Who Knew: No They Didn’t

Taken from another BLOG (SDA)

“I was recently talking with a friend, asking her why she did not want to get the Covid vaccine.  She grew up in Eastern Europe but is now an American citizen.  Here are the reasons she gave:

  1. Not knowing the long term consequences of this jab.
  2. Not having my personal liberties respected.
  3. People not doing research for themselves and obeying like sheep (Canadians).
  4. Seeing news that the government is hiding the adverse reactions of the vaccines (see below)
  5. Big Pharma companies being free of liability if someone is hurt as a result of their product.
  6. Personal insurance not covering death as a result of the Covid vaccines.
  7. Wanting to have a baby with my husband.
  8. All of the whistle blowers confirming what the media has been hiding.
  9. The government not taking into consideration proven protection from Natural Immunity.

She gave me permission to share this list, adding to be sure to mention that she came out of Communism, lived through Chernobyl, and witnessed the Fall of the Berlin Wall.”

And then:

Toronto Public Health released their most recent myocarditis and pericarditis data. The data show an outrageous incidence rate of myocarditis in 12 to 17 year old males post second COVID-19 injection as being 1 in 8,500.

That is high and way too risky.

Sweden has stopped giving the Moderna vaccine to people under 30: The reason for the pausing is “signals of an increased risk of side effects such as inflammation of the heart muscle or the pericardium” — the double-walled sac containing the heart and the roots of the main vessels, Sweden’s Public Health Agency said in a statement. “The risk of being affected is very small.” and “U.S. and European regulators caution, however, that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines appear linked to a rare reaction in teenagers and young adults — chest pain and heart inflammation.”

But hey, don’t worry. Anti vaxers are idiots…just saying.

Except smug Canadians.

Other madness:

Portland schoolboard removed standards in Reading, Writing and Math stating standards equate to inequality. They have doubled down to the lowest common denominator.

Time to home school.

The madness continues:

ABORTION ACTIVIST MALEEHA AZIZ: And I just wanted to acknowledge, a lot of people are being left out of the discussion today. As we know, people get pregnant and not just women. I hear people say over and over again that women get pregnant but that’s excluding people that should be part of this conversation…like men!

It would appear to this activist that men get pregnant too. Who knew.

California Gov. Newsom signs bill mandating “gender neutral” toy sections at large retailers.

Proof of vaccination required for marriage licences in Oakville, Ontario.

Isn’t it bad enough?

Love this:

Ontario’s Teachers Pension Fund goes green. Ontario teachers have a new plan to go green…..by investing in Middle East pipeline projects.

It is a crazy world. But who knew?

But this will make your day:

And the real thing:


“Free  to face the life that’s ahead of me…” Free….Freedom.

Who knew?






WHO is Kidding who?

You have to be kidding me.

How does Covid compare with other viruses. (WHO)?

And we shut down our entire economy for this?

New WHO Data Reveals Coronavirus Less Lethal than Last Three Major US Pandemics — And they Destroyed the Economy for This

And is he ever laughing. “We have managed to do in 6 months what the Dems and CCP have tried to achieve in years. The transition to one world government will be a walk in the park. We just have to rid ourselves of the US and Donald Trump. The rest of the world’s sheeple will fall in line.

How do Black Lives Matter and Antifa manage to recruit so many maniacs willing to burn down their own country on behalf of a transparently bogus narrative? Academia mass produces them. This quote from Midwestern State University philosophy professor Nathan Jun reflects the mentality many students are steeped in:

“I want the entire world to burn until the last cop is strangled with the intestines of the last capitalist, who is strangled in turn with the intestines of the last politician.”

He went on to say: “but you will have to wait until I have completed my scheduled colonoscopy.

Nice: our children are receiving a top crotch education these days.

More Liberal-speak:

“Focusing on rioting and property destruction rather than underlying grievance has been used in the past to stigmatize broad swaths of people”

A broad swath of people the other night in Portland.

The entire US Northwest and Northern California now declared a US “shithole.”

A riot is not really a riot. Just a misguided protest gone off the rails!

Leftist delusion. Every car in California will be electric by 2035. Same for Canada. Imagine 100 million cars plugging into the grid for hours every single night? The sale of gas BBQ’s skyrockets.

And Canada should know!

Fundamental disconnect’: Trump treated for severe COVID-19 but doctors say case is mild: Canadian expert.

Just what we need – another Canadian expert. The world needs more Canadian pervs er perts.

Canadians are so smug.


Grammar Lesson

Recently in the BC legislature, the INSOMNIA CURE — Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver blasted the NDP government in the house recently for “shocking, reckless indifference” — to the rules of grammar.

Debating a “minor corrections” bill that makes exactly what the title implies to a host of bills, he found one that correctly changes “whom” to “who.” But later on, in the Farm Practices Protection Act, a glaringly offensive “whom” was left untouched.

“Shame on the government for missing this,” he joked.

This exchange was heard in passing:

“Who?” Attorney General David Eby dove right into this.

“Of whom do you speak? No not whom, who you idiot. Don’t you know the difference? Who is a subject, whom is the object.”

“You are being objectionable.”

“Who? Me?” Eby retorted. “Listen the further and further you go down this rabbit hole the worse it will get.”

“Oh yeah, for who? For you or for him. Whom?”

“No you idiot you can’t say farther. You have to say further.”

“Says who?”

“No,no, no, not who, you have to say whom. Merriam says so”

“Whose Merriam?”

“No, no, no, its who’s Merriam”

“Yeah, just what I said: whose Merriam”

“And besides you can’t write its like that. Its should be it’s if thats what your saying?”

“You’re, not your.”

“What?” say Eby

“And besides you can’t say further down the rabbit hole. You have to say farther. Farther denotes distance, real distance. Further is metaphorical don’t you know. It is better to say farther in this case then further?”

“Says whom.”

“Says Webster.”

“Whose Webster?

“Who is Webster. Or who’s Webster. Not whose. Its better then that.”

“Then who. You can’t say then. You have to say than, comparatively speaking youse doorknob.”

“Whose calling me a doorknob. Who do you speak of.”

“Eee gads. Its wrong I tell you, its wrong.”

“Its or it’s. Than versus then. Further vs farther, who vs whom, who’s vs whose. Im going nuts.”

“I’m going nuts. Not Im going nuts, you hoser.”

“Whose calling me hoser.”


All of this while debating whose’s bill.

“Whose Bill? No bill you idiot. Shouldn’t that be who’s bill.”

“No you idiot. Bill Whoose. The Minister of Edumacation.”


All of the above reminds me just how difficult the English language can be, especially to someone learning it. Consider this:

Take the word “nit.” The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines “nit” as a stupid person, a louse. Then add the letter “k” before the “n” and you have “knit.” Yet the word “nit” from the word “knit” is a whole different kettle of fish. And what is that anyway: a kettle of fish?

Now, let’s take the word “wit:” defined as someone with a sharp sense of humour, a player of words perhaps. As in “that man possesses wit. He has a sharp mind.” But then add the letter “t” before the “w” and you have “twit.” Or, combine the word “nit” with the word “wit” and you have a “nitwit.” But “nit” and “twit” together does not sound quite right – “nit-twit?”

Nonetheless, given that a “nit” is already defined as a stupid person, and “wit” is someone who has a sharp mind, then “nitwit” defiles all logic in a descriptive sense except perhaps to define someone who possesses a stupid “wit” – which in itself is oxymoronic. But “dimwit” already has that locked up. Yet what is really frustrating about the undercurrent of this word is that “dimwit” is the opposite of someone who has a sharp “wit.” So, that being the case, let’s call him or her a “blunt-sharp” person!

To make matters worse a “twit” could be someone who has a sharp “wit,” and is still a “nitwit” or a “dimwit.” So why can’t we call him or her a nit-twit? Or a “dim-twit”? The bottom line is that “nitwit” or “dimwit” sounds better. The other bottom line is that English words are just downright confusing without context and a shared understanding of the contextual environment we are communicating in.

Says who?


English grammar class is over for the day.



SJ……………..Out………………….Happy Mondaze to all youse people out there.