Simple Facts

An Environmentalist’s lament:

If things are good in moderation then they must be great in excess;

Billions…soon trillions will be spent on environmentalism with little to show for it;

For every action there is a BLM / Antifa reaction;

If things are worth doing then they are worth overdoing;

Why are pacifists so militant?;

Why are lefties so righteous?;

Life on earth in 2021 is no different than life in 1970;

Improve the planet and destroy the middle class;

Innovate and send jobs to China;

It’s not enough to reduce our emissions to zero. We must eradicate CO2 from the atmosphere;

Population control;

Reduce the earth’s population;

Urban renewal by burning cities down;

CNN: Rioting is just another word for peaceful protests by misunderstood activists;

Crush coal and let them code;

More gadgets to make life easier equates to less happiness, loneliness and anxiety at record levels;

Earth Day? Follow the money. It is all about the money and not the environment;

Earth Day equates to child indoctrination;

Earth Day equates to lost jobs, urban decay and social / psychological disorder;

Environmental activism is an environ – mental disorder;


The Great Reset…COMMUNISM

Communism equates to living in a shit-hole;

Organic equates to eating shit;

Organic communism equates to eating shit while living in a shit-hole;

You will be happy and own nothing…except shit; and

A plant based hamburger is an oxymoron…and it tastes like shit.




Do as they say…say what they mean…..