This is interesting…but will never be accepted as it does not fit the Canadian “woke” narrative. I have known this all along but our government feels that a better outcome exists by branding all Canadians as racist genocidal radicals:

I know of a person who adopted a first nation female baby at the age of 6 months. She raised that person into adulthood and supported her throughout her adult life. Yet when this adopted woman grew up and had a child, that child was convicted of murder at the age of 16. During the trial the defense used a falsehood that the convicted man’s mother was a victim of the indigenous child welfare system and grew up in an environment of foster homes. This was a blatant falsehood yet accepted as fact and a primary determinant as to why the young man committed the crime. The mother of the adopted woman was devastated by the lie. Unfortunately these kind of stories are all too common in today’s woke environment. We are living in an environment of lies and deception.