Red Jewel

An excerpt from my latest book: Red Jewel. Soon to be available on Amazon.

“Suddenly a large wave hit them directly on the starboard beam. Water came in over them and filled the cockpit up to its brim. Luckily the cockpit self-draining holes worked. They were soaked. They looked at each other and laughed. But it was no laughing matter. Nigel looked to his right and he didn’t like what he saw. The direction of the sea and wind were changing, veering to the northeast. Nigel didn’t know what to think. Jim was in shock. “HOLY SHIT…” he yelled and held on to the hard point where his harness was connected as hard as he could. He was looking down into a steep canyon of sea and swell and water. Red Jewel slid down into the abyss and for a short time was riding along between two enormous walls of water, like the parting of the Red Sea. And as fast as she slid down to a watery floor caught between two waves into a trough, she was catapulted up again to the crest of another enormous wave and swell. At that point their immediate world opened up before them and it startled them. They were awestruck by the enormity and horror of the canvas before them. Everywhere, in every direction, as far as they could see was water in turmoil: waves forming, crashing, running away to the south, piggybacking and riding the swell like some surfer off of Oahu’s North Shore.  The smooth backsides of these waves fell over and into themselves. The whitecap crests were darkened by a sky without the lightness of the sun such that their color was subdued and a dull grey. It was as if the storm sucked the luminescence and life out of them. They formed and ran for a brief second or two and then collapsed in a foamy chaotic froth. It was awesomely frightful. Collectively, the seas were in turmoil: white water on a grand scale. At the same time the wind whistled through the rigging. The high-pitched sound was steady but would increase temporarily with every gust. A nightmare was unfolding before them.”

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I loved it.  I miss it. I am now too old. Perhaps, in another life, God willing.