We’re Just Everyday People

In Canada: $35 million emergency COVID funding will provide PPE, translation services to farms with Temporary Foreign Workers.

In select provinces, support funding will be doled out on a 50:50 cost shared ratio, up to a maximum of $100,000 — unless you are a woman, or a youth, or an anglo. “This is further proof of Canada’s commitment to fight systemic racism in this country.” a government official was heard to say.

Tasmanian devil returns to mainland Australia after 3,000 years

Khaled El-Anaby, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, right, and Mostafa Waziri, the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, left, react after opening the sarcophagus is around 2,500 years old at the Saqqara archaeological site, south of Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020.

Looney Tunes creator couldn’t be reached for comment.

See the source imageMel Blanc is very happy indeed.

Quick, Gladys, pass the chile. I feel the need for a volcanic eruption.

NBC News offered this gem: “A last-ditch global warming fix? A man-made ‘volcanic’ eruption” to cool the planet.” Its article proclaimed, “Scientists and some environmentalists believe nations might have to mimic volcanic gases as a last-ditch effort to protect Earth from extreme warming.”

It’s a stinker but hey, anything to save the planet and ourselves from ourselves.

Males told to display toxic masculinity by farting at every opportunity to stop the spread of Covid 19 and to prevent global warming.

Be a toxic male.

More Liberal-speak – with an honorable mention by the NDP:

Liberals, NDP vote to shut down Conservatives’ renewed push to examine WE affair.

The Liberal chair of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC), Ruby Sahota, outlined her reasoning for shutting down further study of the issue, arguing that Conservative House leader Karen Vecchio’s motion to review the reasons for prorogation and to call for the advanced disclosure of WE Charity-related documents presupposes the reason for dissolving Parliament.

Liberal code for: you’re fooked.

We’re the government and you’re not.

I told ya so.

What was supposed to be the tool to mitigate the spread of Covid 19 by way of an economic Armageddon and to flatten the curve has morphed into a continuation of said lockdown to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of seasonal respiratory illness – in other words – the seasonal flu.

If we do not take back our lives people, this madness will never ever end.

Love those clothes man: