Labour Day

Vlad Putin states that it is useless to go down the North Korea rabbit hole. No, their solution is:


A US B-1B bomber seen during an exercise over the Korean Peninsula on August 31, 2017.followed by this:

Image result for pictures of syriaUrban renewal in the Levant

Speaking of North Korea. Be very, very afraid.

An undated photo appears to show North Korean leader Kim Jong Un overseeing a missile launch, likely to be the one launched by North Korea on August 29.These guys kill me. Just look at that guy’s hat!

New fossilized footprints found on Crete. Thought to be a gazillion years old. Throws all the known facts about “Homo Erections” into a tizzy. Seems we have had a gay lifestyle around for millions of years now.

What does this hold for the future of mankind? In response, one of the scientists, who was also part of the team that studied the Switzerland ancient “Cereal Man” found on the remote glacier, laid it all down for us in the most simplistic terms on his white board:

“Homo Erections > Neanderthals > Homo Sapiens > Homo Sexuals > Homo Extinctus. And like the Swiss case this also took him 5 years on the government’s dole to develop this theory.


Lord of the Flies: William Golding’s 1954 novel. It has been made into a movie a few times. About a group of pre and adolescent boys stranded on a Pacific Island after a nuclear meltdown. How they survive is an allegorical tale of woe and has many links to our present. It was required reading in high school.

“It is a tale between the legs. Sorry, a tale between the alt left and the alt right. Everyone can see that.” someone was wont to say.

So now they want to reboot this tale into another movie but with an all female cast. Many are objecting to this for various reasons:

C’mon we have to show that boys are really bad, bad bullies, a feminist objector was heard to say. No, I think the main theme of “Group Think” or a piece of “Tale Between the Legs” is more apropos. It holds up very well.


Shania Twain’s clothes appear to be old-fashioned and out of dates. I say, and I think all males would agree with me, “Who Cares about her clothes.”


Seems Toronto’s School Board is going to suspend their highly successful Police in Schools program due to BLM objections, as being anti-immigrant, racist. So, they are going from this shocking state of affairs:

Image result for pics of policeman and schoolsTo this

Image result for pics of antifa at schoolsWhere are the cops when you need them?

Forget about pills and medication to reduce high blood pressure. I have the best cure of all to reduce that boiling point. Stop watching newscasts of all sorts and get rid of that daily newspaper. It works. I stopped watching broadcast news over a year ago and no longer subscribe to any newspapers. I feel great. My blood pressure ceased to boil. I get my news online where I can control the content. Great!


Have a great long weekend. Happy labour days to all those mothers out there. Sorry, workers. I’ll be up again Tuesday.