Right Hand vs Left Hand.

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

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15,000 Canadian Casualties in two weeks in Oct / Nov 1917

 Me? I’m just waiting for the crash:

  • From the folks that brought you Driverless Cars comes this next bit of mumbo on the Jumbo. Pilotless planes: just think of the money we will save. Plus lower fares for the travelling public. But who is going to collect?
  • If you think insurance rates are insane now, just wait for it.
  • Y’know. I love driving.

Just saw a vid about all of the important stuff the Arab nations contributed to society……………..It was a very short video. But one Arab said it all honestly: “Arabs have nothing to give western civilization.” Well yes, one thing in particular that has caused many an explosive riot in the west and starts with the letter “T”………………………Geesh.

Also they are very good at urban renewal I hear.

Facebook sucks.

Google sucks.

Hey google believes in diversity, including diverse thought and critical thinking. Then goes out and fires one of its senior computer geeks for daring to voice an opinion about that very issue.

Wife asked me to go out and get a red onion. I did but it wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t red enough. “But its just an onion” I said. “Wars have been fought over less of an issue” she said. Same for celery, not green enough or cucumbers. “But they’re not firm enough.” she says. Freudian slip perhaps? “Hey you ask a guy to go out and get some produce for ya? You takes your chances.

Speaking of firm cucumbers. Just like those cucumbers in the EU. 250 different regulations about growing a cucumber that is straight. Curved ones are substandard. Too individualistic for the EU. Group Stinks, er Think I would tink! Tell that to every virile male out there! Oh wait, this is the EU isn’t it? I take that cucumber back.

Funeral home fined for using the same casket but not changing the linen. So, like, who cares anyway. The guy is dead. Bed bugs can’t compete with those other critters.


From the “I don’t give two Fu#ks category:” Rhianna fans blast Chris Brown for comments. What like “no talent.” And who is Rhianna? And who is Chris Brown?


Robert Mitchum’s witty comments. I have two acting styles: “with and without a horse.” Oh how I pine for those honest days when men were men and women were like: DiCaprio and Ruffelo.


Sinnead O’Connor……..sad!

This just in from Toronto: “No casinos, no casinos, no casinos. Read my lips – no casinos.”

“Um, Madame Premier, Mayor. Our budget shortfall this year will be a gazillion trillion.”

Heard today in passing at Queens’ Park and City Hall: Casino planned for Woodbine…..Geesh.


Our Liberal Government’s warped view of the world as hundreds of “refugees” flood into Montreal. We are a welcoming society Trudeau states. We welcome all Refugees but we want to protect all Canadians “Um, er sorry Emperor Justinian. Put your clothes back on for these people are not refugees. They are illegal immigrants jumping the queue because they don’t like Trump.” Full stop.

Just in. Illegal weapons flooding into Canada from the US!

Canada you say?…………..Shitty.  A place where the left hand has no idea or concept of what the right hand is doing, or vice versa.

I want my country back.