Death by Covid Numbers

Covid deaths by the numbers in Canada, as of 26 Nov 2020.


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What lives are being lost to COVID?

The older, those with underlying diseases, those with weak immune systems. Of the more than 9,500 people in Canada who succumbed to COVID in the first wave, between March and July, 90 per cent had at least one other cause, condition or complication reported on the death certificate, according to Statistics Canada.

I am sure the information here is similar in the US.

And globally, Canada has the third highest case fatality rate (3.4)  to date among medium-large, high-income peer countries, Moriarty says, “higher even than Spain, France, the USA and Germany.” Yet our Canadian smugness in criticizing Americans continues unabated. We are all in this together. No one country is better or worse than the other. We should be supporting our American brothers and sisters.

The information from stats Canada tell me that Covid should be targeted.

It would be interesting to know how much the cases of suicide, depression and domestic violence are on the rise, as well as the economic toll of doing such a “broad brush” approach to stemming the tide of the virus.

Is a total lockdown of our country necessary? Not sure but I am almost 70 and I would be more than happy to isolate myself if it meant that the younger generation can go about their daily lives without the draconian restrictions now in place.

All studies in the US and Canada all point to a dramatic increase in suicides, depression and domestic violence as a result of the Covid 19 measures. Unfortunately a direct causal link with supporting numbers is not yet available.

“Thank God that we still have a sense of humour and can make light of our detractors”

Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer Pops Out Of Turkey To Inform Family They Have Exceeded Maximum Number Of Guests.

“Put down your forks as you’re all under arrest. ” she barked. Similar scenes coming out  of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce were also experienced during the American Thanksgiving celebration.