Day 15: Gargiless to Crozant

Gargle more or Gargle less. It,s entirely up to you.

Well after my meal last night with 2 bottles of vin rouge I really needed to gargle this morning. And what a fine dinner me and my colleague had. Barry from the Netherlands, who was also with the Von Trappe family. Just he and I now as the family ended their hike in Gargle more or less. I know…..groan.

We celebrated the milestone of completing the Nevers southern variant in fine fashion:

Fine French food.

Gargleless is a bohemian village set low in a lush  valley among low lying hills and valleys. A old rustic, ancient church and castle anchors a town of local and regional artists. Pottery, sculpting, painting – well just about any type of art you can think of. Steep hilly streets with quaint houses and shops give the place a homely but affluent feel. Warm and inviting restaurants, bars and terraces complete the scene. Marvellous.

Hey, maybe I should keep my shirt on. 20 years old I am not.

Today,s hike was brutal. The worse day yet. Hill after hill after hill. Entered and came out of the Cruise River valley with a hill of about 2.2 km in length with 4 switchbacks. Massive. That was followed by another, then another. We crossed valleys. We did,nt follow them. We crossed them. Whenever we descended we cringed for we knew we had to go up again. What goes down, comes up. There were a few times where I wanted to puke…out of exhaustion. It was tough. I am so glad I trained for this. The hike was 22.2 km. Temperatures were mid 20,s. Okay. Only saving grace to all of this misery was the fantastic scenery and landscape.

A have had a few queries wondering if I was enjoying this. Perhaps my posts have sent the wrong message. Yes, there have been frustrations but I am only reporting on things I observe. Rest assured I am loving this. It has been great. I may sound upset at times but I like to see things in a humourous light. Imagine! I haven,t read the news in over a month, no tv, no anything.  Only the present – no past,no future. Just today. Wonderful.

Thanks for reading and following this blog. Love to receive more comments. Hey Georgina?

Ran into 4 more pilgrims today. Gave the secret codeword. Cannot tell you what it is as it is a secret. I think there is a secret handshake as well but I am not sure.

See ya.


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  1. John, my man. I am thrilled beyond words to read that in spite of your blog posts you are indeed loving your journey. That is SO fantastic to hear. When it is all done, I’m telling you, this journey will become more and more meaningful to you when you realize the magnitude of your accomplishment. And truly like you say, escaping the day to day Trump bullshit, the shootings and all the others sad and terrible things going on, and living in your trek world is such a healthy change. I am indeed thrilled for you John.

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