Interesting read about Patrick Brown, the Ontario Conservative Party Leader, who resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Appears he did something bad a number of years ago when he was single and available. Allegationists have come out now with their allegations. Why now? Why not a year ago? 10 years ago. In this new caustic environment it’s okay to destroy someone, normally a male, without a shred of evidence. Why? Because it was a female complainant. No other reason. It must be true. I’m waiting for the first male to spout off  a sexual allegation against a female. See where that takes ya. And bully to our Prime Minister who supports the sexual vigilantism in all of its nastiness. Of course he is a feminist isn’t he.

My two words of advice to all the males out there:

Beware of Cougars

Couple on Holiday in Provence.South of France

A “Cougar” is defined as an older woman attracted to younger men. On the prowl sort of whereas an Alligator (my definition):

Image result for pics of aan alligator

is any woman out there ready to devour or destroy the reputation, livelihood and well being of any male it has her sights on – without due course, due diligence, due evidence, or due process. Just due allegations! It’s just a “let’s dues this” and eat him up for breakfast. We’re due they, the radical feminists, were due to say. Let’s go after that due’d and eat him up.

See how the Alligator laughs in that photo. She knows!

Men are screwed.

But beware all of you radical feminists out there. Chivalry is dead now. You have just put the last nail into the “gentlemanly coffin.”  I mean I’m an old fart, a grumpy old man, well past his best before date but if I was younger I would definitely do things differently in today’s toxic atmosphere. No more holding the door open, paying for dinner, compliments, drinks or whatever. I would belch, fart, grunt, swear, and scratch my ass – wiggle me nuts – tell dirty jokes, well perhaps not, and – y’know all of those things that define a male – in front of you.  And, I would think twice about working with a woman because you just never know. It could be next week, next month, a year from now, maybe 10 years from now, as is Brown’s case, and wham – a sexual innuendo allegation from an “Alligator” comes your way. No defence, no evidence, just hearsay and buddy you are screwed. Nuff said.

On the “Trudeau Strong and Free” front

Image result for stupid pics of trudeau

Another of Trudeau’s mandate tracking letters:

“The Government of Canada has reached agreements with all provinces and territories on collective priorities and 10-year funding to strengthen health care. In August 2017, federal, provincial and territorial (W – T – F) governments reached agreement on a Common Statement of Principles on Shared Health Priorities, which outlines key priorities for federal investments to improve access to mental health and addictions services, as well as home and community care and a joint commitment to advance health innovation and prescription drugs.”

What does that mean? No idea! Transparency again. So transparent that we can all see through it. All I know is that this mandate has been actioned as “completed.” Well, the home support care my wife received before she passed was awful, and my son had to wait 10 months for essential varicose vein surgery on one leg while being told there would be an equally long wait for surgery on his other leg. The Doctors from Lego were not amused. They just nodded their legs…er heads in agreement. Yes, completed my ass…no leg you idiot!

Other stuff:

Poor Melania Trump. Doesn’t matter what she does or says she is vilified by those people who are just do damn tolerant and compassionate – don’t you know. Like these two:

Image result for pic of oprah and weinstein

Oprah for President? Are you kidding me? Okay, all you radical feminists out there. Where’s the outcry here? And don’t say Oprah didn’t know. You wouldn’t give the same courtesy to Melania Trump.


An additional $2.5M will be required to keep this “beacon of fun” going until 28 Feb.

canada 150 rink

Oh you mean the rink that fun forgot. No racing, no holding hands, no shinney, no hockey, no eating, no drinking, no skating, no music or dancing, no figure skating! No horseplay, nada. Oh, and you have to wait 3 hours to get through security. Unfortunately metal blades, as in skate blades, like box cutters, are forbidden and will be confiscated. Meanwhile just a couple of blocks away:

Image result for pics of the rideau canalOur government at work. The right hand not having a clue what the left are doing. And I can tell you the left are up to no good.

Tune of the day:

The songs of Badfinger are indeed timeless. Check out this mostly unknown band from the 70s.


Have a great freakin Friday and a great weekend. Back Monday.











Ice Rinks

Another dire prediction: Russian Orthodox church weighs in: End of history is near, or nigh, or bye bye? What does Bill Nigh have to say:

Image result for pics of bill nigh the science guyNews to me!

Seems Richard Branson is the latest sex guy. From reading it would appear that all he did was admire one of his guest’s breasts, didn’t touch them, then made some sort of grrrrr sound and that was it. Sexual assault allegation for something that occurred 7 years ago. Now, I think what is going on in Hollywood and other places is disgusting but hey guys, stop ogling or you might be next. Geesh. Yeah, I remember vaguely looking at some attractive woman 10 years ago. I am worried sick about it now.

Will be kind of slow over the next few weeks with a repeat of some of my better posts. Sickness in the family. Can’t do much until that is resolved.

Before I go just a quick reminder. Maldives gone in 34 days:

Image result for pics of maldivesLet’s partay!

Argooos win Grey Cup or in case you missed it:  Coupe de Grey – it’s Canada after all. Not bad for a team that went 9-9. Unbelievable but then again this is the CFL.

Let’s see now: Friday was “Black Friday,” Today is “Cyber Monday” so tomorrow it will be “Tapped Out Tuesday.” Can’t wait.

I think Ottawa is tapped out now:

skating rink

Parliament Hill ice rink cost us $5.2M bucks. And it’s only open for a few weeks then closed. Oh, and there are so many restrictions in its use to be laughable: no eating, no drinking, no shinny, no twirlings, no power skating, no hockey, no skating hand in hand, no walking, no sliding, falling is prohibitive. You have to reserve a spot 48 hours in advance of your use, huge security checkup in the same vein as airport security and guess what? In typical government fashion, skate blades are a banned item when going through security so……………………….NO SKATING ALLOWED. Only in Canada you say….shitty.

And, as only a government agency can do, I can’t wait to see how they are going to screw up marijuana use. Don’t worry, some guy said, “The government ice skating rink oversight board members were all stoned when they came up with this one and made the rules. We believe in inclusivity. We were all stoned. Not just one or two of us. All of us! Diversity is our strength, don’t you know.”

Probably turn out to be hashish!…………..Geesh

Meanwhile, across the street and down a block or two, the City of Ottawa has this:

Image result for pics of rideau canal skating

Largest outdoor skating rink in the world…FREEEEEEEEEE.

“Yes,” an official was heard to say. “But we love redundancy hence the parliament hill ice rink.”

We are doomed, screwed and tattooed. Yes they, the government, has an app for that too. But it will cost you.

Few pointers for your consideration:

  • Science is all about white privilege;
  • Snow is a good example of white supremacy;
  • Mount Blanc will have to change its name as it is a trigger;
  • Archimedes works for Big Oil;
  • A girl scout is suing the Girl Guides for $30M. Girl Guide cookie factories ramping up to 24/7 operations in response;
  • Girl Scouts want to be boy scouts. The Boy Scouts cannot wait for the first sleep-over;
  • Canadian Gov’t increasing annual deficit. Our gov’t doesn’t seem to worry about debt so why should I;
  • While the world is going to hell in a hand basket, Canadian politicians and Human Rights officials want to ban the use of indigenous names – like the Cleveland Indians, Chicago Black Hawks etc. Some politicians even find the Edmonton Eskimo’s football team’s name offensive. To Whom?? They don’t tell us that! But mark my words, Eskimo Pies will be next! Ban refrigerants! Argon! Heck, let’s do away with the entire Periodic Table as it was built by Big Oil;
  • CFCs were banned in the 80s. Now HFCs in the 2016s. KFC is next! After that “Water Vapour” as it is a major factor in the world’s climate, perhaps argon as well;
  • Moon craters forming faster than we thought. Caused by Solar Warming. In response, President Obama directed the Federal Government to come up with a plan to deal with “space weather” to mitigate the increase in moon crater formation. UN calls for first MOP conference to deal with this important development – Moonbats of Parties – to be held in Las Vegas later this year. Cost will be in the gazillions!

Happy Monday

Argoos win Coupe de Gris or Grey Cup. Only in Canada would one have a sports title like that.