I Can’t Believe This.

I can’t believe this. Canadian wokeness on steroids. (Italics are mine).

Front hole? How about A-hole. Please dear gawd, take care of these eejits for the benefit of our sanity.

“Both ‘bonus hole’ and ‘front hole’ are recommended as trans-friendly alternatives to vagina. Trans ideologues have long tried to erase or appropriate any word that is specific to females – from woman to mother and now vagina. And they have gained a foothold in our schools and in our media. Now gynaecological-health providers like the Canadian Cancer Society are swallowing the stupid pills, too,” argued Burchill in a 2023 essay published to Spiked.

Dear gawd. please take me off , or them, of this planet soon. I can’t take it anymore. But, I can vote with my wallet and cancel my monthly contribution immediately. Yes.

And our very own CBC:

CBC Kids asks if commemorating D-Day is a “celebration of violence”

Nice. The religion of peace.

Federal prosecutors have charged 47 Somali Muslim immigrants in Minnesota for skimming $250 million from a coronavirus relief program meant to help feed needy children.

Nicer. Islamophobia 

Pakistan: Elderly Christian Man Lynched over False Blasphemy Charges

Nicest. Obviously those farmers suffer from Islamophobia.

Muslim Immigrants to French Farmers: ‘We’re Here To Kill The Whites’

Vous etes morte mon ami.

And this: hey queers for Palestine… have ya seen this?

‘Palestinian’ Islamic scholar: ‘Islamic culture sees homosexuality and lesbianism as punishable by death’

USA: Laughing stock of the world.

Canada: Not to be outdone as the laughing-est country in the world led by Mini Me of a Prime Minister.

Mini-Me Is Among Us | Broadsheet.ie

The budget will balance itself…dude

Our Canadian Justice system in action:

The son of former BC Liberal MLA Judi Tyabji will not go to jail for sexual interference of a person under 16.

Edelmann said he took into account pre-sentencing reports that claimed Tyabji-Sandana had suffered intergenerational trauma, poverty and disconnection from his Indigenous roots. The report said that his maternal grandfather was Metis-Cree and his paternal grandmother a Metis woman who became an alcoholic after suffering physical and sexual abuse in an Indian residential school. Tyabji-Sandana’s biological father was not involved in his childhood……………..So what?

Sorry Judi. You must have been a bad mother. It is your fault for being compassionate to an indigenous child under our system of justice.

Love this non binary song:

Today is the 80th anniversary of D Day:

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