October 15: Crete Greece or Creta

Arrived on the 13th from Faro Portugal via Amsterdam. Dot was happy because she got to tick off another airport on her list.

    Our room is in a boutique hotel not far from the port and city center. Yesterday we spent exploring the old city. We will do a hop on hop off tour today and visit Knossos, the Minoan Palace, which was discovered by an archeologist named Evans. The Minoans were the very first Eoropean civilization that prospered here from 4,000 BCE to about 1300 BCE when they were wiped out by the huge Thira (Santorini) earthquake and tsunami. More on that later.




4 thoughts on “October 15: Crete Greece or Creta”

  1. Hi John and Dot: Looks like your having a good time. The weather looks nice. Raining here, but thats good. That seems like a long way to get to Crete. Sharon’s excited to follow in your footsteps. We are buying all the gear already lol. Great ideas for Christmas gifts. Have a good time on the rest of your trip.

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