Won’t You Be…My Neighbor?



The Three Gorges Dam. It might be about to collapse. What happens if it does?


Hey, want to know who fabricated the steel for the new Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria? The country name rhymes with Dinah…


People in cities along China’s Yangtze River, which have already been inundated with water, are now scrambling to shore up embankments and dykes (sic) before the Three Gorges Dam releases more water and towns are swamped again by the third big flood this summer.

See the source image

Damn it all anyway.

Yeah, that should do it!

We had a saying in the Navy:

“Why buy the best when you can buy British.”

Best qualified potential medical students of Asian and European descent in New Zealand fall victim to diversity by being disqualified to enter medical school due to race relations, ie…you da wrong color bro!. So, BLM or POC (Persons of Color) cohort organizations are not racist huh?

“Granny bought this vest for me to riot in.” Ah, just another day in the Portland neighborhood


And then there is this:

which has morphed into this:

I kinda like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood better…don’t you?



Play this loud!

Rad song.


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