All The Boys and Girls Now

Have enjoyed watching these games. Have had fun kibitzing with friends from afar on an almost daily basis shoring up and supporting our respective nations with friendly banter. I have had a great deal of respect for all the athletes, not just my own Canadian born. It has been great.


Canadian hockey player takes off her silver medal in disgust during the medal award after losing the gold medal game to the US. The Toronto “Red Star” applauds this as a fitting gesture for the values of the Olympic spirit and ideal. Typical Toronto “Red Star.” One that we, as Canadians, should be proud of. Just more of the same leftist BS coming from Canada’s leading voice in the Trump Derangement Syndrome and Resistance movement. What are we coming to in this world? Applaud the American team. They played better that the Canadians and deserve their medal. Let us rejoice in celebrating this feat with the American team in the spirit of the Olympic ideal. Piss off Toronto Star. You do not speak for me.

Hey yo CBC. You did a big piece of Koe during one of your telecasts informing us that Kevin Koe was a Yellowknife native and an indigenous one at that. Yet here I am reading about the Bronze medal game that Canada lost to the Swiss indicating that Koe is a Calgary native, born in Edmonton. I mean I was born in Toronto (sorry) but have lived in Victoria most of my life. I am a native of Victoria, not Toronto.  CBC…..Geesh.

As our country goes down the toilet economically, our fearless leaders are very concerned and anxious about this:

MONTREAL – Hockey Canada was widely criticized Wednesday after a news report indicated a public address announcer at the Winter Olympics was told by the national governing body to stop using French pronunciations for the names of some Canadian players.

Federal Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said she was “extremely surprised” by Hockey Canada’s position, while Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard called it “deplorable” and “ridiculous.”

Well now……………………And here is our fearless leader’s leader comment:

Image result for Pics of trudeau during india visit“Please, to all of the gods out here. Please make sure Gerald is happy with my trip here to India? I know Canadians back home are not but who cares about them dear god. They are not me and I love being me because I am me and they’re  not me…..amen….oops, I mean…ah-people…..ah…ah…choo!”

Could you see Trump doing this? But then again, according to Trudeau, there is no such thing as Canadian core values or Canadian-ism. That means that we can be anything we want to be, at any given moment.

“I can be a Sikh one day or a Muslim another, or a Feminist, or an Indigenous Person, or even a Prime Minister – if I so desire. I mean, everyday is Halloween. Oh how I love being me!”

I can’t take anymore of this.

I notice that the games are winding down. Men’s hockey should just about end it. Hopefully a Gold here. Great games.

Update: Canada loses to Germans. Out of the Gold medal final.

Two tunes today, appropriate I think in view of these games:

And this:

  Celebration of Life for my dear wife Marijke this Sunday.

  Rest in Peace. We love you.

Read ya Monday. With the games over what will we write about? Don’t worry as there is a lot of craziness out there.