Imagine That!

Premier Notley of Alberta and her apologists insist the multi-faceted throttling (is there any other kind of throttling?) of the energy sector is necessary to obtain a “social licence” to develop Alberta’s oil and gas resources. “Is that like a liquor licence?” her rookie environ-mental minister was heard to ask.

But in spite of everything that’s been done to get that liquor licence, the current state and future prospects of the industry are bleaker than ever. “I mean who can’t be social with a few beer down your gut?”  Her consumer affairs minister was heard to say. “Rachel Notley’s dream that if Alberta became more environ-mental and socially irresponsible everyone would embrace us and allow our projects to proceed.” says Dahl bluntly. “Our opponents don’t want us to do a better job, they want us drunk!  No matter what we do, all they think of is the next way to stop or slow us down.  “Let go for a drink and think about this,” he then said.

You cannot negotiate with an environ-mental. Especially an environ-mental with a liquor licence. It’s like trying to persuade a grizzly bear not to kill ya.

Image result for Pics of bears mauling humansSpeaking of bears let’s move on to wabbits

Looks as if the Presidento of Venezuela, you know that Holly’s Woody in the Morning’s example of how a progressive country should look like, has stated to his starving people: “What’s the problem here folks. Just adopt the MBA solution, like I have, from my economic advisors! “Let them eat Wabbits.” Maduro was heard to say. “Wabbits in Venezuela.” Sounds like a catchy tune to me. Just like those Looney Tunes.

Image result for Nicolás Maduro

For all of you critics out there of my economic policies, take two of my best. A lost cause.

You know, wabbits chomp on a lot of weed man. Which could be a growing grow-op growth industry in the Province of Ontario. Perhaps this is how Ontario should be handling its weed problem. Just ask this guy:

Image result for pics of marijuana problems in ontario

Ontario’s new environ-mental guy.

By the way, Bitcoin and climate change are the currencies of madmen.

Sudbury bi-election trial. Is this a LGBTQ joke man? Sudbury? What’s a Sudbury anyway? Is that like a new Cadbury milk bar?

OTTAWA — What should you watch for in Ottawa this fall as Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government hits its busy mid-term? Hard question. But I do know how Justin can handle the environ-mental file. Yes, I thought about this all weekend long and have come up with a novel and transparent, translucent solution.

Just tell everyone that your government is fully behind all of the climate change hype, will endorse all treaties, UN governance directives, attend all meetings but say nothing at these meetings other than “Canada accepts all of the recommendations of the IPCC, Paris Accord, Copenhagen Treatise, (insert climate change name here) etc etc. And then: “DO NOTHING.” Just like the EU, China and India do. Canada will then become an environ-mental darling of the “Jet Set.”

Liberals also want to use aggressive but entirely undemocratic time-honoured “time allocation ploy” to push thru their agenda. “We want to be transparent,” Liberal’s speaker of the house, Chagger says. “When we screw Canadians, at least we will be telling them beforehand that they are being screwed. After all Canadians are sooo smug when they are getting screwed because no other nation on the planet gets screwed by their leaders more than Canada…so there! They love being screwed.”

Liberal Government’s Passport system now $75M over budget. And these guys are going to look after legalized marijuana for Canadians.  How do you spell legalized marijuana in Canada? B..L..A..C..K…    M..A..R..K..E..T!

This kills me, but makes me want to cry:  BBC airs a segment on how to do your make-up after a terrorist’s acid attack! Are you kidding me? I thought the standard EU  response to terror was to place a piano out on the street or square with some guy or gal playing “Imagine.”

Yeah, that’s going to do it…for sure

Spencer f—ing Tracy’: Who are the A-listers that celebrities themselves are dying to meet? (TIFF). I would say to those A-Listers: “Be careful what you wish for!” See my statement on Rachel McAdams sleep walking episode


Image result for Pics of bears mauling humansAnother candidate for a Darwin Award. Must be from Venezuela. Hey man, that ain’t no wabbit!


Harry Dean Stanton died Friday. Great actor. Rest in Peace man.


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