“Hey Bev, pass the orange juice will ya.”

Conservative MP Bev Oda was forced by the Liberals to resign over the fact that she paid 16$ for a glass of OJ (at the time about 6 Pounds) while in London England attending a conference. Meanwhile:

“We should all be allies in the fight against climate change because climate change knows no boundaries,” Wilkinson (True-dough’s Liberal Environment Minister) said. “Leaders cannot put their heads in the sand to try and pretend this change is not happening. They are expecting their government to help.”

“No, no, no they expect you, the electorate, to put your heads in the sand so that you won’t see just how corrupt and hypocritical Liberal MPs are.”

In an earlier release, Wilkinson’s environment department disclosed it had spent $683,278 attending a 2019 United Nations Convention on Climate Change that was held in Madrid, Spain. On that voyage, $178,282 was spent on airfare, taxis, and a chauffeured car…and Orange Juice.

Meanwhile under the government’s only essential travel directive Wilkinson and his staff have racked up more than $100,000 in flights this year.

This is insane. This from the UN Org that says lockdowns don’t work.

The World Health Organization is telling families gathering for Christmas to wear masks and social distance during Christmas dinners. 

As reported by the Daily Mail, the WHO admitted that people attending Christmas dinners wearing masks “may feel awkward,” but such practices would “contribute significantly” to saving lives.

Says WHO. Who? The World Health Organization stupid.

Who’s up first, why’s on second and I don’t give a fook is on third.


Here is my take on the vaccine priority

If you give it to 90 year old’s first the morbidity rate falls 2.5%. If you give it to the older 80’s next the morbidity rate falls 28%. If you then give it to those over 60 the morbidity rate falls 75%. So, get going with those over 60 years of age first and you have this virus licked.

Denmark outlaws sex without explicit consent with unanimous passing of new law on rape.

So how does one respond to: “But honey I have a headache tonight.”

A Few Good Them: Woke Canadian judge says lawyers and their clients must state their pronouns when introduced to the court. Ze what?

No more boys or girls? America’s oldest medical journal says birth certificate sex designations ‘HARMFUL for trans’ and must be ABOLISHED.

In California, Christmas caroling is now punishable by 25 years in prison, as it’s detrimental to the public health. In addition to being a potential super-spreader of COVID, Governor Gavin Newsom says he “hates singing” and wishes people would just “cut it out with all the jolliness and joy.”

Canadian government told to change the name of the Trans Canada Highway. Its just not inclusive enough.

I got arrested for driving a Trans-Am…the car  that is.

STASI anyone? ‘Tis the season for snitching? UK home secretary encourages people to dob in neighbours for breaking Covid Christmas rule.

I got to get out of this place.