Good Friday

Good Friday

Good one. Thanks to SDA comments:

Regarding the tragic fire at Notre Dame

“Obviously someone who was just trying to bring the Holy Spirit back to the church.”

I had to laugh at that even though I am aghast at the tragedy. Sometimes a good laugh at something that is so obviously painful to see can ease the pain somewhat. I think this emotion is a protective mechanism and is sometimes referred to as “gallows humour.”


Have read or have listened to many comments regarding the fire at Notre Dame in Paris. Thousands of people, mainly Muslim, Millennials and other young people are rejoicing. Sad to see that some people believe in nothing; have no values of any sort and cannot see past their own noses. This new generation! Our future leaders! Sad state of affairs.

When you lose your sense of belonging; when you lose your values or moral compass; when you ignore your heritage, culture, history…well…you have no beliefs and no civilization, and when you have no civilization you become an anarchist and you fall into chaos with no direction in life. And without direction you have lost your sense of being and are truly dead…spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Good Friday to all:

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I am a Christian

See the source image … and I make no apologies for my beliefs

“If I am wrong, no big deal. But if non believers are wrong they have everything to lose…” (thanks to my dear Sadie).

A gift from God, a voice from Heaven that we all can enjoy:

Happy Good Friday, Happy Easter Sunday

Pray for Our Lady, Notre Dame.

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