Carbon Ax


$564 in Carbon Tax per month to run a not for profit assisted living home for 12 people. High efficiency boilers already installed. LED lights installed. Can we not get a rebate? 


Then what is the solution?

“Well, we do have MAiD… Canada’s Medical Assistance in Flying…erm, Dying.”

“Just think, your overhead will disappear immediately. No worries and no problems.”

More Canadian Liberal largesse.

When Trudeau came to power in 2015 one of the very first things he did was cancel the F35 procurement. Why? Because it was one of those dastardly conservative initiatives by that evil demonic Stephen Harper. Likewise for the Canadian Strategic Ship Building Plan. The following image says it all:


8 years later. Poor Department of Defence has to put up with such incompetence. Oh, and Canada’s new ships? In total disarray. He screws up everything he touches. And he is going to fight alleged climate change and save the world?

Justin Trudeau's India Trip, And All The Other Times He's Dressed Up

Well, of course he is!

And the US of A is no better:

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