No Snow? Just Blow

The end of snow forever…so says Al Gore and the United Nations.

What 15 Feet Of Snow Looks Like In California:



“Man, look at all this blow…” one California dude was heard to say.

Jokes on you Al and the UN.

Oh and with sea level rising the Maldives will disappear by January 2018 (Al baby).

Maldives today:

W Maldives Luxury Resort - Fesdu Island, Maldives - ReelLuxe

Unfortunately for us, the UN, WEF and the sheeple of all western nations do not let the facts get in the way of the lies.

Snow on Mt Kilimanjaro will disappear (Al baby too).

The full moon rises over Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa. February ...

Mt Kilimanjaro today.

Deception will rule the roost.

I say we should get out of the UN and ban any Canadian membership from the WEF.

Take one cliff and add sheeple and you have the mass stupidity of group think:

Climate zealots.

The loss of critical thinking. Unfortunately for the like minded people of the country “Sanity,” the war has been lost. Standby for climate totalitarianism – coming to a 15 minute city near you.

Love this. From the Producers (1968). Coming to a western country near you.

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End of………..

The end of snow – so says our climate gurus and the UN.

2020 snow in Austria.

Love this. The Maldives were supposed to be underwater by 01 January 2018. Last time I checked they are still above water. As are Vanuatu and other Pacific Atolls. The UN’s response when confronted with this news? “Oh, the islands and Atolls have risen up vertically.”

Wonderful Side of Maldives - Gets Ready

Climate Change is real man. Right!

Boy, are we in trouble as a country. Our MINISTER OF FINANCE!!??

And then there is this:

Typical liberal-speak. Mumbo Jumbo. This is what our nation has come to.

As a nation, with leadership like this, Canada is doomed.

Hey, the US finally confirm their President today.

Now this is God’s President Elect:

The “President” in Sequoia National Forest. One of the photographers is that tiny speck to the left of the trunk. This president is 3200 years old.

Here is a good climate change song.



Our Happy Home in Memphis Saskatchewan

The end of snow. So says the UN and climate change advocates.


Mt. Norquay (Banff Alberta) set for earliest opening day in 95 year history

Mt. Norquay snow makers, Arnaud Bourdon, left, and Mike “Radar” Rae walk near a large snow gun before the opening day of the 2019 season at Mt. Norquay. RMO FILE PHOTO

You will not hear about that on the CBC.

Meanwhile, global warming hits Saskatchewan on Friday – -27 C.

More records fall as temperatures stay well below normal across Saskatchewan

Why I don’t watch the MSM:

Joe Biden is the biggest beneficiary of a biased media that seemingly will do anything to protect the Democratic Party. If the media covered Biden honestly, he most likely wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee. To put it simply, he doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

That’s precisely why many in the media and Big Tech have worked to protect him. Facebook and Twitter have suppressed or censored information damaging to Biden’s candidacy; much of the media has downplayed negative news stories about him and refused to ask him tough questions, all while pushing dubious, anonymously sourced hit jobs on President Trump.

And the corruption continues as the Liberals avoid a non confidence vote and suppress future ethic oriented investigative committees demanded by the opposition. How? Through NDP support.

Nice government we have here in Canada, where the elected party can get away with everything. Canadian dictatorship. Change the electoral process in this country.

Public Health Agency orders a rush delivery of 50 MILLION syringes

Canadian public health official announces the purchase of 50M syringes.  Day campers in Victoria and across the country are ecstatic on hearing the news:

“No way man. Yes way.’ one was heard to say.

KNOX – The real face of poverty isn’t always the one we ...

But, but, but what about the virus?? What virus?

Justin Trudeau is using taxpayer money to fund Canada’s version of the Southern Poverty Law Center (US Left Leaning Racist Org) and other busy-bodies to paint his political enemies as racist extremists.

Through the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Trudeau Liberals are giving grants to a series of online tattle tales and professional scolds in order to monitor private citizens for “wrongthink” and systemic racism.

Meanwhile, the latest Liberal job posting comes up in Ottawa. “We are looking for a story teller,” says a government official. “Along the lines of the Brother’s Grimm.”

And at the bottom of the application written in bold letters” “Anglos need not apply. Only indigenous, Blacks and Francos.”

And here I thought grass cutting was resigned to the Navy!

The Federal government is searching for vendors to create a national database of private lawn equipment.

The request for a proposal for a “Canadian Inventory Surveys of Lawn, Garden and Other Small Mobile Outdoor Power” was posted on October 16, 2020, to the Public Works website.

The selected vendor must “conduct surveys throughout Canada to collect information on the inventory and usage of lawn, garden, and other small mobile outdoor power equipment” on behalf of Environment Canada. The RFP (Request for Proposal) closes November 30, 2020.

As Canada’s firearms community is well aware, a government inventory often precedes a government ban and there is a recent North America-wide trend to ban gas-powered lawn equipment under the auspices of both environmental and noise concerns.

I kid you not.

And technology will benefit humanity:

Apparently there’s been a provincial election in BC. Polls closed an hour ago or thereabouts but in this hyper technological, super advanced world, nobody will know the results for weeks.

Bring back  the good ole days when we knew the Federal results after the Ontario erection polls closed at 8pm on erection day and we were still voting in Victoria, BC.

And had hits like this:



And we’re not in trouble? Why?

  • Austin Hires Thief For Library. City is shocked that he keeps stealing and that he cannot read;
  • Cashier at Business Being Pillaged By Black Lives Matter Rioters Hands Out Plastic Bags to Help Mob Carry Their Looted Goods. In Canada cashier and store is heavily fined for the use of “single use plastic;”
  • Elementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy;” High school attendance and admittance plunges;
  • Climate Change Is Super Important To Liberal Voters (who refuse to change their own lives). As long as it is someone else’s climate and not theirs.
  • “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” deemed racist…banned;
  • Snow is banned. A symbol of white supremacy. Hey, we can change the climate…right?; Citizens of Saskatchewan celebrate;
  • France changes Mont Blanc name to Mont Les Vies Noires Comptent. Dire ce que? (say what?)

More Liberal-speak. This time from the UN:

The United Nations’ Women Project has released a statement in supporting Kamala Harris after a number of outlets accused Mike Pence of interrupting her during the debate.

On Friday afternoon, the UN Woman’s twitter account posted, “Let’s interrupt the gender bias instead of the women who are speaking. We can all help stop the cycle of manterruption by recognizing it, calling it out, and stopping an interrupter in his (or her) tracks.”


Obviously these people have not heard Elizabeth May debate.

Meanwhile, in all of the nation’s college English department’s reaction to all of this:

See the source image

INVASION: Antifa occupies Red Deer, Alberta for “anti-racism” rally.

Should be a riot.

Meanwhile. Your NDP at working the crowd.

Janis Irwin, an NDP MLA who represents Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood was partying with the extremists on the streets, and refused to answer any questions about her mandate to have Extinction Rebellion material be taught to Albertan kids at school.

Madness: 17 year old Greta the Great endorses Biden. Urges all US citizens to vote for Biden.

Because of that remark she will win the peace prize.

This just in: Don’t defend Columbus, celebrate him. After all he did introduce spaghetti to the North American Indigenous folk in 1492.

See the source imageUnfortunately, like the wheel, forks had yet to be invented by the indigenous people, and would not be introduced to them until the 21st Century.

From the law of unintended consequences comes this bit of progressive tom foolery:

To avoid being contaminated with Covid 19, San Francisco city officials dole out free drugs to the city’s drug addicts. Little did they realize that the drugs were laced with fentanyl, that other Chinese contribution to the human race that has become a gift that keeps on giving. Deaths due to drug overdoses skyrocket.

Ah, the US West Coast. Land of progressive thought:

Portland’s new mayor: on the left (of course she is).


In her own words:

“Reducing the budget of the PPB (Portland Police) doesn’t mean there’s nobody there when you call for help. It means more funds available for the alternative types of assistance you may need. We have enough money to help everyone feel safe, and that money should be invested in better housing, transportation, education, health care, and social services that lead to real public safety.”

Public housing in Portland:

See the source image

So when Marxists start burning your house down in the name of Black Lives Matter, or ANTIFA, you can call social services, and they will send around a social worker in a couple of weeks to chastise you for your racism.

Only in America.

What it means to wear a mask in Chicago:

See the source imageThe new normal.

Small bills please.

It is a jungle out there.














Just a Regular Guy

Hey, this headline from Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital caught my eye:

“Take a ‘Movement Break’ For Better Health.”

Of course my juvenile sense of humour kicked in almost immediately until I read the article to find out that they were referring to exercise as in…walking. Get off your butt and move regularly for better health.

Perhaps, but a strong movement break is exercise enough and one of life’s simple pleasures. Because when you gotta go you gotta go. Everything else is irrelevant. Just ask Einstein about his “Theory of Irrelativity.” Space and the time is all you need if you are constipated. And let’s not even talk about that. That is hard core exercise to be sure.

Enough of that. It’s Friday so let us see what kind of useless fluff is making the news today:

Meghan Markle’s new car is awesome:

See the source imageThe new Tesla.

Meghan’s new hairstyle is one we didn’t see coming. And this is news why??

She copied it from her role model. The Obama Bun!

See the source image

Or maybe this guy:

See the source image

New Paleo Soup is hearty and promises to keep you warm all night.

Slide 1 of 14: When you're sticking to a paleo diet, you need some go-to soups to help you meal prep like a pro. With these delicious and hearty soups like chili, cauli soup, and pizza-inspired soup, you'll hardly feel like you're dieting at all. For more paleo ideas, check out these paleo lunch ideas.Problem is you wake up looking like a paleotologist. Or maybe one of these guys:

See the source image

Come to Chicago they said. The view of Lake Michigan is to die for:

Love this. What was that old Nazi saying? If you propagate the lie long enough it becomes the truth:

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters that New York did not have hurricanes in the past.
  • Cuomo also said Buffalo did not get 7 feet of snow, saying such events were part of a “new reality.”
  • However, Cuomo is absolutely incorrect on both those counts.


New York has experienced dozens of hurricanes in the past 200 years, and there are even records of major storm strikes before 1800.

While this winter has been snowy in Buffalo, that’s nothing new. The city has broken multiple daily snowfall records this season and is within 6 inches of breaking the snowfall record for January — that honor is currently held by January 1977 with 68.3 inches.

But Canadians being so smug…the smuggest nation on the planet…that no matter what the science and weather is telling them…it cannot be true as it doesn’t fit the narrative so we welcome the new Carbon Tax. Tax, tax and more tax for we are the most taxing people on earth, don’t you know?

And this from the “Don’t You Know” file:

Most people think that Hurricane Katrina was the worst disaster to have occurred in the US and is further proof that Climate Change is real.

Well, they would be wrong. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the worst natural disaster to have befallen the US…E.V.A.H. Check it out.

From the ratest Japanese Canadian Newspaper comes this bit of news:

“Tludeau wants to implument a guarlanteed wage for aurr Canadians.” I am sure that this will be an erection (sic) prank in his next campaign.” says a plominent Japanese leploter

They tlied this in Finland and it was a complete failure. Why? The Finlish government could not flind anyone to lun the ploglamme.

When I can’t go I think of this song:

Have a great weekend.

Read ya Monday.