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Image result for Pics of the 2018 winter gamesOops sorry, wrong games. But the mud-slinging competition between Alberta and British Columbia continues unabated. Preliminary training runs are almost over. The final bout is due any day now. Who will win Gold? Alberta? British Columbia? or Trudeau? Stay tuned, more to come.

I meant these games. The real ones:

Image result for Pics of the 2018 winter gamesLet’s see how my favourite and exciting winter sport is doing:

Image result for Pics of the 2018 winter gamesA real exciting “Barn Burner” this one. “Hey mom, look at me.” as he yelled to the camera above the noise of the crowds. Or this:

Image result for pics of cross country skiing“Hey, where is everyone? Did I read this course correctly?”

C’mon gals. It’s not that bad. You could’ve been a contender….in cross-country skiing no doubt. Then you could’ve slit your wrists out of sheer boredom.

“If I don’t qualify I’m going to participate in cross country skiing the curler touted.” Is that a threat?

See, even Mr T loves this sport:

Mr T“So who’s the fool, fool?” I like curling too. It reminds me of my youth and those “wasted” days and nights in the local bar playing shuffleboard.

Meanwhile, Saturday night fights continue to provide a distraction at these games:

Long-standing tensions boil over in latest chapter of Canada-U.S. rivalry              Is the cat clawing anyone? A new winter sport!

This doesn’t bode well. NBC continues to fall on its commentator sword. Bode Miller, an Alpine skier suggested to his listening and viewing audience that marriage is bad for female skiers. Why? he didn’t say. Later, he apologized for his remarks stating:

“That’s all I have to say about that….period!

Tune for the day. Dedicated to this guy.

Image result for pics of cross country skiing

Have a nice day.