Woke Up People

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Toxic Canadian white men land at Juno Beach 06 June 1944.

Ah, the millennial generation. Don’t ya just love it. Shout out to our wonderful leftist educational system that brought this generation into the world. Just think what their offspring will bring to the table. Consider:

Sunday was June 6. What pray tell happened on June 6? Our PM has no clue as there was no mention of this important date in history by him or anyone else in Canada;

There is a movement out there to cancel Canada Day;

Canada now has the highest level of debt of any G7 or G20 country. Higher than the so called failed states of Greece or Spain / Italy;

Residential school outrage – there has always been and always will be residential school outrage. It is tragic and sad but we know not of the circumstances behind this, other than the fact that it occurred…in the past;

Trudeau demands Catholic church address the residential school atrocities, issue an apology, which they have done numerous times, and hand over their records –  but no mention of the Anglican and United Church’s culpability in all of this;

Trudeau considers himself a feminist yet does very manly toxic masculinity things including firing two of his most important female cabinet ministers;

Trudeau calls us all racist yet I cannot remember ever wearing blackface – as our fearless leader had done three or four times;

Trudeau is against cultural misappropriation yet does that very thing with his trip to India;

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Trudeau has branded Canada a racist country guilty of genocide. Think about that. Every Canadian is guilty of genocide. The most heinous crime against humanity…ever.  Our PM says so. By making that statement Canada is on the same path as Nazi Germany, Uganda, Turkey and the Pol Pot regime.  So why hasn’t the Hague and the International Court taken action on the PM and his cohorts? Why hasn’t a Nuremberg style trial been initiated?;

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Trudeau supports Quebec separation by his acknowledgement that Quebec is a nation within Canada and has every right to change and amend our constitution without having been a signatory on it. But, the other provinces have no right to do the same;

Trudeau believes that the only good PMs of Canada have come from Quebec;

Trudeau is bent on the destruction of the Canadian economy and supports the so called great reset;

Trudeau loves the Chinese government;

Trudeau and his cohorts believe Climate Change is an existential threat because CO2 is a poison. That comment alone should scare people as Co2 is one of life’s building blocks. It is not a poison. Without it there would be no hospitable planet to live on;

Trudeau has put Canadian lives at risk by his poor response to the pandemic;

And on and on it goes. And yet his popularity increases.

I do not get it other than he is a product of this so called woke culture that is destroying the western world.

Wake up Canada to this Canadian woke madness. Vote this guy out of office at the next election.

Consider that:

Two toxic Canadian white men discovered insulin and saved millions of lives;

A toxic English white man discovered penicillin and saved millions of lives;

A toxic Jewish white man discovered the polio vaccine and saved millions of lives;

Hundreds of thousands of toxic white men led the fight against Nazi Germany and Hirohito’s Japan, and saved millions and millions of lives;

100,000 Canadian toxic white men of the Canadian Corp won the First World War during the last 100 days of the Great War.

To name but a few toxic white men.


Yes we are but not for reasons of wokeness.


Death and Taxes

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I just did my taxes. Being a widower this is the first year I have had to do my year end taxes for just me. It ain’t pretty. In this country you are hosed if you suddenly find yourself alone. You lose all tax benefits of being married – the primary one being “income splitting.” Hey, and the CPP Death Benefit? You are better off not taking it because you will owe almost half of the $2,500 in taxes. Be prepared to be screwed over bigly by the Liberals.

I went to my MP, who is an NDP, to ask him to advocate to the Finance Minister on our behalf for an increase in the CPP Death Benefit and to make it tax free. His answer? Do it yourself. I am too busy with saving the planet.

Gillette Venus Celebrates Morbid Obesity in New SJW Ad Promoting ‘Beautiful Women of All Shapes and Sizes’

Man oh man, that’s a lot of razor blades to shave those legs. No wonder Gillette is in on this sister act. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I wonder how much she got laid…er….paid. Sorry, Freudian slip.  Gillette says: “Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown. We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the “rules” say she should display it…I wonder how much she got laid…er paid. Oops, Sorry, Freudian slip-up again. Be the best that you can be, eh Anna?

Gillette’s response? We have a razor for that!

Get all a man can get!

NATO at 70! What’s next? Well, NATO at 71.

What students could learn at New York’s Stuyvesant School? How to smoke in the boys room without getting caught. My first cigarette was a Peter Stuyvesant, which was smoked in my high school’s washroom.

Medieval diseases are making a comeback in major American cities thanks to the increasing amount of feces on the streets. No shit! San Francisco is now labelled a “Shit Hole.” Black Death can’t come soon enough to California. Progressives destroy everything they touch.

Are you going to San Francisco.

Bring plenty of ass-wipe. California is no longer the “Golden State.” Progressive policies made sure of that.

Karma! You know it’s a bad day when:

A poacher is trampled to death by an elephant, then eaten by a pride of lions – Only the man’s skull and pants were retrieved by Kruger National Park.

They followed that up with a Pride parade. Darwin award was awarded posthumourously.

Speaking of poaching:

“…so, it’s safe to say that reparations would not be a cure-all to right the wrongs of the past and put slavery behind us once and for all, but just another wealth redistribution program that would precede another, and another, and another to solve something that, in the eyes of those pushing for it, will never actually be fixed to satisfaction.” US Democratic Senator wants a reparation policy for Slavery.

Sound familiar here in Canada?

Interesting note being that all of the so called Slave States were Democratic States and that the Democrats fought hard to oppose Lincoln’s plan (Republican) to abolish slavery.

Love this:

“California Wants To Tax Soda, Guns, Pain Pills, Lawyers And Batteries…”

I can see LAWYERS but soda, guns, pain pills, batteries even? C’mon. That legislation will be sure to spawn a new crop of lawyer jokes.

Gentlemen….start you engines: A Spanish speed circuit is in hot water after an advertisement for grid girls stipulated that they “must have a size 95 or 100 chest,” which is roughly 36″ – 38″ according to La Vanguardia

“Living out Loud.” I wonder if Venus…er Anna applied.

Oh and did you know that toxic masculinity is the cause of climate change?

I kid you not. According to progressive thought it is a root cause of climate change:

According to progressives, toxic masculinity is considered to be the dude on the left of the photo.  Climate change can’t come soon enough.

A Dutch swimming pool. I want one:

Translation: Don’t have a clue. Something about a “Grand Pils” me drinks…er thinks.

Speaking of taxes:

Have a great Navy day.

SJ……….……………………..taxed out!