Liberal Creed

Justin trudeau makes chrystia freeland his implementer in chief and minister of everything - Artofit

Hey, we’re Liberals and you’re not. I am the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not. We’re here to screw you. Hey, this is my journalist Finance Minister and you’re not. Canadians are sooo stupid. They elected me didn’t they. “Funny that eh Christia?”

According to Liberals:

Conservatism equates to the radical far right.

There is no such thing as a radical far left.

Progressive-ism is a Liberal wet dream;

Woke-ism is a another Liberal wet dream;

Canada is the woke-ist country on the planet;

Canada’s House of Commons is, in reality, a House of Clowns;

Canada’s parliament is a Ship of Fools;

Canada is the world’s first post national state;

Only in Canada do we suffer from systemic environmental racism, whatever that means;

If you criticize a Liberal or a Liberal policy you are (insert whatever here) phobe

Liberalism means trans-parent-cy – nastiness.

Liberalism means the budget will balance itself;

Liberalism means debt, debt and more debt;

Liberalism means tax, tax and more tax;

According to Liberals, Conservatism equates to dictatorial behavior nastiness;

Liberals take the bible mantra: The Lord givith and the Lord takith away…to heart in all of their policies;

The Liberals are great at coming up with new ideas and legislation to screw us.

Sask wisdom. People are getting mad:



Liberal Math

More liberal math or liberal-speak:

Cabinet will collect nearly a half billion in sales taxes on the carbon tax this year, the Budget Office said yesterday. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has repeatedly claimed the carbon tax is “revenue neutral.”

Don’t ya just love this guy?

Don’t ya just love it?

Chants of “f*ck Trudeau” broke out in Toronto on Saturday at UFC 297. The crowd delivered the message ahead of Sean Strickland fightin Dricus Du Plessis in a middleweight championship bout.

Not that it isn’t justified. It is just the manner in which the sentiment has been broadcasted.

Great role model of the new generation of youth:

UFC fighter Sean Strickland to a Canadian reporter: “We’ve got one of the f*cking commies with the press … Maybe I should just pass on this motherf*cker. He’s going to go back and f*cking give my bank account information to f*cking Trudeau.”
I may agree with the message behind his toilet talk, gutter fueled rhetoric but I do not agree with his linguistic methods. Surely there is a better way.

Heads squarely in the sand:
She is considered to be mentally ill, but there is apparently no evidence of that other than she is a committed jihadi, who wants to kill fellow prison inmates and lesbians in the name of ISIS. In a classic case of obfuscation, Canadian authorities don’t admit that there is such a thing as jihad, so they have to classify her as something other than a jihadi.
How about nutzoid? Hmm, just saying. She will probably be released into the public domain because, according to police, there is no case of mental illness here. Move on, no story.

Attention, heterosexuals. The word ‘straight’ has been deemed oppressive. To whom may I ask? They don’t tell you that? Please update your files and lifestyles accordingly.
How about crooked then?

Canadians are getting worried about US democracy
A new poll in Canada suggests this. I am not surprised as Canadians are obsessed with all things American: in their culture, sports and politics. Yet we should be more concerned about democracy in our own country especially given our Fool on the Hill and the little piggies we call a government.

The Taxman








Be careful, be very, very careful of what you say or what you do because if we do not like it we will come after you. Woke manifesto 2020:

“San Francisco to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because former president did not demonstrate that ‘black lives mattered to him’ – as woke renaming committee also takes aim at Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein and Teddy Roosevelt.”

  • San Francisco Unified School District’s renaming committee decided Abraham Lincoln High School will be renamed 
  • Under his watch, Indigenous peoples had much of their land taken from them through the 1862 Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act
  • In 1864, the Lincoln administration oversaw the deportation of the Navajo tribe from their land in Arizona to march a brutal 450 mile journey to New Mexico
  • Lincoln was also behind the largest mass hanging in US history, where 38 Dakota men were condemned to death in Minnesota in 1862
  • But Lincoln also abolished slavery in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation 
  • 44 of the 125 schools in the San Francisco Unified School District to be renamed
  • Other names include George Washington, Herbert Hoover and Thomas Edison 
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein’s name will be stripped from the Dianne Feinstein Elementary School for allowing the Confederate flag to fly outside City Hall 
  • The renaming of the schools comes as part of a nationwide reckoning around racial justice that has seen statues toppled and military bases renamed.

Woke up from this Burn, Loot and Murder (BLM) nightmare.

Warning: Liberal Speak inbound:

Leading up to the last election, former Canadian Liberal environment minister Catherine McKenna told us that the government has no intention of increasing the carbon tax beyond what they already told us about ($50 per ton). Well, guess what? Turns out that was a lie. But it’s not just Trudeau’s former environment minister, because Trudeau himself is breaking a promise. It was only a few months ago that he told us he wasn’t going to be increasing taxes, that he wasn’t going to be saddling Canadians with higher costs and now we find out that there’s going to be a massive carbon tax hike – up to $170 per ton.

This will kill Albertans.

Under the Liberals:

Oil Pipelines….not;

West Coast Tanker Traffic….not;


“Yeah but its not a tax on the middle class.” he said. “We will be taxing major corporate polluters, not the users, so it is false to say this is a tax on consumers so we have kept our promise in not raising taxes on Canadians.”

In your dreams Justin.


“Yes Justin”

“What’s an economy.”

“I don’t know Justin. Ask your mother.”

See the source image

Harken back to 2001 when Dalton McGinty was running for the Ontario premiership. “If elected I will not raise taxes.”

He was elected and the first thing he did was impose an $1100 per year Health Levy on a family of four. When questioned about this he said, with a Liberal straight face: “Well this isn’t a tax it is a levy so I have kept my promise.” and he remained in office for many years after. Ontario voters are sooo stupid.



Every Breath You Take

Computer problems this morning. No reason. Just would not boot up. Don’t ya just love technology? Got it going.

Interesting reading the Letters to the Editor. Better than the comics. One guy wants to stop all the use of fossil fuels tomorrow. To save the planet. He is a real fossil fool.

Another one thinks this Greta Whatever, that 14 year old Swede who claims she can see CO2, to get all students around the world to go on strike immediately until such time as all governments address climate change…like yesterday. Students are ecstatic. Snow days every day. Even in the spring. Teachers are also ecstatic over this but still want more money for not working. Given the wholesale destruction of our economy where do they think the money will come from?

I see CO2. All school children around the world have gone on strike.

See the source image

Well yeah, so what? I can see dead people. So there. All funeral directors around the world have responded and have gone on strike.


Oh yeah, yeah. Well, I’ll be damned. I can’t see anything.

Interestingly when I asked this young person if CO2 is a poison she responded, well yes, and we must do everything in our power to eradicate this poison.

See the source image

A world without CO2.

I see weird people, everywhere. Out teachers are doing a fine job of indoctrinating our youth. Child abuse? You bet.

Interesting how the media and special interest groups manipulate people. It is no longer right to say vegetarian. No the new word is “Plant Based Foods” or “Plant Based Meats.”  That’ll do it. But you can’t fool me.

Global warming morphed into climate change, which has now morphed into………………drum role please…….da daaaaa:

Climate Emergency

Did you know that when Mount St Helens blew in 1980 that the world’s temperature dropped about 0.3 degrees Celsius. And that the ambient air temperature fell significantly during the solar eclipse of September 2017? Did ya? Well did ya?

Given that these volcanic erections adversely impact all life on earth and that Trudeau’s 4 cents a litre carbon tax will stop tornaters, floods and wild fires from occurring, then stopping all volcanic erections across the planet, as well as all solar eclipses, should be a walk in the dark for our politicians – don’t ya think.……….Canadians:

Wake up

We are being duped. Time to rid ourselves of this madness.

70th Anniversary of George Orwell’s 1984 novel. If you do not think we are headed in that direction, think again. It is happening now. A world wide Metropolis:

See the source image

We’re all just sheep being herded to the slaughter.

The UN’s ultimate goal?

One World Government

And Trudeau would love to see that.

Wait for a tax on the air that we breathe as we all exhale CO2

That is all she wrote.

They’ll be watching you.

Have a great Navy day.