Red Jewel: Notes

Red Jewel Notes

Red Jewel is my fourth book. I should have the draft ready for editing by Christmas.

Red Jewel is a work of fiction that is based on true events. Any relationship to individuals, who are alive today except for those mentioned below, is coincidental.

Saipan is a vibrant island of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana chain. It is the hub and government centre for the US protectorate. Its population as of 2017 was 47,565.  Saipan’s economy has had many highs and lows over the years since the war. Today, its economic base is tourism. Five casinos operate on the island. In spite of its size and limited available land, Saipan also has a number of golf courses. It also has a picturesque grotto, numerous caves and a beautiful and expansive lagoon off of its western shore. Managaha Island, which is located at the entrance of the Tanapag Harbour’s navigational channel, is also a favoured destination for tourists. Scuba diving is also popular.

Lao Lao Bay, on Saipan’s east coast was also known as Magicienne Bay during the war.

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Japan’s Imperial Force’s Admiral Nagumo was the Co Commander of the island of Saipan at the time of the invasion, June 1944. He is of particular note as having been in command of the Japanese forces in their attack on Pearl Harbour, December 7, 1941. Ironically, many of the Battleships attacked at Pearl Harbour were repaired and overhauled at the Bremerton Naval Yard and redeployed and formed part of the shore bombardment of Saipan against Nagumo’s forces during the Battle of Saipan. He committed ritual suicide, Sepuku, or  “Hari Kari” along with his Co Commander Lieutenant General Saito and staff during the last days of the battle.

A number of memorials and dedication areas can be found on the island, most notably at the Marpi and Banzai suicide sites on the north side of Saipan. The World War Two Saipan memorial is prominent outside of Garapan, near Tanapag Harbour, for its dedication and remembrance of the sacrifice made by the men of the 2nd and 4th Divisions of the Marines as well as the Army’s 27th Division. 25,000 marines and soldiers and Chamorro civilians died during the Saipan, Tinian and Guam campaign from June – August 1944. Many of the Chamorro and Japanese soldiers and civilians committed suicide by jumping off the Marpi and Banzai cliffs. The exact numbers are not known. Some estimates say as many as 8,000 people died. Others say about 1,000.

Ted Culp is the name of a character from my first novel Kurofune: The Black Ships. The character is based on an individual who hailed from Bremerton Washington and took part in World War Two in the US Navy. He passed in May 2011.

The events noted during the sail on Red Jewel from Honolulu to Saipan are fictional but are based on real events.

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The sailing yacht Drummer was real. She was presumed lost at sea enroute from Hawaii to Alaska. The grounding incident at the Ala Wai did occur.

Clyde and Les are real life characters. Their adventures as told here were real. The couple from Omaha was also real.

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Nigel’s early life, his acquaintances and his adventures on the Dart, the Mediterranean, and Granada, The United States and Vancouver / Vancouver Island area are fictional.

Dartmouth, river Dart, Devon, England #19937927 Framed Photos

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