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Woke Canada

Canada, Trudough’s post national state with no core values is the world’s wokest country. Consider this:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be spending $110 million in taxpayer funding on anti-racism and DEI consultants to fight what the Liberals consider the endemic problem of racism at the heart of Canadian society.

The minister of diversity, inclusion and persons with disabilities, (we actually have a minister for this??)Kamal Khera, revealed details during a press conference on Saturday. Saturday? Everyone is sleeping in!

I hope they start with themselves because this government is probably the most racist in all of our history.

Whitey Anglo  need not apply. I worked in Ottawa for 12 years. Unilingual Anglos are discriminated against at every level of government. All of the important positions are held by French Canadians. Ottawa is a proxy for the Province of Quebec. They run Canada.

Why would anyone send their children to this Canadian Univershity:

The Centre for Indegogy at Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada offers a two-day module: What on earth is Indegogy? A know what Pedagogy is but Indeegogy? Turns out:

Participants will be introduced and consider how to teach decolonizing knowledge from a conscious and methodological approach.

Participants will begin to recognize how imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and racism underpin colonization.

Build an understanding of a systemic and structural approach to colonization toward facilitating decolonizing knowledge.

Participants will be engaged in circle methodology to envision decolonial practices.

Read the part above about systemic racism. De colonization is code for a racist approach to undermine White Canadians of Anglo Saxon heritage. How racist can you get? 

Canada is slipping into toxic insanity.

By the way, Sir Wilfred Laurier was one of the most racist Prime Ministers that Canada ever had. Worse than John A but he is glorified. Why? Because he was a Liberal. John A was a Conservative.

Bath Spa University Students' Union

Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, BLM, Black Panther salute.

Panther Fist | Black panther art, Black panther fist, Black panther tattoo

No difference from this:

The desired end state is the same………………HATRED.

Leadership in Canada on full display by Canada’s ex Green Party Leader Elizabeth May:

Treason anyone?

Apparently gardening is racist, so no more gardening allowed.

Would you rather see this?

Or this:

A home surrounded by a lawn made of wildflowers.

No Mow May or June, or July, August and September

That house will soon be sold as a fire sale.

Woke-ism equates to insanity. I guess Canada’s anti racism strategy will address gardens in our cities.


So you think Canada does not discriminate or is non racist do you? Well, think again:

Whitey need not apply for most federal government jobs. In Ottawa it is Anglo need not apply because the majority of supervisory positions, executive positions, are held by Francos. Quebec runs Canada from its proxy in Ottawa.

A Canadian Research Council (CRC) job posting at Quebec City’s Laval University was closed to able-bodied white men, as well as the University of Waterloo looking exclusively for professors who identify as “gender-fluid”, or as women, sexual minorities or visible minorities to fill CRC positions.

A University of British Columbia CRC posting for a professor of electrical and computer engineering stating that able-bodied white men are ineligible.

A Queens University CRC professor of nuclear materials and materials degradation position also excluded able-bodied white men, while the University of Toronto barred white people from a CRC education position.

This is Justin Trudeau’s vision of Canada as being the world’s first post national state – as in the government’s DEI policy which is code for racist hiring practices.

So you think you own the land your house is on do you? In BC think again:

Another example is B.C.’s Haida Agreement , signed in April, which recognizes Aboriginal title over the million-hectare archipelago known as Haida Gwaii. The agreement, approved in a referendum held only for Haida Nation voters (despite the fact that half of the affected residents are non-Haida), raises significant concerns over private property rights and the  constraints it places on future governments’ ability to act in the public interest. Premier David Eby has nonetheless expressed  his eagerness to replicate this agreement across B.C.

Deanne Leblanc, an award-winning UBC academic, wrote in a 2021 issue of the Canadian Journal of Political Science that land acknowledgements “draw to light” the idea that non-Indigenous Canadians (you and me) are “uninvited guests” and should “consider themselves ‘foreigners’ in need of invitation onto Indigenous lands.”

I am a foreigner? In Canada? I was born here therefore I am an Indigenous individual of Canada.

BC indigenous peoples claim 95% of the province’s land mass as their own. Non indigenous is 94% of the province’s population. The NDP and the many academics in the Province side with the First Nations.

I tells ya, it has to be the water here. How else does a provincial government lose its collective mind?

Entrance to Hamas tunnel system where bodies of hostages were found was inside UNRWA building. That is the United Nations people – an oxymoronic institution.

Defund the UN. Withdraw from it. Expel it from New York. It is a tool of the global jihad force.

Video is long. The last 5 minutes will give you an idea of the danger the west is facing.

Don’t think this is coming to Canada? Think again. What Islam could not do by force they will achieve demographically and through the naivete of our leaderless leaders.

First Muslim elected to the Boston city council is calling for ‘revolution’ alarms liberal colleagues with wild tirades, threats.

Dearborn Michigan is now the US’s Jihad capital. Like a virus it will spread across that nation and into Canada. Within a generation or two Canada and the US will be sharia based unless we do something now to stop it. Islam is not the religion of peace as our leader’s continue to profess.


No matter to me as I will not be alive to see it but I fear for my children and grandchildren.

A great Canadian group before the Guess Who (Chad Allen an the Expressions) and in Canada’s pre national state:



Whose The Racist


Taliban open fire on crowd of protesters resisting replacement of Afghan national flag.


Taliban execute Afghan woman for not wearing burka despite propaganda tour about respecting women’s rights.


Chaos At The Airport As Afghans Try To Flee The Taliban ...

President Biden’s response:

But that was four…five days ago.

And Trudeau’s

He calls an election that nobody wants. There is a reason that Canada adopted a fixed election date. To avoid what he is doing now.

But…but…according to Trudeau, Canadians are racist, Canadians are bigots, Canadians are guilty of genocide. Only Quebecers are worthy Canadians, have the best Prime Ministers and rule Canada. Parliament is toxic. “That is why I called an election…if I win to transform Canada into my image.”

Okay. If Canada is as bad as Trudeau says then move to Afghanistan or Pakistan or any of the other Stans out there. See how that works for ya.

Have a nice day. Surely the Afghans won’t.

From Threshold Of A Dream by the Moody Blues




21st Century Man

“I’ll take free bucks for a thousand Justin”

The Canadian Federal government sent $9 million worth of COVID relief funding to dead people.

And in typical bureaucratic liberal-speak said that they would not have to pay it back!?!?

With a government like this, we here in Canada are doomed.

See, see…white is a colour: when you blend all of the primary colours of green, blue and red together you get… white.


So, white lives matter as well. While white is a combination of colour,  black is the absence of colour. This is not a racist thing but a fundamental of the science of the visual spectrum.

I am proud of being white and I am proud of my heritage – the bad with the good. Canadians typically focus on the bad that is why our founding father John A Macdonald has been vilified for doing what was the accepted protocol of his day. We now know that from a 21st Century perspective it was wrong. So be it. But much of what he accomplished was good.

It really boils down to partisan politics. John A was a Conservative therefore he was bad. Wilfred Laurier, a compatriot of Macdonald was a Liberal, therefore he is considered a saint by progressive standards. Yet he was equally responsible for many of the racist policies of the day…equally culpable…yet nobody here in Canada, which is 62% leftist, is calling for the eradication of his memory. To me being a Liberal equates to hypocrisy.

It bothered me reading an article by a progressive calling for the cancellation of the US Memorial Day as it glorifies American imperialism. Memorial Day arose out of the American Civil War, an internal conflict, to commemorate those Americans who died for their cause. Again, leftist ideology would destroy all that is good with a country.

Interesting how the Democratic party always gets a free ride and is held very high in leftist morality. Well, consider this. Democrats:

  • Supported slavery. All confederate states were democratic states. They were the party of slavery;
  • Jim Crow Laws were supported and upheld by the US democrats;
  • The KKK? Yup…democratically sponsored domestic terror on the blacks;
  • The Democratic Party was the party of Strom Thurmond, Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Robert Byrd to mention but a few, and the “Dixiecrats” who fought against integration;
  • Democrat policies destroyed Black families and continue to do so. So called Democratic support of the black community equates to government largess and handouts so as to keep the black man down and dependent on the government. Why? Votes;
  • Joe Biden, a democrat himself, stated just recently that a black man could be as successful as his white counterpart if only he knew how to find a competent lawyer or a good accountant; and
  • BLM? Supported by Democrats and leftists as it boils down to one thing. Segregation is good for the black community, always has been. The Dems have always fought against integration of the black man into American society.

And this:

Since 1973 19 almost 20 million Black babies have been terminated through abortion.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a leftist saint) 2009 NY Times interview about Roe Vs.Wade: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

And this:

All failed US states and cities are run by Democrats.

Would you want her for President?

And the same racist crappola, only different, equally applies to Canada: considered to be the smuggest country on the planet. We’re better than those dastardly Americans don’t ya know. Well, in many respects, we are.

This 20th century man theme could be equally applied to the 21st Century, maybe more-so



She Racist Me

“She racist me, she racist me not, she racist me, she racist me not.” Geesh, even if I deem myself unracist, I am racist. So say the lefties because if I say I am not racist I am acknowledging that racism exists and if I am a white dude, which I am, then I am racist….so says lefty logic.

Get me off this planet.

Some Lefty logic-titions want pedophilia branded as a “I was born this way” therefore the condition should be accepted behavior and included within the LGBTQ+ mantra and umbrella. I guess under the + sign.

Syphilitic Sodom and Gonorrhea Gamorrah returns. The earth needs a good moral reset. But before God lays his wrath on all of us we should just get rid of all lefties. That would do it. Back to Judeo Christian values.

God is not happy:

See the source image

The movie…is coming to a neighborhood near you.

The End if Nigh – so says Bill Nye the science guy. No Bill, so says God.

On Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s watch (1984-1993), Canada almost tripled the number of immigrants coming to Canada each year, from fewer than 90,000 people to more than 250,000.

Now Canada’s 18th prime minister is calling on Canadians to embrace what he calls “a new national policy” that would commit this country to achieving a population of 100 million by the end of the century.

Say what? Unemployment now is at 9%. The price of housing is in the stratosphere. We can hardly feed our own 35M population.

I am sure Trudeau will adopt the same insane policy. Don’t they realize that over 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Why? Because the rest of the country is almost uninhabitable that’s why. It is too effin cold.

Immigrate to Canada they said:

See the source image

And I fell for it: Gee mother &^%$#$%&(&%%$ am I ever a stupid fu*(&*^%$ idiot.

What did you say?

I said: for Fu%$#%^*^%^ sakes. Get me the )(*#*&&^% out of here.

Why do we keep electing such insane politicians?

Climate crisis? See segment above this one. Not in Canada for (*&^%^& sakes. Who are these stupid fu(*&^% people anyway. This my friend is left logic. They have no clue.

Hey Sodom and Gamorrah cannot come soon enough:

See the source image

It’s our lot in life, if we continue on this track.

Why I don’t watch the Grammys


PS: Ah to be a black criminal in today’s US cities. They can do anything they want, including murder, because the police will not arrest them no matter what on fear of being branded a racist pig.

Chauvin Trial? Guilty of course no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented otherwise most American inner cities will go up in flames.

Have a nice racist day.