Climate Catastrophe Or Skullduggery

Love it:

Over the weekend a “transnational committee” finalized plans for a “Loss and Damage Fund” that was agreed to at last year’s UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, in Egypt. It was dubbed the “Flagship Achievement” of that meeting.  

The plan is to send billions of dollars to poor nations to compensate them for climate-change damages, which were supposedly caused by your internal combustion engine, your home central heating, and your appreciation for steaks.

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Yessssss. Bring it on. I need more medals and I love Rib-Eyes. Medium if you please.

Love it more:

Even Feds Won’t Buy Electric

Canadian Federal departments are avoiding electric cars as too costly, says a federal report. The finding follows in-house research by the Department of Natural Resources that most drivers are also reluctant to buy zero emission vehicles: “Electric vehicles and the infrastructure obviously are an important part of addressing the climate crisis.” 

Or could it be:

Trailer Full Of Teslas Bursts Into Flames In Nevada And Nobody Knows WhyTeslas being delivered to the Canadian Department of the Environment.

Love this even more:

Canada and other major fossil-fuel-producing countries are failing to meet targets to keep global warming in check. Countries are planning to produce 110 per cent more fossil fuels in 2030 than is consistent with keeping global warming to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels, and 69 per cent more fossil fuels than what’s in line with a 2 C target.

“These plans throw the global energy transition into question. They throw humanity’s future into question. Governments must stop saying one thing and doing another, especially as it relates to the production and consumption of fossil fuels,” wrote Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, in a foreword to the report.

But…but politicians are adept at talking from both sides of their mouth.  Think about this. How arrogant to think that we can control the climate to such an extent as a variable such as 1.5 degrees Celsius. But it doesn’t matter because the UN says “the world is going to end by 2030….unless we can have one world government controlled by us.”

Canada’s plan is underwater:

Federal emissions reduction plan still coming up short: environment commissioner

Are we that stupid? I guess we are. The UN will destroy us. Time to get out. Think of all the money we have wasted on the UN’s skullduggery.

No one can control the climate.

“A liar and a con man…” just like the UN.

Not even me!

Love it.


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