Say it isn’t so. From Small Dead Animals:

By Ruth Shaw, Staff Reporter

YORKTON (Staff) – A resolution asking that the Marieval Residental School be kept open as long as the Indian people want it, was passed by the chiefs and counsellors of eight Indian bands at a regional meeting held Thursday.

The meeting was held in the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, with Joe Whitehawk of Yorkton, district
supervisor, as chairman.

Various spokesmen said the pupils are generally children from broken homes, orphans or are from inadequate homes. There is a great need for the school and the need is increasing, rather than diminishing. Many of the children have no other place to stay, as many have only grandparents, who through lack of space, health or age are unable to look after them.

The alternative is foster homes, which will cost just as much money. Children in the residential school get a measure of correction, discipline and religious training and this should be taken into consideration, when plans are under study for the phasing out of the school, the spokesman said.

While residential schools are not the best, they meet the most needs of the children. Children in foster homes are deprived of correction, discipline and religious training. The older members were disciplined and given religious training and “we must get back to these old traditions,” the spokesman said. The spokesman, who is a community development officer, said the Marievale Residential School must be expanded one step further and a junior high school established.

Another spokesman said the Indian people passed a resolution asking that the school remain open and it should not be up to the department to say whether the school should be closed.

Another said that if the request is made it should remain open and “the people should not be bribed to close the place.”

Chief Antoine Cote of the Cote reserve said the people on his reserve are not satisfied with the integration of Indian students at Kamsack.

“They claim there is no discrimination, but there is and we realize there is. One of the reasons of phasing out the student residential schools is so our children can be sent to so called integrated schools,” he said.

Hmmm. But it doesn’t fit the narrative.

After all it is just politics:

Hypocrisy know no bounds for this guy:

Please vote him out in the next election when it comes. Without a doubt the worst PM this country has ever foisted upon us here in Canada.

Love this:

Bug experts get rid of the name ‘gypsy moth’ because some Roma people (Gypsys) consider it to be an ethnic slur.

Our current heat wave in BC was the worst ever and if we do not do something now with respect to climate change soon we are all going to die….so says our fear mongering press and ignorant politicians.


The World Weather Attribution website does not list its source of funding. Their mission only discusses the “possible” influence of climate change on extreme weather conditions. If we knew the funders we might possibly find out whether they included billionaire investors in green technology who would profit from such scaremongering. And scaremongering it is. As Bock notes, “On February 10, 1933 the temperature in Pendleton, Oregon hit 119 degrees. The CO2 concentration then was 309 ppm”, one hundred ppm less than the worldwide  CO2 concentration today. It is with good reason that as Rasmussen reports 58% of U.S. voters at least somewhat agree that the media are “the enemy of the people.”

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