Covid and Confused

From stats Canada:

The majority of COVID-19 deaths (approximately 80% during 2020) occurring among adults aged 65 years and older. Both advanced age and underlying chronic diseases and conditions contribute to these severe outcomes. In Canada, 73% of Canadians aged 65 years and older reported having one or more of 10 common chronic diseases. Approximately 90% of COVID-19 related deaths that occurred between March and July 2020 occurred among individuals with pre-existing chronic conditions. Dementia (including Alzheimer disease) was the most common comorbidity listed with COVID-19 on the death certificates of individuals aged 65 years and over. Other common comorbidities included pneumonia, hypertensive diseases and ischemic heart disease. More specifically, 45% of Canadians aged 85 years and over who died from COVID-19 between March and December of 2020 had dementia or Alzheimer disease. However, more than 80% of COVID-19 deaths occurred in long-term care, a setting in which the age profile is older and dementia is common. Interestingly, the number of deaths of people under the age of 65 during the period 2020 – Covid related or not – was slightly higher than the annual averages of all deaths taken each year between 2015 and 2019.

These are numbers that we never hear from from our elected officials.

Does this warrant the complete lockdown of our economies and quality of life? Perhaps it does but places like Florida and Texas think not. They have been open since last March, even earlier. Their numbers are going way down.

As the world is going crazy comes this:

US Department of State celebrates ‘International Pronoun Day’

What the US Department of State’s concern about pronouns has to do with the security of the United States either internationally or at home, or has to do with “advancing the interests of the American people,” is unclear.

So we thought we would ask President Biden for clarification of this important matter:

Looks good for a guy over 150 years old.


Have you heard:

Have a nice day.





Total Covid cases in BC to date since the beginning, January 2020?


Total Deaths?


Percentage? 1%

So, out of a population of over 5M people, 189,680 or 3% of the population have contracted Covid of which 1,983 people have died. Percentage of deaths due to Covid in the province?

1 %

Survival rate?


Of those 1,983 deaths, information on comorbidity cannot be found anywhere. I have gone to the BC Coroners office for comorbidity numbers.

And we shut down our economy and ruined people’s livelihood for this?

No wonder Texas and Florida opened up since last March.


Fully vaccinated

Total population


12 and older


And yet we are still under restrictions. Why? We were told that a 70% vax rate would equate to herd immunity and allow us to get back to normal yet here we are: we still cannot gather indoors and we now have to show a vaccine passport, except for fast food outlets??????

By comparison, the drug overdose numbers in BC are shocking:

In 2020, 1,716 people in BC died due to illicit drug use equating to 4.7 deaths a day — a 74% increase over 2019. So far in 2021 there have been 1,204 suspected illicit drug toxicity deaths between January and July 2021 for a total 2,920 deaths in the same time period as Covid.

Response from or government? Nada.

We are being deceived and I don’t know why.



Ex Pervs

To defeat the Delta Variant and other variants that may arise, experts recommend doing all of the things that didn’t work the first time (Babylon Bee);

And…experts also warn that there are only nine years left until we have to change the timeline again to the climate change catastrophe;

Experts also warn that ridges of high pressure, now commonly known as heat domes, will occur again and again in the summer time…the horror of it all;

Experts also warn that summer will arrive 21 June every year until they say it will not;

And winter will come 21 December every year and last for…..tad da….three months;

Experts also warn that polar vortexes, or what used to be known as cold snaps, are here to stay in the winter time for many years to come…oh the horror of that all;

Expervs also state that wearing specially fitted trench coats for dirty old men is a human right;

Experts are also saying that the Covid 19 vaccine will not prevent…the flu…or the measles;

Experts also state that standing on one leg and jumping around for 15 minutes a day will prevent the spread of Covid 19;

Experts also say that playing “Imagine” everyday will prevent Covid 19  from spreading anywhere; and

Experts say that if the recommendations of Dr Fauci leave a bad taste in your mouth then take a Dr. Pepper.


A picture of Dr Fauci is at the beginning of this post so I thought the following picture to end it would be apropos:

See the source image


Whew, what would we do without experts.






Canadian Leadership

Judeo Christian values be damned.

Our illustrious Prime Minister’s official Easter Greetings. No mention of Good Friday or the meaning of Easter…but Ramadan? When are we going to rid ourselves on this idiot.

To Muslims…


And to Christians….



And in BC….


Bonnie Henry is the Province of BC’s Chief Medical…”do as I say and not as I do…” Officer.

What would happen if everyone just stopped wearing a mask?

From Conrad Black:

Canadians should consider much more seriously than they have the implications of the charge against us and our forebears of genocide against Indigenous people – brought on by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is the most heinous charge that can be made and there is no evidence whatsoever that any Canadian authority ever advocated or imposed any policy on Natives or anyone else that was designed to eliminate or shorten lives or truly eliminate their culture. As I’ve written here before, the Native victimhood industry, pushing on an open door and frequently incited and echoed by self-hating English- and French-Canadians, has propagated the implicit notion that the presence of the Europeans in Canada was an intrusion and occupation that was morally almost indistinguishable from Hitler and Stalin’s subjugation of Poland in 1939, though not as violent. The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples recommended in 1996 that approximately one-third of all of Canada be carved out and given to the sovereign rule of the four per cent of Canadians who qualify as Indigenous people, without any burden of taxation, to be sustained for all eternity by the taxpaying residents of this country. To call things by their rightful names, this would be national suicide.

Think of this quote:

“If we continue to cancel everything sooner than later we will have to cancel ourselves.”

Oh for those young and innocent days:

Kinks were a highly under-rated band.


Death by Covid Numbers

Covid deaths by the numbers in Canada, as of 26 Nov 2020.


chart, bar chart

What lives are being lost to COVID?

The older, those with underlying diseases, those with weak immune systems. Of the more than 9,500 people in Canada who succumbed to COVID in the first wave, between March and July, 90 per cent had at least one other cause, condition or complication reported on the death certificate, according to Statistics Canada.

I am sure the information here is similar in the US.

And globally, Canada has the third highest case fatality rate (3.4)  to date among medium-large, high-income peer countries, Moriarty says, “higher even than Spain, France, the USA and Germany.” Yet our Canadian smugness in criticizing Americans continues unabated. We are all in this together. No one country is better or worse than the other. We should be supporting our American brothers and sisters.

The information from stats Canada tell me that Covid should be targeted.

It would be interesting to know how much the cases of suicide, depression and domestic violence are on the rise, as well as the economic toll of doing such a “broad brush” approach to stemming the tide of the virus.

Is a total lockdown of our country necessary? Not sure but I am almost 70 and I would be more than happy to isolate myself if it meant that the younger generation can go about their daily lives without the draconian restrictions now in place.

All studies in the US and Canada all point to a dramatic increase in suicides, depression and domestic violence as a result of the Covid 19 measures. Unfortunately a direct causal link with supporting numbers is not yet available.

“Thank God that we still have a sense of humour and can make light of our detractors”

Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer Pops Out Of Turkey To Inform Family They Have Exceeded Maximum Number Of Guests.

“Put down your forks as you’re all under arrest. ” she barked. Similar scenes coming out  of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce were also experienced during the American Thanksgiving celebration.