Trump or Climate Change

Just read an article over here that suicide rates are increasing due to climate change. “ The heat is on” said one dude here.

Or suicide rates are on the rise due to Trump dyrangement syndrome.

Is that like in bridge,I thought to myself when reading this article in the Dutch magazine. As in clubs are Trump, as in playing too much bridge is causing a correllation between clubs are trump and Donald Trump?

Sacre blue I thought.

No, climate change and Donald Trump are not causing suicide rates to climb. No, no, no.

Watching the Tour de Farce, er France, for hours on end without anything happening will definitely cause one to slit their wrists.

If the French read this post I will definitely be trumped with clubs.


One thought on “Trump or Climate Change”

  1. I don’t think its TDS, Turdeau Derangement Syndrome, it must be the Tour de Farce or maybe the mayonnaise they put on their fries is going off in the heat wave…. Weather has been excellent back here but hot for the Island, up to 30 some days….. no rain as you would expect.

    Watch out for those clubs and those pelotons flashing by

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