Jaber, cousin of Jabba da Hutt and Dubai’s oil patch leader, oversaw the creation of the world’s first climate damage fund. The tentative agreement was met with a standing ovation from delegates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the opening of the UN climate conference.

Jabba the Hutt |

Money, money, money, money. I want money…your money.

The new fund has been set up to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change such as floods, drought and rising sea levels. The U.A.E. and Germany both pledged $100 million US.

Money, money, money, money. I want money…your money.

Canada pledges $15M dollars for this fund. Of course no-one with any brains is going to contribute to this fund except Canada and that is because Justin-case you were not aware Tru-dough is a good little boy scout and wants to be the Dear Leader of the world in saving the planet. Meanwhile Canadians are starving under his climate action plan.

World leader’s response to Canada’s pledge?

Dictator, HD Movies, 4k Wallpapers, Images, Backgrounds, Photos and Pictures

“Thanks Canada. This will go a long way in the purchase of my new yacht.”

And, you can’t make this stuff up! Sadly.

Also on Monday, the Canadian federal government announced an investment of $30 million to establish a Methane Centre of Excellence.

Are you kidding me? Centre of Excellence for Hot Air? Only in Canada you say? Shitty. But they already have that. Its called the Canadian Parliament.

Response has been immediate:

Gene-Editing Cows To Cut Methane Emissions From Burps And Farts

Excellence dude

So, in  one day the feds have wasted $45M of your money Canada. And for what?

“And the chicks are free.” but not in Dubai at COP 28 lads.

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COP 28: Redux COP

And so it begins. COP 28, the largest climate summit ever, in the history of what-ever!!!

Sultan al-Jaber, cousin of Jabba da Hutt and Dubai’s oil patch leader, oversaw the creation of the world’s first climate damage fund. The tentative agreement was met with a standing ovation from delegates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the opening of the UN climate conference.

The new fund has been set up to help developing countries cope with the impacts of climate change such as floods, drought and rising sea levels. The U.A.E. and Germany both pledged $100 million US.

Bring it on:

Dictator, HD Movies, 4k Wallpapers, Images, Backgrounds, Photos and Pictures

Yesssss. I love the UN cause I love your money…and Rib-Eyes. I need more medals – such as a UN medal.

The agreement came following a declaration from the World Meteorological Organization (a UN organization) that 2023 will be the warmest year recorded in human history.

Just like 2022,2021,2020,2019,2018…..2005,2004…whenever was!

According to the UN, every year, every month and every day is/are the hottest years, months, days, minutes and seconds in the entire history of the world, don’t ya know. And hotter than a Hooter’s recruitment drive, don’t ya wish. Of course all of this hot air began when the UN weather specialists (experts) started recording ground temps rather than air temps, which are taken about one meter above the ground and is the standard for weather gauges worldwide.

This is an example of what happens at ground level:

Navigating through hot sand is the most exercise I've gotten all summer. | Seasonal Ecard

According to the UN: “We are living through climate collapse in real time and the impact is devastating,” UN Secretary General António Guterres said to delegates. “Record global heating should send shivers down the spines of world leaders, and it should trigger them to act.”

Hey isn’t that an oxymoron? How can one be shivering if we have record hot temperatures? Hmmm? Just saying.

Problem is is that the world right now lacks real leadership. If we had real leadership the climate cartel in New York would be eliminated by now as the frauds that they really are. Hey, even the Mexican’t cartels are taking notice of the UN’s scam and want to get in on the action. I hear that they are promoting a new take-all TACO Time and are setting up a TACO Time Wagon at the entrance to the UN HQ in New York.

City centers are heat sinks, don’t ya know.

Funny that the UN doesn’t see the irony in this: The president of this year’s conference, being held in oil rich Dubai, is also the CEO of Dubai’s major oil company.

And what are they going to do about it? CO2 is the life blood of our planet as they, the UN, want to get rid of it and kill us all!

Do they think we are stupid? I guess they do.

But…but, we have set up this emergency fund to help third world countries adapt to the fallout of climate change catastrophe (see pic above). And we have agreed to do this on the first day of the conference…yayyyyyyyy… something that has never happened before. Canada has not announced a contribution as yet but rest assured True-dough will contribute more money that any other country. Because…? Well, Justin-cause, that’s why.

Smoke and mirrors:

Smoke And Mirrors -

And politicians can blow smoke out of both sides of their mouths.

Time to get out of the UN.

It all boils down to one thing…MONEY!

This is a scam. We are being deceived and bamboozled big time.

COP 29 should be held in Yellowknife NWT. Let’s see how many delegates come to Yellowknife in the winter? Whose blowing snow now?

Time to get out of the UN before they destroy us as a sovereign nation.

Effin What?

Our Governor General just spent 0ver $800K to visit her home town.

Who is Mary Simon, Canada's first Indigenous governor general ...

$800 effin thousand dollars. Are you kidding me??

She also had an RCAF flight crew log nearly 3,000 kilometres so she could attend a six-minute ceremony, records show. Simon earlier said it was “up to all of us to act responsibly” to fight climate change: “How we do things is just as important as what we do.”  Yeah right!?!?

And she never smiles. I wouldn’t want to mess with her and oh yeah, she just returned from Germany where she and 35 of her closest friends charged Canadians with a $700,000 bill. She has got to go.

Our government is sooooooo out of touch with average Canadian’s reality.

Screw you Truckers

Trudeau's biggest threat after NAFTA—himself -

Her hand salute is very strange. Where have I seen that before?

Dr. Strangelove starts at 6:15 on TCM - AR15.COM

Oh yeah.

October 2025 (next election) can’t come fast enough.

Love this. File under the category of: yeah right!

Liberal MP “Hang Ten” Dong leaving Liberal caucus, denies allegations of working against release of 2 Michaels – so as not to undermine Liberal chances during the last federal elections…Hoe…Lee…Cow!

This Just-in. The mystery of the $6,000 a night hotel room in London has been solved. Long in denial of any information on this Justin Trudeau has now confirmed that it was he that booked the room. $6,000.00 per night?!?! This guy obfuscates like crazy and has to go. Can’t handle 3 more years of him.

Remember Conservative Bev Oda’s $17.00 orange juice in London? The liberals demanded the Cons resign over that one. The Liberals have this type of corruption down to an art form. Nobody does it better…than them.

Lynx discount air will be providing low fares between Hamilton and Vancouver. Lynx says seasonal summer offerings between John C. Munroe International Airport (YHM) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will begin April 16 and run three times per week.

Ticket sales began on Wednesday from $89, one way between Hamilton and Vancouver.

Problem is, is that your checked or carry on bags will cost you $480 one way. And then there are taxes and fees…and…

Who wants to visit Hamilton anyway??

City Of Hamilton Ontario


Like the Canadian Freedom Convoy, I support of the Dutch farmer protests.

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Money And Other Things

C’mon Haz. Just a little peck…..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

He’s my partner, my coalition partner…coalescing, cuddling, don’t ya know.

Canadian Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier yesterday dismissed an auditor’s report warning taxpayers are unlikely to recover billions wasted on pandemic relief programs. At least $32 billion was paid to underserving claimants after the Canada Revenue Agency failed to make cursory background checks: ‘I want to tell them how proud I am.’ so says the minister, “so I doled out $32B for the dole.” My comment in italics.

Without a doubt we have here in Canada a government that is completely delusional and out of touch with Canadians – except of course Liberal Canadians.

Liberals win handily in West T.O. byelection. Eee gads.

Senators last night questioned one clause in a 172-page budget bill that would see Finance Minister Chrystia Freelunch spend $2 billion on shares of a company that doesn’t exist. (Blacklock)

Fantasialand on the Rideau: “That is okay,” an anonymous finance beaurocrat named Smith said: “The company that doesn’t exist would draw private investment in green technology, which doesn’t exist. The green transition which doesn’t exist will cost a good deal, really a lot, because it doesn’t exist and fantasies cost a lot of money these days don’t ya know and lord knows we need moe money.”

Canada’s finance ministry is a ministry which doesn’t exist, does it?

“Nope. More like the ministry of silly talks, I would say lads.”

And…and common sense in Canada DOESN’T EXIST!

Housing in Canada after 500,000 new immigrants per year? ESG scores through the roof? High density? Divershity? Coming soon to an Official Community Plan (OCP) near you….or Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and a host of smaller secondary cities like Victoria….Councillors seek free transit for Victoria's homeless - Victoria News

Canadian modern architecture and shitholes….

Canadian Museum for Human Rights will transform WinnipegWinnipeg

These Toronto attractions are offering free admission | Etcetera | Art - Pictures - Jane-Finch Gallery 2007No Thanks.

But if you are not happy about living in Canadian shitholes, well, we do have this….(BB):

Article Image

Would you like to be fried with that?

People buying these products and looking for a cheaper alternative over the cost-of-living crisis could increase the rise in battery fires. This e-bike caught ablaze outside sparing people's lives and homes

These days, E Bike sales are on fire with the lefty woke crowd.

I wonder if Freelunch was alive in 1959 and heard this classic.

Take it to heart. Unfortunately for us Canadian taxpayer…she did!

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