My Neighbourhood

I just do not know what to put down here today. It is Friday. A beautiful day in the neighborhood – will you be mine, won’t you be mine. Ooops, sorry about that.

See the source imageAw shucks. Innocent days. Hey, is that the Langford trolley there? Oh yeah, they cancelled that free service in Langford as nobody in the neighborhood was willing to ride it. They remained in their SUVs and Ford F 150 pickup trucks. But then again riding public transit is like inviting 50 strangers into your living room. I rode public transit for most of my working life – when I wasn’t at sea of course. My experience? Not nice. I had a permanent head cold and nasal drip and I almost went postal – many, many times over.

See the source image That is some living room. Tokyo at rush hour. Can you imagine living in Greater Tokyo, a city with a population of 37 Million people – 2 million more than all of Canada?

Summer has finally arrived here. We have had some very high temps and very little rain. It will not be long before the climate hysteria begins in that: WE ARE IN A DROUGHT. SEE, NO RAIN, WE ARE IN A DROUGHT. SEE? NO RAIN. THIS IS CLIMATE CHANGE GROUND ZERO HERE IS THE COWICHAN VALLEY – where I live.

It will not be long to read about this. Scare mongering?  You bet. The people here are suffering from weather schizophrenia. When we have a protracted amount of rain, they complain. When it is dry they bitch even louder. No wonder BC ranks as one of the most unhappiest places to live in Canada. It is true. It seems that everyone here is bitching about something – except me of course.

Especially in Vancouver and Victoria where they have a barista and a joint on every corner. Sorry, I meant to say a barista joint on every corner. Everyone, except me of course, is bitching.  They protest everything here. It is not coincidental that BC has many of its shities in the top 20 of the most violent shities to live in this great country of ours. And never mind that we had record snowfall in February. Victorians have short memories. I do think it is because of all of those lattes they drink and the joints that they smoke.

Hey man, pass the Doritos?

See the source imageSee the source imageNacho-urly man.

It’s like snowing man. Like, really? It snowed like in February? It did? Where was I? Lol, hahahahah. Oh yeah, I remember now. I was like sitting in one of those barista joints with Gladys. I thought like those white thingies falling from the sky there were like radioactive specks of like contrails man. Snow? Not blow? Like snow man? That is Profound!

No, this is a snow man you stoner idiot savant you.

See the source image

Then again, this is a British Columbia snowman:

See the source image                             I cannot believe this. I haven’t even opened my various source blogs as yet and I have covered sooo very much.

Speaking of savants:

See the source imageI see CO2.                                                                                         Oh you mean that tasteless, odourless invisible gas Greta? No matter! I have no mind to matter about these things.

And from another savant:

See the source image

I see nuts.

And, I am just a misunderstood “Ham Sandwich” trapped in some Rye Bread….so there.

And, yet, I can somehow relate to all of those people out there suffering from some form of dystoria. Why? Well because I:

That would be a better message Greta. Enjoy your childhood.

And shut the F%$K up residents of Vancouver and Victoria.

Enjoy the silence of your minds…mind blowing.

Great tune, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the message is in this video. Perhaps Greta may know!

I see weird people.

That is it for today. That is enough I would say.

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday and Happy Mother’s day to all mothers.