Tid Bits Of Insanity

Oxymoronic headline of the week:

“Vegan Butcher To Open New Flagship Store in Victoria.”

We’re here to help you, so says the government:

“New government travel rules put the nail in the coffin for airlines and the tourism industry.”

Isn’t it ironic – if you please:

“But, but we’re all in this together. Governments plead with citizens to support their local restaurants and bars to boost tourism.”

Deer in the Headlights:

“Stock market forecast for the weak is ahead.”

Hellooo, hellooo, can you hear me:

“Canada based vaccine maker working to get the government’s attention.”

Alacadabra, open says a me: (learn how to spell CBC!)

“Travellers should prepare for post-flight testing, hotel quarantine as soon as Thursday: so says Alghabra.”

Just what I wanted to know. Vegans are in a tither. Victoria doesn’t make the list:

“Every state’s top hot dog joint.”

Slide 1 of 51: The home of the hot dog, America has some of the tastiest sausage and bun creations across the globe. But which are top dog? We reveal the best hot dog joint in every state. Be sure to check each restaurant's website for changes due to COVID-19 before you head there.

“Yummy. A Vegan’s / PETA’s worst nightmare.”

China virus is racist – speak

South African variant is science – speak.

Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti doesn’t rule out referring MAID bill to Supreme Court.

Molly maid couldn’t be reached for comment.

Hey we’re all going to die:

Warnings expand for potent East Coast storm that threatens big snow, rain.

It is called winter in Canada folks.

It’s a start:


Kelly McParland: Lots of pandemic cash for teens, not so much for starving artists.


Hilton Valentine, lead guitarist for the Animals died at the age of 77. He was responsible for the iconic riff in The House Of the Rising Sun. I always wondered why he was laughing at the end of this video. No one else in the group is. Update. is it because they moved the position of the organist at the end of the video, in the middle of the recording.