The Big Smoke

Only 57 more sleeps until Vezelay and the “Way of Saint James” walk.

See the source imageCan’t wait.

Also, check out my Kurofune web site. Just click on the link at the top right of the page. Getting good reviews. My first book.

Good to be back. Needed the break. It can be difficult to come up with things 5 days a week. But then again I have to thank Trump, Turdeau and Who Flung Poo of North Korea fame. They are indeed the gifts that keep on giving to bloggers like me.

Spent just over two weeks in Toronto, affectionately known as the “Big Smoke.” I don’t know how anyone could live there. Imagine doing this every day:

See the source imageEveryday.                                  And you know what? They are proud of their gridlock. Makes them a world class city as they would say. Torontonians have a huge inferiority complex. Always comparing themselves with New Yorkers. Here is Time’s Square in New York:

See the source imageas opposed to Dundas Square in Toronto:

See the source image

Ah no T.O. No comparison. Or their shitty subway system? Not world class. Prague or Budapest’s Russian era subway system is way better.

See the source imageT.O.’s

See the source imageBudapest.

See the source imagePrague

Or how about this:

See the source imageLondon

No comparison Toronto.

Even the Leafs can’t cut it. Out in the first round. What is the old joke?:

The last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup I was in diapers. The next time they win it I’ll probably be in diapers again.

Or how about this for originality:

See the source imageTaken from:

Right down to the water.

See the source image

Naw, you can have Toronto, Torontonians. But remember

See the source image



See the source imageIs Our Strength

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