I Wuv You!

See the source imageValentine’s card for millennials.

Oh really!

This from a forum called “Psycho News,” or as I like to refer it to: “News From the Dark Cornices of Our Minds:”

“This shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Being objective and impartial is darn near impossible for journalists and all citizens when our cognitive hard-wiring is oriented towards supporting our social group identities when we see and interpret information in the political world.”

Why do journalists report highlight economic news that makes Democrats and Liberals look good while downplaying economic news that makes Republicans and Conservatives look good? Merkley suggests that confirmation bias plays an important part. That means, for the uninitiated, that people tend to select out facts that confirm their beliefs while ignoring facts that tend to disprove them. And he is correct to add that anyone who belongs to a group that thinks a certain way will tend to think the same way… the better to maintain his standing in the group….Group Think…by Irving Janis or down the slippery slope to a 1984 world! Like this:

To think this movie was made in 1927.  Mind blowing!

Democrat newbie, Occasionally Cortez’s mantra? “Don’t bore me with the facts or details. I have the moral high ground so I must be right.”

So why elect Trudeau for Prime Minister? “Well he has such dreamy hair.” one woman responded. Confirmation bias. Nooooooooo!

I remember my “Confirmation” at church. It went something like this:

See the source imageCatholics would get this!

Are woman any different from men? Intellectually, perhaps not, probably superior. But physically? Absolutely not and “viva la difference.” I mean have you ever seen a woman throw a baseball?

See the source image“It’s all in the wrist don’t you know.”                             But then again:

See the source image“It is all in the wrist don’t you know.”

“Everyone and I mean everybody is just a short internal whisper or internal voice away from becoming a psycho.”

“You talking to me?” as I look at myself in the mirror.

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Why are men intellectually inferior to woman? Well…may be this will help explain the difference:


Progressives aim to destroy our way of life. From “Psycho News” comes this:

“The sexual-harassment policy at the University of New Orleans is so broad that it may effectively ban students from sending each other valentines.”….Geesh

“Are you, yes you, are you talking to me? Well are you? Yo….you?

See the source imageYo baby!

Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes: “Journey to the Centre of Your Mind”

“Psycho-delic man!” Ted Nugent, the lead guitarist in this song and alt right musical icon conservative, always has to be the centre of attention.

Have a great Valentine’s day……………………………Dot!

And to everyone…a good night!

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And for a very special person out there: