Pro Life, Pro Choice

So true.

I was always a pro life-er until I came in contact with Justin Trudeau. Now I am for…….

Something sure stinks in Denmark…erm Germany.

Turns out, regular Germans not so hep on unicorn farts….code for Green alternative but renewable energy sources…also coming to a third world dictatorship near you, i.e. Canada.

Canadians…get you head out of the sand and wake up to the nonsense our dear leader is foisting on us.

More Canadian liberal logic.

Liberals demand univershities to fund research on blackness. The cons are to be told to stick it to the white-ies. NDP? Oranges. Greens? Crabapples.

Liberals demand policies at univershities and in the private sector in the relentless pursuit of equity, not equality where everyone in this country is equal before the law and the government. No, equity, where one anthropological group is favored over another for various reasons.

Did you know that this government has branded all Canadians as genocidal and racist?

“It was genocide,” Trudeau said, when speaking of the way Indigenous people of Canada were treated during the residential school era. And that is why this PM has to go as he will definitely go down in our history as the worst Prime Minister ever. That is why I no longer consider myself a Canadian as long as this man is leading our country.

My WW2 veteran father is rolling in his grave – just like all of our veterans who fought and died for Canada during WW1, 2 and Korea. I doubt any one of them would have signed up if they knew that Canada was branded a genocidal country by the leadership of the day.

Justin Trudeau is now the first Canadian Prime Minister to be investigated for state-sponsored mass murder by an international body in which Canada is a member state, i.e., the UN.

So, why hasn’t he been held to account?

How do we stop all of this nonsense? By pursuing equality and not equity.

It is our choice for a fair lifestyle here in Canada where everyone is equal before the law. Everyone has equal opportunities.

The only way we can stop this madness is at the ballot box. It is your choice. So be a pro lifer where everyone is equal and not equitable.

More madness from the left:


Y’know, I am going to identify as a hard working, responsible man. I am a matureaphobian.

GM announces end of the EV Bolt amidst terrible reliability data., not to mention lower than expected performance and range. Oh well, you do know that EV owners are heavily subsidized by….you…us, the taxpayer, don’t you?

Teslas have to be the most ugly $80,000 and $60,000 autos out there. Tesla owners have no taste whatsoever.

What would you rather have?


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