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Why do we have to politicize everything these days. Cripes, Geesh.

Just saw an ad on TV about fashion democracy. Hate to see what fashion totalitarianism looks like, and men’s Nazi style haircuts that look frighteningly  familiar today:

Image result for pics of totalitariansim womenGreat matching accessoriesImage result for nazi haircuts

Emmy’s is just another platform for Holly’s Woody in the Morning exploding heads and untalented jerks and jerk-esses to diss democracy, conservatives, Trump and the general population (us) in general. How’s Venezuela going for you guys huh? You know that model of progressive thought that you guys love so much? Be careful because the general viewing public can only take so much dissing and will soon turn you off completely. So much hate.

I no longer watch awards programs. I never go and see a movie starring DeCrapio, Buffalo (sic), Penn, and many others. That is my choice.

CFL Diversity message constantly being thrust down my throat when all I want to do is watch the game. The CFL has always been diverse. This is not new guys. I don’t have to be told.

Ottawa beat Toronto in Exhibition Hockey yesterday, 4-1. Yay!

France upset at Canada’s lack of climate change action. Applauds cancellation of many of Canadian energy infrastructure projects, criticizes Trump for his lack of commitment to the Paris Accord and then signs a huge LNG commitment and partnership with Icebreaker tanker, Yamal LNGRussia for the construction of 15 Super ice-breakers to get their product to the far east across the top of the planet….This in addition to their plethora of white flag factories…Geesh…See Canada, be like France. Talk the talk and do nothing.

Of course Canada complies and wallows in its own naivety.  But, we are smug, because we are the most naïve country on the planet…so there. Hey, whatever happened to climate change and an ice-free arctic?

Quebec, Canada upset at Boeing for its subsidies and unfair trade practices in support of its aerospace industry yet Quebec continues to subsidize Bombardier to the tune of $1B while the feds kick in another $300M to this aerospace company. Premier says that Quebec will never allow this component of its economy to fail. Yet Quebec will not support Alberta and the Canadian energy sectors due to climate change concerns. They want fossil fuels to stay in the ground. Wait a minute Premier. Doing so will surely ensure Bombardier and its C class aircraft stays on the ground. Hypocrisy knows no grounds!

Schools in Canada want to dump Shakespeare for Marvel Comics. That should work for illiteracy. Yeah, but our Kinders know a great deal about oral sex! So there.

Bill Maher slams conservatives and blames the recent hurricanes on Trump, his supporters and right-wing policies. My comment: Who is Bill Maher?

Many dispute 10,000 year old Hurricane Season. Blame recent Hurricanes on Trump’s election. Is this how Gaia religious zealots think? Anti-Science to the core and they, the progressives, call anyone who disagrees with them brain-dead Neanderthals?

The new axis of “Goldilocks” paradigm. Father of all Bombs (Iran’s FOAB) vs the Mother of all Bombs (US’s MOAB) vs the Brat of all Bombs (North Korea’s BOAB). Hard choice. Sounds like A&W’s Family of Hamburgers to me!………..Explosive Madness!

Auld Lang San… Suu Kyi – a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who spent many years under house arrest in the junta-run Myanmar (Burma) – is now facing growing criticism over the Rohingya issue. She wants them neutralized. Obama wins Peace Prize after just two weeks in Office and he did nothing. That’s why I no longer take the Nobel Peace prize seriously (you have to be a progressive to win it, just like Canada’s highest civilian order) and highly recommend that Trudeau agree to everything publicly while doing nothing privately. A win, win strategy for Canada…See France above.

Indigenous Missing Women Inquiry in Canada is in serious trouble. After 3 years almost nothing accomplished. 7 prominent members resigned.

Image result for pics of indigenous murdered woman's inquiry

What is she wearing? Is that Fashion Indigenous? Cultural appropriation Minister?

Solution, in my eyes? Increase the per diem for all members of the committee.   That will do it. And the government promises a truly transparent (I say translucent) Marijuana organization?


Trump addresses UN today. Heard the speech. Honest, truthful, revealing. Of course UN officials, Holly’s Woody in the Morning proponents and the progressive left will call his speech damning, dark, hideous and evil rhetoric. Yes, lets ensure the Saudi’s continue to lead the charge on feminism and human rights. North Korea continues its nuclear arms program for peace, and Zimbabwe leads the pack on economic development!! That is more enlightening. After Trump’s speech, Kim is a shoe-un for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course in Canada, after the speech, we go to Parliament Hill to listen to Trudope.


A little serious today…sorry.