She Racist Me

“She racist me, she racist me not, she racist me, she racist me not.” Geesh, even if I deem myself unracist, I am racist. So say the lefties because if I say I am not racist I am acknowledging that racism exists and if I am a white dude, which I am, then I am racist….so says lefty logic.

Get me off this planet.

Some Lefty logic-titions want pedophilia branded as a “I was born this way” therefore the condition should be accepted behavior and included within the LGBTQ+ mantra and umbrella. I guess under the + sign.

Syphilitic Sodom and Gonorrhea Gamorrah returns. The earth needs a good moral reset. But before God lays his wrath on all of us we should just get rid of all lefties. That would do it. Back to Judeo Christian values.

God is not happy:

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The movie…is coming to a neighborhood near you.

The End if Nigh – so says Bill Nye the science guy. No Bill, so says God.

On Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s watch (1984-1993), Canada almost tripled the number of immigrants coming to Canada each year, from fewer than 90,000 people to more than 250,000.

Now Canada’s 18th prime minister is calling on Canadians to embrace what he calls “a new national policy” that would commit this country to achieving a population of 100 million by the end of the century.

Say what? Unemployment now is at 9%. The price of housing is in the stratosphere. We can hardly feed our own 35M population.

I am sure Trudeau will adopt the same insane policy. Don’t they realize that over 80% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Why? Because the rest of the country is almost uninhabitable that’s why. It is too effin cold.

Immigrate to Canada they said:

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And I fell for it: Gee mother &^%$#$%&(&%%$ am I ever a stupid fu*(&*^%$ idiot.

What did you say?

I said: for Fu%$#%^*^%^ sakes. Get me the )(*#*&&^% out of here.

Why do we keep electing such insane politicians?

Climate crisis? See segment above this one. Not in Canada for (*&^%^& sakes. Who are these stupid fu(*&^% people anyway. This my friend is left logic. They have no clue.

Hey Sodom and Gamorrah cannot come soon enough:

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It’s our lot in life, if we continue on this track.

Why I don’t watch the Grammys


PS: Ah to be a black criminal in today’s US cities. They can do anything they want, including murder, because the police will not arrest them no matter what on fear of being branded a racist pig.

Chauvin Trial? Guilty of course no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented otherwise most American inner cities will go up in flames.

Have a nice racist day.

Hands in my Pocket

So, it’s my fault is it? After all I am a white Caucasian.

And they call themselves doctors?

NASA scientist Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ – ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ – Calls for climate & racial ‘justice’

I am all for justice and given that she is white let’s dismantle her first and take her off the food chain and DNA gnome.

See the source imageOops I meant DNA Genome

Nevertheless, my response would be:

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Kiss my white priveledged ass.

Dr Marvel should stick to what she knows best:

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The term “black lives matter” is innocuous enough.

The activist group “Black Lives Matter” is anything but. They are extreme, intolerant, violent and Marxist. No tax funded body should be spending a nickle to promote that form of divisive extremism yet the City of Calgary has decided to spend $120,000 on a series of murals which will promote Black Lives Matter.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda given it to the Liberals.

On another Liberal note.

A Trudeau-appointed contractor who was tasked by the government to ship masks has failed to ship any. This came in spite of the contractor being awarded $382 million by the Trudeau government.

The government awarded this contract to Medicom—a Montreal-based company who do not have any factories in Canada, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“No matter” says an anonymous liberal spokesperson. “They said they would do it, so they will do it. After all, if my mother had 4 wheels she would be a truck!”

So goes liberal logic.

By the by. The company owner gave the Liberal party $66,000 since 2005.

Hand in My Pocket sung by Alanis Morrissette at a Liberal fundraising event.



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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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“Life is like a box of chocolates you know….cause ya never know what your gonna get….” except of course the ones with the nuts…

Consider just how nutty Canada’s policy is on building pipelines:

“We already knew how bad C-69 was when it was introduced as a bill. And of course, it goes without saying, all the bizarre conditions and regulations would only apply to Canadian industry. There would be no gender analysis or Aboriginal analysis or queer analysis or feminist analysis of oil brought in from the U.S. by rail, or brought in from Saudi Arabia by tanker.”

Cause they’re all eunuchs in Saudi Arabia.

Never mind that, what on earth does a queer, or a feminist analysis have to do with the building of a pipeline. Oh you mean that somebody is going to get fooked? Oh, it’s a metaphor. I see and I get it now.. Indigenous analysis. What on earth is that? Oh I get it. That is when a pipeline goes through Indian Land and the natives only get 10 gazillion dollars in royalties. They’re fooked as well. Or perhaps they are smoking something from their pipes. Incredible.

Stupid does what stupid wants: India mission bureaucratic and diplomatic staff were subjected to Canadian government counseling sessions titled “Minding Difficult Conversations”, “Building Civility in the Workplace” and a 3-hour session named “Values and Ethics in the Workplace.” This was done after Trudeau’s disastrous India visit. At the end of it all they were also subjected to 1.5 hour long exercise called the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge. Participants were “divided into teams that compete with each other using certain supplies… (including spaghetti and a marshmallow) to see who can build the tallest structure”. The winner got a box of chocolates, smores and a posting to Parliament Hill.

More chocolate nuts: Trudeau Liberals hiring a climate Barbie whisperer to help Catherine McKenna. Who you may ask?…..why Ken of course. How much? $2M. I kid you not.


And the sad thing in all of this? Polls are indicating that Trudeau is going to win the next election. Stupidity rules.

Nuttier still from the LGBTQ community: an abortion should just be a discussion between a man and her doctor. No one else. Or, better still: I am a lesbian trapped inside a man’s body.

A new paperback is out titled: “Understanding Women”

Should be a best seller. If only you could lift it.

What goes around comes around…or mechanical Karma: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery … The startup just unveiled its plan to implant paralyzed patients with electrodes that’ll let them work computers with their minds. Hands free. Just like his driverless cars. And the patients? Oh those poor sods who believed that Musk’s driverless cars were fool-proof. Well, they weren’t and these fools are proof of that.

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It’s sad and frustrating when half of the super chargers AT THE TESLA FACTORY aren’t working and the employee inside says the only thing we can do is call and report them. I’ve been waiting to talk to an actual person for <15 mins now.

Tesla’s self driving brain surgery community is all in a tizzy right now.

Yeah, especially when that asshole Tesla operator tells us to press one!!!

A premonition perhaps. In training:

                                                              The rowing machine on the Titanic

This has to make you cry: New York Post reports that at the beginning of the moon landing astronaut John Glenn wrote down those famous words as in…one small step for man…..Life is like a box of chocolates you know cause I is as stupid is as stupid does.

Love this:



Have a great day and have a chocolate.



Couple of incidences occurred over the holidays that came to my attention. One of these merits a Darwin Award nomination. For those that don’t know The Darwin Award is given to those individual(s), who by some nefarious deed, attempt some stunt, or conduct some activity that when executed correctly potentially saves mankind in an indirect manner by taking themselves, and hence their potential offspring, out of the gene pool.

Runners up to this award are those individuals who survive their deeds but are sure to succeed at another time through sheer personal tenacity, or what others would call…stupidity.

Potential Darwin Award winners and runner ups:

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Don’t try this at home:

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Team awards are also given out:

See the source imageIt would appear that some dude wanted to inflate his king size air mattress to use in one of his spare bedrooms at home. Rather than use traditional means of inflation such as physical blowing through his mouth or the use of a hand pump, this dude took one of those aerosol tire inflators to do the job. As it was late in the evening and the lighting was dim in this room he decided to light a candle such that he could see what was going on. A few minutes into this routine a loud explosion was heard emitting from the back of the house. His son ran down to the room to find out what all the commotion was all about. When he opened the door to the bedroom he was shocked to see that the back exterior wall had been blown out; the window shattered with such force that shards of glass were found across the street in the neighbours yard and that his father was still alive but required immediate medical treatment for a collapsed lung. As he was being helped into the ambulance he could be heard muttering: “I should have read the instructions, I should have read the instructions.”

Yes dude you should have, but after all, you are a male.

The only good thing that came out of all of this was that he now had the opening for the rear bedroom balcony that he always wanted for this room.

Another incident occurred at a bar in small town Wisconsin over the holiday period. It would appear that the bartender , in keeping with the holiday spirit changed the music video channel of the large screen TV from one that was playing “Classic Rock” to one that was playing traditional Christmas tunes. This didn’t go over well for one patron given that “Black Sabbath” was currently playing. He didn’t appreciate hearing “Oh Holy Night” and made his displeasure known to one and all by systematically destroying the interior of the establishment. This did not go over well and the “holy shit” hit the fan. The Cops were called but this dude managed to escape but not before his licence plate information was recorded. Ultimately the police tracked him down and attempted to arrest him at his home. He had to be tasered. He spent the entire holiday season in cells where traditional holiday music was being piped in.

And the Darwin award goes to:

After watching this I realized that while I may be 67 years old I do have a juvenile sense of humour….yes….too funny!

This has to be one of my all time favourite classic Christmas tunes:

Have a great Navy day.




Diversity: According to Webster’s Diversity: Die – ver – city. From the Latin:” Die toward the city.” To continue to push for something that dosn’t require pushing. And in doing so you will die! Cities will self destruct and die unto themselves.


Harvard and its race based admission practices are wrong and do not reflect diversity. Charles Lane of the Washington Post discusses a suit brought by Asian American plaintiffs charging Harvard with racial discrimination in undergraduate admissions.

To me (Lane) the most interesting bit of information in this column is this: Harvard’s expert witness told the court that without its system of taking race into account (favouring some races / ethnic groups while disfavouring others), its class of 201 would have been 15% African Americans and Latino rather than the 28% that it actually is.

To me this is an admission that Harvard can achieve diversity without granting racial and ethnic preferences. If gaining a diversity label means shutting out most predominant races based on colour and ethnicity then you have a racist institution that will ultimately die within itself.

If you had 10 Caucasians in a group with one African American would the group be diverse? Yes. Yet some progressives would suggest that diversity only occurs after a certain threshold is met. What would that be? 30%, 50%, 80%? Getting rid of whitey altogether. Or maybe blacky. Is that diversity? This is madness and will certainly ensure the death of our higher learning institutions, and ultimately society  and our cities. Leave it alone. Do not place markers on diversity otherwise diversity itself becomes meaningless, a weakness. Identity politics.


An Exeter Professor proffers, as only a professor can proffer, that mathematics is the root cause for wage disparity throughout the world because it teaches individuals ethics free and detached thought rather than diversity of thinking.

The other day while shopping the cashier tallied up my purchase and it came to $15.35. I gave her $20.35. She looked at me with that detached unethical look and stood there  stumped:

“Hmmmm” she uttered. “Hmmmm” she uttered again.

I looked at her bemused face and finally said. “You owe me $5.00.”

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Says who?”

“Its basic math” says I

“Yeah, who’s math” she says. “Your old school math or the new math?” and with that she called for the supervisor.

The supervisor came over, looked at me sternly, discussed the situation with the cashier, looked at me again and said:

“Well she isn’t wrong you know. It’s the new math and diversity of thought. Diversity is our strength here in this store. And who is to say your math is any better than her math? Or you’re right and she is wrong?”

“Just give me the 5 bucks and I’ll leave”

“5 bucks, no way. You’re owed $4.55”

“65 cents says I. Plus the 35 cents I gave her.”

“Right, so here is your 65 cents Sir.”

I took it and left. I just couldn’t bear correcting their new approach to math. Diversity of thought I thought. Diversity of logic, I thought. Stupidity!

Yes it takes all kinds of wingnuts to make a society die – or a store, and that is diversity. This so called diverse opinion of thought, of logic – even if it is wrong and goes against established rules of life – will surely destroy us or them. Eeee Gadszooks! The New Math? Oh yeah:

1 + 1 = 11


1 + 1 = 3


Some New York schools are doubling down on their admission standards to ensure a whole range or prospective and diverse students are eligible to meet the grade. ” We want a whole range of students here” One school administrator said. Not just the smart hard working kind. After all diversity is our strength. So we’re doubling down on our admission standards. Doing otherwise is considered unethical on our part, particularly in our Math department.

“Dumbing down is more like it” I thought………Geesh

But hey, diversity of stupidity is our strength. But wait a minute. Stupidity knows no colour or race or ethnicity. One is either stupid or they’re not!

“If we are all stupid then who is to say that we are stupid in the first place”, the administrator remarked. “It’s like that simple classical argument that, that, who was it now that said it…Aristotle? Blimy? Or Cicero? Oh you know. It will come to me. Oh yes: “Who’s on first?””

“Oh you mean Costello?” I proffered

“Yeah him,” she said. “Profound man. Profound thinking back then.”

We are in trouble. And if we continue of this path we will no longer be considered diverse but a dead society: Homo Zombius! 

Which brings me to the song of the day:

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.