On Fire

Yeah, Iran is a real threat. The US and Israel should be shaking in their boots:

Iran’s largest navy ship sinks after catching fire in Gulf of Oman

Iran’s largest navy ship sinks after catching fire in Gulf of Oman

Iran’s largest ship sinks for no good reason. Wonder who may be behind that.

Kavanuagh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man. was in collusion with the Democrats to undermine Trump’s nomination to the supreme court.

“Me too,” said another accuser.

California is now considered a US Gulag, a state shithole, yet Democrats continue to believe that California is THE model for the rest of the country.

California dreamin….

Democratic Government signage:

Meant to say Conservative pedestrians.

Will we ever learn the harsh lessons from the past?

Google Diversity Chief: Jews Have ‘Insatiable Appetite for War’…

Canadian government largess incompetence: Canada’s highest-earning families were the biggest beneficiaries of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pandemic aid, opening his government to criticism that its programs were wasteful. But…but…we’re all in this together.

Liberal economics: All told, the bottom 20 per cent of earners got just 14 per cent of the $95.2 billion in direct government transfers related to COVID-19 last year, data from the statistical agency show.

“But hey, just think…one Liberal insider was heard to say.  “We hit another record. We have the largest debt than any other G7 country. The Canadian government sure knows how to spend  your money.”

Canada’s labour market lost 207,000 jobs last month as a spike in COVID-19 variant cases led to renewed public health restrictions and raised concerns about longer-term economic consequences from the pandemic.

The unemployment rate rose to 8.1 per cent from 7.5 per cent in March, Statistics Canada reported. It would have been 10.5 per cent had it included in calculations Canadians who wanted to work but didn’t search for a job. Didn’t have to as the government’s covid largess paved the way.

Everything is racist now. Environmental racism, Mathematic racism. Science racism. You know, when everything is racist then nothing is racist.

Nice. In memory of George Floyd’s death, a Minneapolis black teenager lights an Asian woman’s hair on fire on a city bus. “White supremacy made me do it,” he says.

“I admire their basic dictatorship.” so say Trudeau about the Chinese Communist Party and government. Flashback to 04 June 1989. Chinese believed to have massacred up to a thousand Tiananmen Square protesters.


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Tuesday Afternoon

Vezelay is coming soon. First to the Netherlands though to see family and friends:

See the source imageHey World Cup. More excitement:

First Day: 5 goals scored by one team. Not bad. Things look promising for exciting football.

Second Day: 8 goals scored among 6 teams for over 280 minutes of play. Things are going south;

Third Day: 8 goals scored among 8 teams for over 370 minutes of play. But Croatia and France account for 4 of those goals. Things are getting really exciting now;

Fourth Day: 4 goals scored among 6 teams. Some upsets though. 3 matches for over 270 minutes of play but only 4 goals. Wow:

Fifth Day: 7 goals among 6 teams, 3 matches for over 280 minutes of play. Manly;

Sixth Day: In progress.

So for over 5 days we have 32 goals scored among 28 teams. Just over 1 goal per team per 14 matches. Exciting stuff. Won’t lose any sleep over this one.

See, even this guy is excited. I told ya that more action is in the stands than on the pitch:

Slide 1 of 36: MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUNE 17: Fans of Mexico enjoy the pre match atmosphere prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group F match between Germany and Mexico at Luzhniki Stadium on June 17, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

Shocked I tells ya, shocked. This gal just returned from the World Cup in a state of shock over all of the excitement. You can see it I’m her face:

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Take a good look at her sign. “I had to get home right away to protest?”

“What are you protesting,” a CNN reporter asked:

Her response: “You talking to me? Yeah you. Are you talkin to me?”

The look on her face says it all!

Religion of Peace!

Clashes in Kashmir after Eid prayers, one deadClashes in Kashmir after EID prayers. Their team failed to qualify for the World Cup! All hell broke loose. Hey can you say that?  Hell I mean.

FIFA states that Israel must compete in Europe not Middle East for World Cup qualifying, which is code for saying: “we don’t want you here.”

Meanwhile over in the Middle East, where many a World Cup participant hails from, comes these headlines:

Priest stabbed by Palestinians in Bethlehem. It would appear that the priest was rooting for the Saudis, a team that got butchered by the Russians, 5 to zip yer head off.

Another Saudi supporter, this time a woman, uses box cutters to stab two French people in France. She was yelling Allah Akbar while doing this nasty bit of business. When interrogated afterwards she told police that she was upset that France won their first match in the World Cup and her fav team, the Saudis, lost 5 to zip off their Russian heads.

Israel foils Hamas plot to bomb Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This over the Saudis recent loss to the Russians at the World Cup. The Saudis lost 5 to zip off their Jewish Russian heads, don’t you know….wow.

Meanwhile back in Canadastan:

Why is it that when a Canadian Caucasian family starts a fire while camping it can be construed as a potential fire hazard and could cause this?:

See the source imageHang that Caucasian family

Yet when a First Nations family starts a fire while camping it is construed as a “Sacred Fire”. Perhaps, but it could still do this:

See the source image       “Yes, but it is still a sacred fire. To expunge the dark spirits of the land and bring new life, new birth.” Okay……………..Geesh.

“Sacre Bleu!”

“After all we, first nations people are nature’s caretakers. We harbour a great love for nature:”


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