Weird and Whacky

Trump wins: I wonder if he is going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in about two weeks time

Some famous action star promised to strap climate change deniers’ mouths to the tailpipe of his Hummer(!) to show them what this climate change pollution is really all about. Carbon Monoxide anyone? What a Hummer!

Off Canada’s west coast, a tugboat and barge with a load of fuel for, I would take it, remote First Nation communities in the north went aground near Bella Bella. All enviro-mental-ists now want a ban on all oil tankers off the west coast of Canada. Well that’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There has never been an oil tanker incident off the west coast of Canada, ever, never, ever.  Say, what about tug and tows?

First Nation Veterans now want their own Remembrance Day ceremony, 08 Nov.  I thought all vets were Canadian vets?? That being the case I would want to see a Scottish Canadian Veterans Day – say to coincide with Robbie Burn’s day, 25 January. It’ll be kinda cold and chilly though for those wearing kilts!

EcoSexuals – those wanting to have sex with mother earth. Ejaculations in the mud, or by a waterfall with one’s self or with a partner. Kind of brings tree hugging to a whole new level. I kid you not! This movement is orgasmic they say.

More bats killed due to wind tower wacking than previously thought. I refer you to the Ecosexuals above.

Eeee Gads.


….Jay out