Thanks Colleen!

Mike Babcock standing in front of a crowd

Canadian women’s curling went down to Great Britain. Kaput! Out! Told ya. Ever since that pep talk from Babcock, the head coach of the Leafs, the team has pretty much self destructed. And the CBC was up to its usual interviewing standard after the match with its questions to the women’s skip Holman

Colleen Jones, one of CBC’s most stalwart journalists, posed these questions to the woman’s skip after the match:

CBC: “So uh, how are you all feeling right now after this crushing loss to Great Britain?” or even better: “Tell us what’s going through your mind right now after being eliminated by a far inferior team?” or even better: “How are you going to respond to all of your critics out there? Is your loss a wake-up call for Canadian Curling.”

Holman burst into tears. Colleen broke it off and said:

“Back to you Scott.”

“Thanks Colleen. Great job, as usual!”

She reminds me of Hockey Night is Canada’s Scott Oke:

“So, tell me and our viewing audience, how does it feel to lose the Stanley Cup?”  Duh!

I am also getting really tired of CBC’s diversity, huggy feely slant during these games. Especially the pro Islam take during some of these commercial breaks. The CFL did this to a great extent during the 2017 football season. This turned a lot of people off and the teams that wore these “diversity is our strength” tees then went on to lose bigly. And I haven’t yet seen a Canadian of Muslim faith Olympian at these games. Especially the woman’s figure skating, nor the men’s figure skating. Have you? Yet the CBC continues to push their Islam, transgendered, homosexual narrative – that “only a mother could love.” And that is why I never watch the CBC, outside of these games, because the NBC coverage is really, really bad. Thank you lord for the mute button. Keep politics out of these games.

Lindsay Vonn goes home with just the Bronze in woman’s downhill. She is in tears. Well, there was so much hype afforded her by the NBC journalism troglodytes that they call reporters and colour commentators at these games, no wonder she is down about this. I feel sorry for her. She should be proud of her accomplishments. She should ignore the press. Of course the WaPo, the NYT, the Hill are trying to pin her disappointment on Trump! Keep politics out of these games. Is Trump a coach in woman’s downhill skiing? Just wondering.

Man, that ski-cross is quite an exciting thing to watch. Canada won gold! Sure beats Cross Country Skiing wouldn’t you say? Would love to hear an interview such as this from Colleen Jones to Canadian Brady Leman after his gold winning run.

“So Brady, how does it feel to win the gold in front of so many people?”

“Well actually the shits Colleen. How would you feel?”

I would love to see and hear an athlete put these poor excuses called journalists doorknobs in their place. Is this the standard we can expect from Ryerson Grads?

Love this Headline: “In Iraq Hezbollah has 15 US M1 Tanks and the US wants them back!”

“Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah, Mommy, we want our tanks back and they won’t give them to us.” – an US Pentagon spokesperson was heard to cry.

Back to the games:

Appears the French Skating Federation is upset at the judging of the Ice Dancing. Their team came in a close second to Virtue and Moir’s gold winning performance. “We’re not used to losing.” a French Official responded. “Oh really.” someone from the Royal Navy, who was at these games, was heard to remark.

Only a few days left for the games. Unbelievable. Then again look on the bright side: We won’t have to watch or put up with Cross Country Skiing for another 4 years – Yay!

Song of the day. Anthony’s Harty’s cover of the Badfinger Song:

Check out the bass player and the male string section. I love this song:

Enjoy the games.

Looking east from Mill Bay this morning at 0702 am at a very beautiful sunrise. Gawd, there is a God!