And More Liberal Largesse

Should not Laurier be cancelled everywhere across Canada…just like John A? No way. Why? Well because he is a Liberal don’t ya know, whereas John A was a dastardly Conservative.

It was all done for the common good.

There, and there is so much more in our Liberal past.

Sir Wilfrid LaurierHow about toppling Mackenzie King's statue? | BONOKOSKI ...

They look mean don’t they?

So why do these racist bastards stay in the Canadian public domain and Conservatives are vilified in present day Canada? Easy. Under Justin Trudeau, Conservatives are BAD and Liberals are GOOD. It is as simple as that.

Remember Trudeau’s “sunny ways” comment? That came right out of Prime Minister Laurier’s playbook.

He is an arrogant dictator but Canadians have not realized it as yet that we are moving toward a totalitarian governed nation.

Tribute to Gary Brooker, frontman for Procol Harem who died last week:


All of these artists that I grew up with and have great memories of are all starting to pass away. We’re all getting old….classic!