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The real reason Texas lifted their mandatory mask mandate:

To scare Californians away from moving to the state (Babylon Bee).

The Muppets are the latest target of cancel culture. Next up…the Bible, yet Mein Kamph continues to be a best seller. Go figure.

The Muppet Show’s widened appeal is now its Achilles’ heel. Before each episode, Disney has inserted a statement ritually confessing: “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of peoples or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.”

They’re puppets for f^%k sakes.

And what is an inclusive future to a lefty? What would that be? Perhaps this:

See the source image

Totalitarianism. Where everyone marches to the same tune.

Y’know, history does repeat itself. Back in the 1930s day it was the communists in Germany. The Fascists hated the Communists in much the same way that the Dems hate the Republicans; Liberals hate the Conservatives; the Left hates the Right. And we all know how that ended.

Why I would never recommend university to anyone:

Study: Majority Of Academics Support Discriminating Against Conservatives

What are they afraid of?

Dems want a ban on all rules stating an ID must be shown when voting. They want all voting to be done by  mail in ballots. What could possibly go wrong? A permanent Democratic government that’s what.

Warning: Liberal-speak inbound:

First. This is taxpayer money they are talking about. Second, government do not make an economy, entrepreneurs and business people do. Third, everything the government touches becomes blighted. Witness the Trudeau government’s Covid plan. A disaster, fourth: fake news as no specifics and fifthly: white, Anglo unilingual Canadians need not apply because Canada is systemically racist.

You can be sure of one thing though. Taxes. Taxes will definitely go up to pay for that Liberal stimulus package that we the taxpayer are already paying for. It is our money.

Enough already:


Next? Tax the air that we breath because we exhale CO2 and CO2 is bad man. Poison.


Consequencial Arrogance

Hey. Happy Trafalgar Day. What is that you say? The day, October 21 1805, that Admiral Horatio Nelson whipped the combined French and Spanish fleet off Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Yes, that one armed, one eye British colonial bastard who saved England from invasion by Napoleon.

See the source image

Final victory after Waterloo led to Pax Britannica – 100 years of relative peace in Europe.

But, but, he was an icon of British imperialism don’t ya know. His name and honors must be eradicated from the course of human history. Same for Captain Cook – don’t ya know.

Sarc off.

The law of unintended consequences hits Trudeau yet again:

May 1, 2020 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a ban on some 1,500 makes and models of military-grade “assault-style” weapons in Canada, effective immediately.

October 19, 2020 — Dozens of gang members have been exploiting the $500 weekly government cheques intended for Covid relief to obtain illegal handguns smuggled into the country from the U.S., sources told the Toronto Sun.

Liberal arrogance – inbound.

Less than 2% of Canadians agree with the Prime Minister and his Deputy / Finance Minister of a green post Covid recovery plan. Trudeau’s response:

“No matter, we’re doing it anyway.”

…as most Canadians only care about their 6 pack and hockey night in Canada. As long as the government provides that Trudeau can do whatever he wants. He is a mouthpiece for the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s grandiose plans for one world government.

Time to change Canada’s electoral process.

On another note. Trudeau’s wife is paid almost $24K by the WE charity organization for speaking fees and expenses.

When will Liberal arrogance and corruption ever end.

Wales shuts down the entire country for two weeks isolation in their homes due to Covid. My only wish is that they do that here in Canada starting with the Trudeau government.

I could cry. This is what a green world looks like:


The view at Pincher Creek Alberta. Wind turbines across a province that only produces 2.8% of Alberta’s energy needs.

What I have been saying since day 1:

Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank, has come out with a report slamming the effectiveness of the Carbon Tax. “It just boils down to another revenue stream for the Federal government.” the report says. Not a single penny goes to emission reduction or to alleviate the transition away from fossil fuels, or for better infrastructure and public transit…NADA.

So when the private sector pulls off something like a Carbon Tax, it’s considered a scam but when the government does it it’s considered responsible public policy.

And when the Carbon Tax revenue stream runs its course?

See the source imageYes, the air that you breathe.

Or maybe a ban on this:

See the source image







In more ways than one, we should go nuclear (or postal) across the country. No emissions and a small footprint, and no farting.

More Liberal-speak and stats:

CBC Business News, October 9: Canada’s economy added 378,000 new jobs in September, Statistics Canada says, almost all of which were full-time positions. September’s job gains mean that the job market is now within 720,000 positions of where it was in February…

Reuters Business News, October 15: Canada sheds jobs for seventh straight month in September: The August data was revised to show jobs declined by 770,600 rather than by 205,400.

Oh, and Liberal new jobs:

See the source image

Will you have fries with that?

Now this from the Crap News Network:

Zoom dick.

New Yorker contributor and CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has been suspended by The New Yorker after he masturbated on a Zoom call with his co-workers.

CNN chief legal analyst


has been suspended by The New Yorker after he showed his penis on a Zoom call with his co-workers. WNYC were also on the call.

I wonder if they zoomed in or zoomed out for this call.

When priorities go askew:
In the midst of a pandemic and with most public schools still closed to students, San Francisco has announced plans to rename about a third of its schools. The schools being renamed include several named for former U.S. Presidents including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
Yet schools in San Fran remain closed.
BTW, California has very strict and draconian lock down measures in place yet the Covid numbers keep going up. What does that tell you:
See the source image
If we keep following this path we will never get out of this conundrum.
Protect the elderly and most vulnerable but open things up. It is just another variation of the flu.



Stuff For A Thursday

I just received my tax return assessment. It ain’t pretty:

Got that right.

CRA (Canada’s tax agency) always tries to make you feel good when they’re screwing you or ripping you off:

Those pencil necks.

“Meghan Markle’s dress after the birth of her new baby shocked me” so says some fashionable fashionista. No this shocked me as she goes on to say:

“Wearing white is downright brave. The days and weeks after having a baby are basically equivalent to the heaviest period of your life. In the first week postpartum, the bleeding is so heavy that most women usually wear thick padded pairs of disposable mesh underwear they give you in the hospital, because the bleeding is so intense that you would ruin any underwear you personally own.”

Something I really do not need to know.

And with Harry, the fashionista continues:

“Harry looked as proud as punch to be wearing the black sports top, which also had the Invictus Games logo stitched on it. It spelt out “I am Daddy” in yellow. Aw shucks!”

Meghan looked as proud as a punch buggy as she said: “I am mommy” in red.  Aw yucks.

And this is news why? 

Amanda Knox is returning to Italy for a crimes conference. The title of her presentation is: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” It is expected that she will have an extended vacation there once her presentation is over.

Rhetoric between two of Canada’s top politicians. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario and John Tory, Mayor of Canada’s largest city:

a person wearing a suit and tie: Tijana Martin/Canadian Press“Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? yeah” and on and on it goes. Take that…Kapow!

Summer ‘s here already with 26 degree C temps in Victoria.

Victoria lawn furniture…by Ford.

See the source imageSee the source imageSomewhere in Langford, or the Western Communities, Greater Victoria.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands. Backyard furniture by Heineken:

Translation: C’mon in, the beer is fine.

Me and my girlfriend tried “Hello Fresh” for one week and this is how we look now:

See the source image

Slide 1 of 15: Relationship coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author Grace Cirocco says one of the biggest indicators that a partner may be tempted to cheat (if they aren’t already) has to do with distancing. “If your partner is spending less and less time with you," it could be a major red flag, notes Cirocco. "If your partner is making excuses not to be alone with you… In my experience, there is a distancing that happens for one person.” Don’t ignore these signs that you may need marriage help – before it’s too late.15 signs your partner may be cheating on you.

“C’mon Susan, I didn’t really mean what I said.” George pleaded.

“My name ‘s Charlene Chris”

Sometimes, as the world gets crazier by the minute, one could only wish for that asteroid’s deep impact:

Child abuse.

I see dead trees and CO2

The Greenies and the UN’s IPCC are getting desperate now for one world government. See asteroid above. Target? UN Headquarters in New York City…oh, and Stockholm Sweden.

New York University students want free college for all. “So we can Partay, Partay, Partay…then become like that girl like above like, I like her.”

“Like, we are like brainwashed and like we are like enjoying it”one Univershity (sic) of Hawaii stated as he was driving down the LikeLike Highway in Honolulu (see pencil neck video above).

Elizabeth May, Canada’s Green Party Leader of one…er now two…,is all excited as this new Green MP who recently won a By-Erection in Nanaimo BC.

“This win is a wakeup call for all Canadians.” she said categorically. “We have to destroy our economy right now to fight climate change and save the planet from ourselves.” as the new MP took his seat among the other 307 members, one of which is Elizabeth May.

Er from who Liz?

I prefer mine cooked:

Mongolian couple die of plague after eating raw Marmot.

Thanks to Maggie’s Farm

I am a veteran and proud of it. Yet Canada’s – Trudeau’s treatment of Admiral Norman, Canada’s second highest military man who was going to be charged with breach of trust (now dropped) is disgusting. I do believe many Canadians of millennial age, especially those who reside in British Columbia and Ontario (I said most, not all) do not have a clue. Sad state of Canadian affairs:

Obviously a Country and Western singer. True blue Americans – the so called deplorables – and Canadians. A brother and sister…hood that I am proud to be a part of. Thanks Mark and Mike and Dottie.

My take on a very famous Canadian WW1 battle. Vimy Ridge the battle that made Canadians proud.

The Ridge

Reflection’s wise. Its true insight flies

Throughout our minds yet forever binds us

To eternal life that is devoid of strife.

Just peaceful thoughts, not restless, nor caught

Into that web of war to tread,

Not normalcy! Pure madness bred our way to be.

Yet as one we brand an ancestral land

As our spirits rise to embrace God’s sky

And shed away our fears.

Our thoughts of home as our mothers roam

Among our graves, their faces brave

To the sadness here of men with fear

Yet for our nation’s prayers we died out there.

For a home sweet home, dear Canada

That knowledge bears a passion… flares

Within our hearts, to love; to shove

Our fears aside and run in stride

To get away from there.

Over top we’d go in whistled throes

That plundered us within gun sight foes.

Such madness…crushed, our brothers flush

With abject fear with those guns so near.

We’d pray in silence for our leader’s guidance

For in them we trust and as Canucks we thrust

So far ahead though we walked with dread.

With the barrage we shudder, our blanket cover

Dear God we’re scared.

The earth it shakes… please mothers take us

Into your arms and away from harm.

We’d fall in silence…there’s no pride in violence

We looked ahead for behind ’s our dead.

Their faces seared, no longer feared

Just a darkness now with thoughts that bow

To a light that’s gone, forever done.

For now it seems our passion stream

Is ebbing some for our time has come.

We fought for glory, each life a story

With silent breath we faced cruel death.

Our youthful brash ‘gainst madness, crashed

Into the mud, the cold, the blood.

That Ridge has been a horror scene.

A Ridge that bears our lives and shares

Blood curdling chills, then silence… killed.

And down we go with our cries now still

Just silent prayers to loved ones shared…so far from there.

The death knell rings for our lives and brings

A peace you share from that Ridge out there.

Is a peace we paved to our silent graves

With a peace we share in God’s love’s lair.

We were men of arms, a brotherhood

And beyond that Ridge, your nationhood.

With souls set free our spirits now see

Just peaceful lands and a national brand…your nation‘s free!


Yet horrendous loss this madness cost…Canadians!

Please…remember us



Climate Refugees

I was wondering when this would happen. The UN now states that:

WaPo Claim: ‘How Trump’s border crisis is driven by climate change’

……it would now seem that all of those illegal migrants from Central America and Mexico are really coming to the US because of Climate Change.

Oh, I don’t know, but:

See the source imageJust another wonderful winter day in Canada and the northern United States.

As compared to:

See the source imageJust another shitty winter day in Costa Rica

See the source image

…or just another shitty winter day in Mexico.

Time to get out of the United Nations.

Love this. Tax time in Canada. I don’t know about you but I am clearly getting the shaft this year from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Widows and Widowers like me are sure getting the shaft – and not in a good way.

These guys, CRA that is, have a long reach. So be careful and don’t bend over in their company.

I am told that every CRA  accountant has one of these. Pencil necks!

Tax Return humour. That is so funny.

Thanks to Sadie for that one.

OTTAWA — The federal government is delaying a decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project to June 18. Nooooo, really?

Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi says the extended deadline will give the government more time to complete its consultations with Indigenous groups. Noooooo, really?

What 4 years is not enough time? That just reminds me of the definition of a consultant as someone who makes the simple…complex! We have that here in spades. My prediction? More delays. Of course.

a close up of a blackboardThe New Math

Mathematicians discover new way to do multiplication. Um sorry but isn’t that the old way?

Oh, I get it now. 1 x 1 = 11; 4 x 4 = 44; 10 x 10 = 1100.

This coincides with the new addition tables: 2 + 2 = 22, 4 + 4 = 44

This is called Millennial Math! (see video above).

I wonder how they are going to do division?

Talk about having one’s priorities straight!

In Andrew Morton’s Diana: Her True Story, the royal revealed that she felt an enormous amount of pressure from the media surrounding the birth of her first child, Prince William. In fact, it was so “unbearable” that she was induced – but they had to pick a day that didn’t interfere with Prince Charles‘ polo schedule.

Morton goes on to say that Charles was very disappointed that Harry wasn’t a girl, which he wanted badly…just like daddy.

And, he lost his polo match that day!

Celebrity’s RVs. This is a good one:

Leonardo Decraprio’s RV.

Slide 16 of 49: On the set of “Inception,” DiCaprio spent his down time in this trailer from King Kong Production Vehicles. Even from the outside, you can tell the 53-footer is spacious inside, with a solid gold exterior standing out from the cab pulling it. No wonder they called it a mobile mansion. Slide-out sides almost double the width from 8.5 feet to 16 feet for a total of 720 square feet.“Climate change is real man. Our planet will be destroyed by 2030 if we don’t all go out and buy one of these babies.” he was heard to remark.

The new Tesla “Crunch” by Elon Muskrat

Probably one of the Kink’s best songs evah. These guys were truly one of the most under-rated bands in rock history. This album – “To The Bone” is probably their best.

Have a great Tax Return day…..screw you CRA!


Death and Taxes

See the source image

I just did my taxes. Being a widower this is the first year I have had to do my year end taxes for just me. It ain’t pretty. In this country you are hosed if you suddenly find yourself alone. You lose all tax benefits of being married – the primary one being “income splitting.” Hey, and the CPP Death Benefit? You are better off not taking it because you will owe almost half of the $2,500 in taxes. Be prepared to be screwed over bigly by the Liberals.

I went to my MP, who is an NDP, to ask him to advocate to the Finance Minister on our behalf for an increase in the CPP Death Benefit and to make it tax free. His answer? Do it yourself. I am too busy with saving the planet.

Gillette Venus Celebrates Morbid Obesity in New SJW Ad Promoting ‘Beautiful Women of All Shapes and Sizes’

Man oh man, that’s a lot of razor blades to shave those legs. No wonder Gillette is in on this sister act. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I wonder how much she got laid…er….paid. Sorry, Freudian slip.  Gillette says: “Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown. We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the “rules” say she should display it…I wonder how much she got laid…er paid. Oops, Sorry, Freudian slip-up again. Be the best that you can be, eh Anna?

Gillette’s response? We have a razor for that!

Get all a man can get!

NATO at 70! What’s next? Well, NATO at 71.

What students could learn at New York’s Stuyvesant School? How to smoke in the boys room without getting caught. My first cigarette was a Peter Stuyvesant, which was smoked in my high school’s washroom.

Medieval diseases are making a comeback in major American cities thanks to the increasing amount of feces on the streets. No shit! San Francisco is now labelled a “Shit Hole.” Black Death can’t come soon enough to California. Progressives destroy everything they touch.

Are you going to San Francisco.

Bring plenty of ass-wipe. California is no longer the “Golden State.” Progressive policies made sure of that.

Karma! You know it’s a bad day when:

A poacher is trampled to death by an elephant, then eaten by a pride of lions – Only the man’s skull and pants were retrieved by Kruger National Park.

They followed that up with a Pride parade. Darwin award was awarded posthumourously.

Speaking of poaching:

“…so, it’s safe to say that reparations would not be a cure-all to right the wrongs of the past and put slavery behind us once and for all, but just another wealth redistribution program that would precede another, and another, and another to solve something that, in the eyes of those pushing for it, will never actually be fixed to satisfaction.” US Democratic Senator wants a reparation policy for Slavery.

Sound familiar here in Canada?

Interesting note being that all of the so called Slave States were Democratic States and that the Democrats fought hard to oppose Lincoln’s plan (Republican) to abolish slavery.

Love this:

“California Wants To Tax Soda, Guns, Pain Pills, Lawyers And Batteries…”

I can see LAWYERS but soda, guns, pain pills, batteries even? C’mon. That legislation will be sure to spawn a new crop of lawyer jokes.

Gentlemen….start you engines: A Spanish speed circuit is in hot water after an advertisement for grid girls stipulated that they “must have a size 95 or 100 chest,” which is roughly 36″ – 38″ according to La Vanguardia

“Living out Loud.” I wonder if Venus…er Anna applied.

Oh and did you know that toxic masculinity is the cause of climate change?

I kid you not. According to progressive thought it is a root cause of climate change:

According to progressives, toxic masculinity is considered to be the dude on the left of the photo.  Climate change can’t come soon enough.

A Dutch swimming pool. I want one:

Translation: Don’t have a clue. Something about a “Grand Pils” me drinks…er thinks.

Speaking of taxes:

Have a great Navy day.

SJ……….……………………..taxed out!

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