She Racist Me

“She racist me, she racist me not, she racist me, she racist me not.” Geesh, even if I deem myself unracist, I am racist. So say the lefties because if I say I am not racist I am acknowledging that racism exists and if I am a white dude, which I am, then I am racist….so says lefty logic.

Get me off this planet.

Some Lefty logic-titions want pedophilia branded as a “I was born this way” therefore the condition should be accepted behavior and included within the LGBTQ+ mantra and umbrella. I guess under the + sign.

Syphilitic Sodom and Gonorrhea Gamorrah returns. The earth needs a good moral reset. But before God lays his wrath on all of us we should just get rid of all lefties. That would do it. Back to Judeo Christian values.

God is not happy:

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The movie…is coming to a neighborhood near you.

The End if Nigh – so says Bill Nye the science guy. No Bill, so says God.

On Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s watch (1984-1993), Canada almost tripled the number of immigrants coming to Canada each year, from fewer than 90,000 people to more than 250,000.

Now Canada’s 18th prime minister is calling on Canadians to embrace what he calls “a new national policy” that would commit this country to achieving a population of 100 million by the end of the century.

Say what? Unemployment now is at 9%. The price of housing is in the stratosphere. We can hardly feed our own 35M population.

I am sure Trudeau will adopt the same insane policy. Don’t they realize that over 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Why? Because the rest of the country is almost uninhabitable that’s why. It is too effin cold.

Immigrate to Canada they said:

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And I fell for it: Gee mother &^%$#$%&(&%%$ am I ever a stupid fu*(&*^%$ idiot.

What did you say?

I said: for Fu%$#%^*^%^ sakes. Get me the )(*#*&&^% out of here.

Why do we keep electing such insane politicians?

Climate crisis? See segment above this one. Not in Canada for (*&^%^& sakes. Who are these stupid fu(*&^% people anyway. This my friend is left logic. They have no clue.

Hey Sodom and Gamorrah cannot come soon enough:

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It’s our lot in life, if we continue on this track.

Why I don’t watch the Grammys


PS: Ah to be a black criminal in today’s US cities. They can do anything they want, including murder, because the police will not arrest them no matter what on fear of being branded a racist pig.

Chauvin Trial? Guilty of course no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented otherwise most American inner cities will go up in flames.

Have a nice racist day.