CFL Football

Football all day tomorrow. From 1000 till 1630 Pacific time. No post.

I love the CFL. Always have. I know it isn’t the NFL, what with their athletic prowess, money and hype. One of my sons is an ardent Sea-Hawks fan and there is nothing I like better than to roost him with the: “C’mon, tell me son, how can any team not get ten yards in 4 downs.” He just shrugs now. Then again the Grey Cup or Coupe de Gris is over 100 years old. Vince Lombardi? 51 years now I do believe. 

                                                                                Upper body of a bald man with a large moustache.  He is in a military uniform with several medals pinned to his left chest.

Earl Grey donated the Cup in 1909 – for Rugby initially (pics by Wikimedia)

I am an Argos fan but they sucked this year and missed the playoffs. So, being a wet coaster I have to cheer for the BC Lions – to win the west. If they lose tomorrow, I’ll have to switch allegiance to the East representative because I hate the Stampeders – they have the ugliest uniforms in the CFL, except of course for the Al’s ferry like star-dust fluttering light grey uniforms that they sometimes wore this year. And only in the CFL could one possibly see a western team – Edmonton Eskimos (my apologies to SJWs) – win the East Division and represent that region in the Grey Cup or Coupe de Gris. This year there is a remote possibility that the Edmonton Eskimos (my apologies again to those SJWs out there) could meet Calgary in the final. Something about a cross over rule I do believe.

Enjoy your Sunday.

I know where I’ll be. 

Go Lions Go!